Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Mona Lisa Tie
Merry Christmas to all

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time Sharing Ties

Online Closet at Tie Society
necktie trading via the web

Necktie Trading Leads To Netflix-Like Business

Necktie sharing! If I did not read about it on line and hear it on National Public Radio I wouldn't have believed it. Tired of your ties, don't want to spend money on new neckties, well here is the answer.  Tie trading is about as novel as any idea I have ever heard of regarding men's ties. Hats off gentlemen and ties on!    Jeffrey Hunter

An idea that has seen its day for
men's attire - Trading Ties
 Necktie Time Sharing!

December 19, 2011
Renee Montagne, Linda Wertheimer Host
National Public Radio  - A year ago, former IBM consultant Zac Gittens and his friends realized they could expand their professional wardrobes by pooling their resources. Their tie trading worked so well for them, they left their jobs and last month launched Tie Society, which operates out of a Washington, D.C townhouse.

Of course, people share more than just information. Some cities offer car sharers or bike sharing services. And today's last word in business is: tie share, as in neckties.  Read more here N.P.R The Last Word in Business

Listen to the N.P.R. interview
The Tie Society -
How it Works
The Necktie Collection - hundreds of ties to choose from 

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Friday, December 9, 2011

All About Ties

Almost like "Neckties For Dummies"
image,  The Awl
Ties are where guys most get to be themselves, so pefectly expressed by the author The Awl - Choire Sicha

I found this post about six months ago and should have placed this short intro and a link to it long ago, but the necktie business is very time consuming and there is only so many hours in a day.  I really enjoyed reading this especially the first paragraph - certainly the part I have high-lighted in blue text font.  Even though he states that men need only a few ties.  My theory on that is that no one should ever notice, save your wife, that you have worn a certain tie before.  So at least a hundred will suffice to make that possible. 

The Awl, How You Do and Do Not Wear a Tie
by Choire Sicha , The Awl

While I am indisputably correct on most matters of men's office fashion, I have a somewhat minority opinion on ties. Among them: I do not believe that men need