Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Car Salesmen and Neckties

Would You Buy A Car From This Guy
You cannot always trust a man wearing a necktie.

Car Salesmen are synonymous with neckties. If you visit a car dealership you'll spot the sales rep by the car salesman tie.  They are usually, very distinctly dressed to impress with at times very nice neckties and sometimes out right ugly ties. If the car salesman necktie is a Versace or Armani then he is a real hustler and makes big bank at the dealership. If he is wearing a novelty tie then he may be a goofy guy that will get you into a bad car or he may be wearing that silly tie as a ruse and he may as dangerous or worse then the styling guy with the expensive tie. If the salesman is wearing a modest tie than he may the most trust worthy however do not be fooled - these guys, all of them no matter what tie they wear are out to accomplish one thing. They're job is to get as much money out of you for as little car as possible.

Are all car salesmen sharks? Yes. For two years I sold neckties to Southern California car salesman out of the trunk of a 1966 Lincoln Continental. I had some interesting times and no doubt I learned how to sell ties. Getting the attention of a dozen or so mooches ( slang for greedy car salesmen ) and selling them anything is no easy task. They have a special word for a person who gives in and signs the deal on a car, a "lay down." As if the opponent just gives up and surrenders just like a couple of guys wrestling. There are many traps that you can fall into when buying a car that will result in your paying much more than necessary. For instance the life time wax simonize package that will run you about $800 to $1500 that only costs the dealership about $20 including the labor of the poor guy executing the application.

Slick Car Salesman Wearing a Tie
The car salesman is part of a team and he will pass you over to a sales manager, a closer and a finance guy and everyone one of those guys is hammering you all the while looking so good and so respectable wearing a necktie.

Now concerning those hardened warriors that sell, sell, sell, they also buy, buy, buy.  Just like a house wife with a credit card at a Macy's sale, car salesmen buy neckties and "lay down."  I must have offered a thousand jobs over those two years to sell cars by General Sales Managers but I was hardly performing magic.  I could sell ties to car salesmen like they were a matter of life and death with almost no effort.

Would You Buy a Car From This Man
This brings me to two things that I'm reminded of here.  "Would you buy a car from this man." which is about Richard Nixon and selling cars. The other is how one car salesman explained what he was going to tell his wife when he got home that night with a half a dozen new ties I had just sold him.  The Richard Nixon tie reference is visual - you may remember it if you were born in the 50's or earlier.  The other is as follows.

  “…..we’ve got bills to pay, she’s always complaining,” he said. “Baby, I’m gonna look reeeeeeeaaaaaaal good when I do it,”

Najee Hasan, sales and leasing agent at Cerritos Dodge, California exclaiming what he tells his wife when she complains about him coming home with more ties when there are bills he should be paying.

The One and Only Richard Milhouse Nixon - He Would have Made a Really Great Car Salesman

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey Nice Tie

Cheryl Cole - Image from www.mrnicetie.co.uk/.
 "Hey nice tie,"
If you wear ties then you have heard this before. If you do not wear ties then obviously you have not heard this before and you should read this.  Regardless, this is kind of funny and worth reading.

What does such a compliment mean?  What is the person really telling you when you hear that you have good taste in neckties, from strangers or even friends? The real intentions of this flattery depends on what tie you are wearing, a fashion or novelty necktie, who you are, where you are, and who the person is who is paying the compliment. After all, people can tend to lie, or at least be less than honest when saying such things. How many times is someone really having a great day when asked. "how is it going?" or "how are you?" and their reply is "great!" Most of the time the answer is not the real truth or even close as most people will not be comfortable saying "I am having a horrible day," That is private stuff especially if there is gossip that become part of your personal world or possibly just the easiest answer to avoid conversation with a someone of no interest.  Men may exclaim to a woman how pretty she looks just to be polite. A woman may tell a co-worker at work, especially a man how handsome he looks, hoping to get a raise.  And men and women do not always tell the truth when asked if they are married as that could discourage some advances from a woman towards a man or completely ditch the chance of a man looking for some quick intimate company for one night.   Then, of course, one the biggest lies of all, "the check is in the mail."

Now that we have established that people can be less than honest in conversation - especially in casual or brief encounters the necktie comment can be fully understood. Here are several possible truths of what the "hey nice tie," compliment really means.

The person actually is being very cordial and is fond of your necktie.

The person is lying and thinks that you tie sucks and you actually have the worst taste in fashion in the world and he is laughing at you a second after he is out of view.

The person really likes your tie because your wearing a novelty necktie that has Darth Vader or Spiderman on it and in their eyes you are the coolest guy in the world.

The person hates neckties, and has made a fool of you in front of his pals or maybe your pals who may not be wearing ties.

The person is trying to distract you so he can steal your briefcase, pick your pocket, or mug you.

The person is kissing up to you because you are his boss and he or she wants a day off.

The person is trying to impress his friends or maybe his girlfriend that he is fashion wise and a polite gentleman, even he he isn't.

Hey missie. Nice tie - found on Flickr
The person is a friend or a co-worker and about to ask you for a loan.

The person is a pan-handler softening you up for a handout.

The person is a woman and she is picking you up for sex.

The person is a man and he is picking you up for sex.

The person is a man dressed as a women and he-she is picking you up for sex.

The person is a prostitute and she or he is about to proposition you for sex that you will have to pay for.

The person is your wife and you have become suspicious about her, so she is trying to change the subject because she is not going shopping, she is being unfaithful and about to meet her lover.

The person is trying to sell you something - like more neckties. ( which I will be honest here - was something that I did thousands of times selling ties to car salesmen or to guys walking past my tie cart Too Sexie Ties at the Irvine Spectrum center ).

This is an example of one of those golden rules to follow, that we have all learned already. Surely this scenario falls into the category entitled,  Do Not Believe Everything You Read, See or Hear.  That applies to everything, and everyone even - men's neckties.

I found the image above of Cheryl Cole wearing a red necktie along with a real treasure for necktie guys at Mr. Nice Tie - "every guy needs one"

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Young Men Excited About Wearing Ties

 Young Men Wearing Ties - A Good Photograph is Often All About Perspective
Actually it is just young men excited - but they are young men wearing neckties.  This picture tells a thousand words however what those words are is not exactly clear here.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

David Copperfield and a Magic Tie

David Copperfield
A magical dancing necktie that comes alive and then some; will make you laugh, even if you hate ties.  This sensational magic was part of David Copperfields show in 2008.  How he does this is beyond me, as far a I am concerned David Copperfield defies gravity, and every other law of physics on this one.  You may not believe your eyes watching this magic tie.

It not so spectacular like making the Statue of Liberty dissapeer, or sawing a beautiful woman in half but it is very entertaining.

Here is the link The Magical Dancing Necktie By David Copperfield

David Copperfield's Magical Dancing Necktie

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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Invisible Necktie

The Invisible Man, Not the Invisible Tie
Finding the invisible necktie

Naked Babe Wearing Invisible Tie
Additional searches did prove some success as I was able to find a couple of guys wearing invisible neckties, but after closer inspection I realized that these images were possibly just guys dressing casual, wearing a suite and no tie.

However because the invisible neckties are invisible, it could be that these guys are wearing ties that are just not to be seen. Maybe they have invented the latest rebel fashion accessory. A necktie that is an ordinary as any other ( suitable for pleasing the boss ) but unlike those customary ties these guys have hidden switches that can render their tie invisible. This way during lunch or at the water cooler they can be out of bounds concerning dress codes.   Another unique find was what I call the Un-Tie.  It is a t-shirt with a tie illustrated on it.  What will they think of next?

George Bush Sr. and Jr, and Vladimir
Putin Wearing Invisible Ties - Detente
Hard at Work
I may have to conduct further study of this phenomenon as it is very puzzling indeed. If it were not for my best pal Maximillion I never would have got interested to the point of obsession about the invisible ties. He has difficulty with computers, especially the keyboard, ( he is all thumbs ) and begged me to search the web to find one of the translucent devilish neckties. One thing is certain I will never buy one nor try to sell one. The thought of inventory management is a nightmare. And worse with my luck I’ll tie one of these invisible ties that has an invisible coffee stain on it, and people will think I am an un-kept bum.

So, another silly post - some of my friends say I have too much time on my hands - HARDLY!

The Invisible Necktie Video
Because after I published this blog post I went back for one more look-see and BINGO.   I found it - the Invisible Tie does exist.  It is not a myth, a joke, and certainly not a waste of my time searching high and low for it.  If you don't believe me, see for your self on this You Tube Video, ( look closely at this weatherman's tie )  The Invisible Necktie Video 

The Un-Tie
The Invisible Tie

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Extra Long Ties - Extra Tall Guys

In This Case The Extra Long Tie Is needed Because Of Neck Size
Extra long ties are 61 inches or longer. It is not that a tie needs to be 61 inches long in order to tie it around a tall man's neck. Yes, the average man's neck measures only 17 inches around so if it was to take 61 inches of necktie to tie a tie around a man’s neck than that man would have to have a neck that was something like 50 inches around. Of course, we would not be talking about a man but maybe a monster in this case. The extra length is not needed to go around the man's neck - it is needed to tie the tie so that the end result will be the wide blade of the tie extending down from the tie knot just covering the belt buckle.  Regular ties are about 57 inches in length.

Usually the tie length that extends from the knot over a man's torso is about 20 inches. Tall guys tend to have a larger neck circumference as well as a longer torso. Some tall men may not be able to tie a Double Windsor Knot as that knot just consumes too much tie length leaving not enough tie to make the objective of covering a belt or waist line.

Extra Tall Guy
There are XL ties that are 63 or 64 inches and in some cases a custom fabrication of a tie is necessary for a really tall guy that requires taking two ties and making one tie out of the both. That takes the skillful hands and talents of a seamstress or tailor that has to disassemble both ties and adding a longer panel that is the mid section of three ( the one that ends up wrapping a man's collar ). This tall man tie task usually cost about $10, not so much revenue compared to the expense of having to buy two ties instead of one.

Kobe Bryant Tie MVP - XXL Necktie
I am sure that many basketball players have had to hire tailors for this special job of making extra tall men ties as well as just about everything else regarding clothing. Here are few guys that I am sure need an extra extra extra long tie. In their case I think that a complete custom made necktie would be in order.

I met Kobe Bryant once at the Irvine Spectrum one evening when I was selling ties at my kiosk, Too Sexie Ties.  He was too tall to check out the neckties without ducking under the roof of the tie cart.  Sadly enough, I had no solution for Kobe Bryant ties, there was no necktie long enough that he could wear.

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Winning a War Wearing a Suit and Tie

Weapon of Mass Destruction
Back in the day.  In 1899 if you were not wearing a suit and tie, finely polished dress shoes and a bowler hat  you couldn't really win the war. 

Inventor F.R. Simms,  demonstrating his Simms Motor Scout armored quadricycle.

Read more:

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Look Its Superman er Super Moon

Superman Tie
I could not resist, with all this talk about a Super Moon. 

Look up in the sky, it's a bird, a plane, no its Superman 'er Supermoon.  There is no doubt in my mind that the moon flying so close to us and being full at the same time will be the cause of a few events that would normally not take place.  I think I will wear my Superman necktie that night when I go out chasing the ladies.   Besides the predictions of an increase in earth quakes, volcanoes blowing up, and major storms I am convinced that crazy people will take to the streets.  As usual on the full moon people can get a bit out of hand behaving a bit wild, like wolves.

So, super moon - I am ready for some extra fun.  I will be easy to spot - just look for a guy in a suit wearing a Superman necktie.  I figure some wild woman will figure out the sublime message that I am trying to send.  And if this is the end of the world that night at least I will be going out in style, hopefully not wearing the Superman tie or any clothes accompanied by a Superwoman also without any clothing.

Now the super moon tie will be the cause of something else.  That will be what I will call a supermoon night - use your imagination.  Whoever said ties were not fun obviously needs to reconsider neckties as a necessary fashion accessory.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Ties – Some Men Hate Them, Some Men Love Them

Patriotic Necktie Lovers Expressing Themselves
Once again I am bewildered about how such hatred can involve a simple thing like men’s neckties. For God’s sake it is just a piece of fabric that men used to wear everyday and many still do. I found this web page, “Neckties Is an Evil Invention - Necktie Haters United,” one morning while searching Google for interesting things about neckties. It is rather bizarre how foolish and stupid some things turn out once they are spoken or written. You can see for yourself right here. A couple of the comments are listed below this response - article to their assault on men who love ties. Included are links some FaceBook Pages, other blog posts or sites that are about neckties and a Flickr discussion page that are related either pro or con, hate or love.  I am fair - everyone can have there 15 minutes or seconds of fame here.  I’ve also started a Face Book Page called “Ties Are Wonderful – Necktie Lovers United.”  Check out a post I did almost a year ago - another response to a necktie hate blog post I discovered called Die Necktie Die,  my essay worth reading I Love Ties 

Necktie Noose
The Tie Haters - Necktie Haters United

I am not really sure why men hate ties so much. Maybe with some guys it is an issue with being lazy as tying a necktie is a something that has to be practiced at first and does require some extra time when dressing. Maybe they are rebellious to authority, or being casual to an extreme. It could be that wearing a necktie is just considered too uncomfortable to tolerate. You know - that noose around the neck thing.  Many guys do not own a suit let alone ties.

The Tie Lovers - Necktie Lovers United

Why do men wear ties? It’s simple, besides taking care in their overall appearance - they can express themselves artistically, displaying the quality of their character and nature. It is about presentation and style, often an intimate statement of who a man is passionately. There is a vast scope of what a tie can actually mean or hint at considering the variables. Ties have flowers, or stripes, funny themes, or subtle design, Jesus Christ’s image or an illustration of a comic book super hero; there can be no mistake about what you say with the design and style of a necktie. The visual moment can really make a first impression a lasting one. Dressing up makes men feel good especially when receiving great respect and consideration. A man’s self esteem is heightened, if at least not just by his careful tailoring of his self image, but by the attention he commands.

The Functional Factor

A necktie is considered merely a fashion accessory however a tie serves a very important part of dress. A shirt collars’ form is supported by a tie as the erosion of wear will eventually create sagging. An accessory yes! A necessary one no, but considering a tie-less shirt as naked is not so unrealistic. Without a tie, the accented part of the collar is more or less serving a useless function. It is almost like wearing pants with no belt. The belt helps hold the pants in place on a man’s waist; therefore without a belt what purpose do the belt loops serve.

The Accessory Factor

Regardless of function of the tie’s constructive use, there is much greater use as it’s’ purpose as an aesthetic complement to a man’s attire. When considering wearing a suit and no tie, the aesthetic value of fashion design is missed. The width of the jacket lapel and collar, the breadth of the opening and its visual play with the shirt color, shape, and texture is surely meant to include a focal point. Wearing a necktie is a very necessary part of dressing in a suit if you just consider the angles and shapes, let alone the addition and accent of color and design that a tie adds. It is a compositional thing; neckties are part of the equation.

Sinatra Style
The Personality Factor

If you decide to wear a black suit, black shirt and black tie you’ll be mysterious. Adding a colorful tie instead, including pastels and a small pattern, you will be saying that you’re daring, and if the pattern is bold you’re being adventurous. The same results concerning persona would be true for a grey or navy suit, however the mysterious element would no longer be present. If the necktie you wear is a novelty you are exclaiming that you’re fun loving and not afraid of attention. Besides being easy to meet and talk to you can reveal something about yourself, a hobby, or something that you like; sports, music, or a comic book character. Novelty ties are liberal and certainly the silly, carefree side of necktie fashion. The opposite would be rep striped neckties or ties with small prints or patterns, which are the conservative side of ties as accessories. They will compliment a suit and shirt, in color and if not contrasting the look is serious and respectful. If you wear a red tie whether a pattern, striped, or solid tone you are expressing confidence, strength, and even an aggressive nature.  Read a post about necktie personality by LaniAnn  that further explains the psychology of fashion and novelty necktie wearing "What Does Your Tie Say About You"

The Fashion Statement Ruse

The conservative rule may actually be misleading and an illusion as due to a certain dress code a guy who needs to fit a certain look for employment may actually be quite a different person after hours. Sometimes to play the part a man will have to go against his instincts and wear a tie that is actually saying nothing at all about him, except maybe obedience. This guy may actually have a different tie, novelty or maybe a bold design to change into that is more comfortable for his individuality when not in the environment that dictates his appearance. This fashion ruse however, will not go the opposite way, almost 100% of the time as a conservative guy just could not wear a tie that is silly or fun. That would contradict his character and integrity. For instance a guy who likes to wear Disney Mickey Mouse or other cartoon character ties could bend his lighthearted taste in fashion and dress conservatively for an occasion or for satisfying employment dress codes. The conservative guy who wears rep stripe neckties and is conscious about being conventional would not be caught dead in a novelty tie.

Attracting Friends - Bob Hope
The Respect Factor

“With an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stock broker, can gain a reputation for being civilized.”  Oscar Wilde, from the “Picture of Dorian Gray,” 1891

The fact that men wearing ties command respect is no secret. Consider a banker not wearing a tie – he may not be very trust worthy. How about a lawyer without a necktie – would you have confidence in him? What about the politicians that make the laws and govern the people and support a nation standing diplomatically. How much clout could that law maker muster let alone votes. The same goes for stock brokers, and serious businessmen. The polished look of men wearing ties is un-mistakable. Being serious about appearance is a habit of exact measure, there is no in between. It has been said that a man has to earn respect. Dressing with the confidence that the impressions made will be of distinction and style is good start in winning respect. The desire to be chic and tailored is not a bad thing.  It should be mentioned that the respect issue is both ways regarding what tie to wear, and when, and what the result will be.  If a man was to attend a funeral wearing a tie with skulls illustrated on it or the Tasmanian Devil he may have to worry about ghosts haunting him or having the pole barriers beat him to death.  So in this case if a man is showing the lack of respect by wearing an inappropriate tie he will get the opposite of respect.

The Conclusion

So, take that - Necktie Haters United, losers. We necktie lovers have long since realized that if all men looked so good then there would be just too much competition for the ladies and whatever else we men desire.  Steak and Lobster, great wine, fast cars and boats; all of that comes a lot easier when you are dressed like a gentleman and not like a bum.

A few of the goofball posts on Necktie Hater's Page - a warning, it is a bit scary.

AFTON SAID: "Necktie is an evil invention - I'm absolutely bewildered to find any utilitarian purpose of this atrocious self-asphyxiation apparatus.  I would advocate the banning of neckties, for the benefit of men's respiratory health. Anyone to form Necktie Haters United?"

KURANES SAID: "I'm already the president of this organization."
CLEVERHOUSE SAID: "Ties were invented by the Devil to torment his imps, like most ugly things."
The rest are right here Necktie is an Evil Invention - Necktie Hater's United

Here are some more blog site pages, Face Book Pages and forum pages- some of them are pro ties, some not.

Ties - A Face Book Organization

I Love Ties - Face Book Group

How Many Ties Do You Own - a discussion on Flickr

Neckties are Fancy Nooses - a Face Book Group

I Love Tie - A Different Face Book Group

No Ties - A Face Book Group

A Toast to Ties and High Heels - they make no sense! - a Face Book Group

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Very Expensive Necktie

Expensive Diamond Necktie
Most World's Most Expensive Tie

Yesterday my friend Tony Montana ( his real name ) was excited  as he told me that he found the world's most expensive necktie while searching Google.  I owe him a beer on this one.

If you think that a Gianni Versace necktie is expensive at up to $300 each then you will be very surprised at the price tag on this tie.

Men have different opinions on neckties trends or for that matter on ties - period.  Some guys actually hate ties and are threatened by wearing a tie as they may be seen as conforming to some authority.  A man may want to show his value regarding wealth as a necktie is usually viewed as a symbol of success.  Wearing expensive ties will surely accent that statement but how expensive is expensive?  Many men just want to look good, dressed up in style so spending a modest amount of change will suffice.  To some guys a tie that cost twenty bucks is a lot, to others its a hundred bucks, or three hundred bucks, and to some guys well...... 

The pricier neckties will naturally be a fancier or more beautifully made tie.  So if a guy likes to wear ties then his choice of style and design is practically endless regarding the price.  There are cheap polyester novelty ties that cost about $10 or even fancy silk novelty neckties that can cost up to a $100 each.  Most fashion ties in silk will cost anywhere from $20 up to $300 depending on the designer and the quality of the silk. 

In the fall of 2003 at a fashion show in Mumbai called "Cultural Ties" the Satya Paul Design Studio, an Indian fashion company, showed the most expensive necktie in the world.  Hollywood film star, Salman Khan modeled the very extravagant tie that is made of pure silk with a pattern in 150 grams of gold. It’s also adorned with 271 diamonds weighing 77 carats weighing 77 carats total.
30 million dollar bikini

The world’s most expensive tie was created for the Suashish Diamond group and priced at 10 million Indian rupees or, approximately $220,000.  Now that is an expensive tie no matter what!

If you want to see a few not too expensive ties visit Nice Tie Store

While we are on the subject of expensive apparel, you will probably love this.   Unlike ties all men like bikinis, at least all men that like women. The most expensive piece of diamond apparel ever made made its debut in the 2006 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Molly Simms is seen wearing the 30 million dollar Diamond Bikini, designed by Susan Rosen whose designs have been worn by Madonna, Lebron James and Gwen Stefani.

This bikini is made up of over 150 carats of D Flawless diamonds, some of the rarest in the world, including a 51ct D Flawless Pear Shape, a 30ct D Flawless Emerald Cut, a pair of 15ct D Flawless Rounds and a pair of 8ct D Flawless Pear Shapes set in platinum.   As always there is no contest; the expensive apparel for women out prices the expensive apparel for men easily.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Car Wearing Eleven Hundreds Ties


St Louis Post Dispatch

Black tie optional? Hardly any necktie is optional with Brad Cushman's 1976 Delta 88 Oldsmobile. It's covered with 1,100 of them, in every color and style. They're stapled to wooden strips, which are attached to the car's body with machine screws, forming an almost seamless covering of neckties.

 Truck Wearing Ties
I found this on the web  when I first started sell ties on line.  I imagine that this car was a real sight for sore eyes.  Unless you hate ties, then it probably was cause for celebration.  Another tie bites the dust or something like that priobably raced through the minds of those casual guys.  This is another fine example of what to do with neckties besides wearing them, that is a car wearing ties instead of a man wearing ties.  There was no photo with this story which was a real shame.  Ever since then I have had the urge to create my own necktie car.  It must look really cool at about 50 miles an hour with all of those ties flapping in the wind.  It probably loses its effectiveness in the rain.   And in the winter those tentacl;e like ties would be like horizontal icicles which would probvably look really cool. 

Mutant Necktie truck

This guy probably does not have a wife and if he has a girl friend they probably go out in her car or she insists on a taxi.  So, if wearing a necktie is a form of self expression than this car wearing neckties is no exception to that rule.

I did find two images of a truck wearing neckties on Google Image Search - they have everything.

I think I will do a post about one of my favorite subjects soon, car salesman wearing ties - stay tuned.

Video of a Mutant Necktie Truck

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Genius of “Fashion Art Ties” by Fornasetti

The Art of Fornasetti Neckties

Fornasetti neckties are magnificent art works in their own right, rightly so they are wonderful fashion accessories for a man of culture who appreciates fine art. The designer, Piero Fornasetti 1913 -1988, born in Milano Italy, became well known in the art world for his unique style of themed illustrations that were intriguing and captivating, and at times; dream like in design. He would comment often, “my secrete is imagination.” Several collections of art ties are included in reproductions now; of the over 11,000 different art works that he created during his lifetime as an illustrator.  

Much of his work was recurring themes in variation. One, featuring a woman’s face, his most notable subject was explored about 500 times as passionate illustrations. Her image in various tones and formats has been produced in many different motifs; as art ties, apparel, lamps, everyday house hold items like plates or ash trays, and even extremely fashionable umbrellas. Other subjects that became a constant themes were the sun, the moon, playing cards,  and time. Many of his works are in black and white of which most are in the style of Roman and Greek architecture. As an artist, designer and decorator; he worked in close collaboration with his friend and partner Giò Ponti, whose furniture he decorated with drawings in a trompe-l'oeil-style.

Fornasetti Sty Tie - Cat
His imagination was brilliant in concept and in quite a versatile manner was applied to many motifs. Ponti said, "He makes objects speak". Fornasetti did make voiceless objects speak – causing emotion and often laughter from people from all over the world and of all ages. His collection of evolving subjects had an attraction that became a "cult like phenomenon.  His unusual vision as a designer resulted in a very unique fashion style that was adapted into scarves, umbrellas, coats and as contemporary men’s ties. His first necktie collection, in 1980 was only two styles. Interest, and a demand for the beautifully fashioned neck wear, evolved into the ever increasing line of Fornasetti Fashion “Art” Ties. Now, each season 60 different patterns are developed in vibrant colors and in a rich anthology of themes. Before his work was produced as men’s ties, he once said of his creations, “these are fashion items that will never go out of fashion.” He could not have been more correct, as in the 80s a new interest in his art work was realized that has seen his art become ever so loved and appreciated.  His work has been produced on things that are common but become a sort of functional art; lamps, tables, chairs, plates, glass ware, clocks and other furnishings that are sold in specialty shops and art galleries all over the world. The reproduction of his work as furniture and fine porcelain is produced in yearly limited editions with extreme regard for quality – all handmade.
Table Design
In 1991 through 1992 there was a retrospective of his work in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 1998 and 1999 his work was shown at Christies in New York and Los Angeles. In 2003 “la follia pratica,” an international exhibition of his art work and creations was displayed in the United States in Washington D.C. and in San Francisco; the 27th overall, since his first showing in Geneva in 1944.( Exhibition list )  His art ties were, of course displayed since their innovation, and similar to his other creations.  Fornasetti Fashion Art Neckties have been sold all over the world in fine men’s shops. In United States these art neckties are sold at Barneys, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Paul Stuart, Bullock and Jones, Maus and Hoffman, Neiman Marcus and many others.

In 1989 a year after his death his son, Barnuba Fornasetti continued the atelier tradition. His decision to create neckties was met with great enthusiasm as the vision of art and fashion that Fornasetti works represent have made Perio Fornasetti one of the greatest and most respected designers in Italy since the end of middle of the last century. The licensed manufacturer of Fornasetti Neckwear is the Intermoda, of Como, Italy which first started manufacturing silk ties at the turn of the 20th Century. They also make ties for Valentino, Guy Laroche and other notable European Trademarks. They have been making ties for Fornasetti since 1990 in the finest Italian silk available in limited editions with great attention to craftsmanship, just the same as everything that Perio Fornasetti did during his lifetime as an artist.

Foranesetti Fashion Art Tie-  Owl
The following excerpts are quoted from Mariuccia Casadio’s essay from the 2003 exhibition catalog. There is no way this could be put this any better. “An accessory of male clothing can go beyond its conventional appearance, and can express every person’s taste, humor, professional obsessions and secrete passions. Even if it maintains the traditional look of a tie, it is something more: it is the affirmation of personality and culture; it is the synthesis of a world which, from nature to architecture, from shells to glasses, from furniture to clothing.… His name stands for a way of being and appearing, he is the author of a language that started as a simple printing on silk fabric. Today’s ties and scarves as well as the ones realized by Fornasetti in the 40’s are able to give us energy and humor of a noticeable stroke, the passion for concept of decorum interpreted with contemporary spirit. For this reason his ties are pieces of collection, ideas and opinions to wear, expressions of sensibility and character.”

Piero Fornasetti
The desire to express ones-self with definition wearing a Fornasettit tie will be captivating. These neckties are truly fascinating and the attraction they receive is remarkable. I became mesmerized when I found Fornasetti Art illustrated on neckties at the Intermoda stand at the Magic Fashion Show in Las Vegas in 2000 just like when he first became so inspired with the face of Lina Cavalieri as he looked through a 19th Century French Magazine. His emotions are translated through a visual language hard to diss-spell. A necktie is not just an accessory – it’s a statement. What better way than to make that statement with passion.

For a man who needs to be distinctive in dress, and who not only dares to be noticed, but can handle himself in conversation; Fashion Art Ties by Fornasetti are an absolute must. That’s because breaking the ice with a conversation necktie never had so much class; until Fornasetti art work graced it.

The Fornasetti show room is located in Milano, Spazio Fornasetti Corso G. Matteotti, 1/A – 20121 Milan Italy, tel: 39 02 896 58040 fax 39 02 659 2244

Fornasetti Trumeau ‘Litomatrice’ will be on show on Galleria Nilufar Stand at PAD in Paris. 25 – 28 March 2011, Galleria Nilufar stand 68, Tuileries, Paris 75001, http://www.padparis.net/

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Friday, March 4, 2011

When Pigs Tie

When Pigs Tie - er Fly
When Pigs Tie – 'er Fly

When, and if pigs fly we would have some serious things to think about. Now concerning this pig wearing a tie, there is equally a cause for concern. Since it has been said that pigs are the smartest animals save man, then this pig is maybe off his mark.  He has bit of an extreme sense in the fashion. Not only is his necktie horrendous, that doo and those shades are beyond ghastly. But then again, what the heck do I know about pigs and their fashion trends, “nada.” Therefore I cannot relate to this pig’s taste in neckties or hair style or anything. Anyway, how can I judge a pig, I can hardly deal with most people. And, I will admit - those shades are not all that bad,  actually.  They could be handy if you are in  need of a fork in at a fast food joint..

One thing that strikes me as very odd is this pig is naked save that tie, no pants, no shirt, and no collar for that tie to wrap around. Maybe he doesn’t need a shirt or collar to accompany his tie. Could be that he has an extra fold of skin that the tie is hanging on too. And for the clothes – he could be a nudist. I have never seen a pig wearing a pair of pants and a shirt, so possibly clothes are just not one of those things you must have before you venture out, if you are an "oinker." Come to think of it I have never seen pig wear a tie either, although I have seen some men not wearing ties, when they should be - making them sort of p-gs. Shoot, I better not say that as I am sure I will offend many guys who don’t wear ties - ever!

I will admit, ugly tie or not he is looking a bit dashing wearing that necktie despite his rather abstract style. And one more thing, that pig has no opposable thumbs so how the heck did he tie that tie.  It is a bit tricky and without those thumbs - Oh well, maybe it’s a clip on. Even some guys give up trying to tie ties and resort to clip on ties. God help us all, it is really not so hard – it’s almost like tying shoe laces. Now if that pig was wearing shoes, then I may be impressed.

Ralph Marin - Pigs Tie

When Pigs Tie ? – Wow, I really do not think that I’ll ever run out of material for blog posts about men’s ties – be sure to check out “Fashion Art Neckties” by Fornasetti in the next day or so. This Pigs post is a silly one, the Fornasetti post is really quite interesting and worth the read.

Ralph Marlin - When Pigs Fly
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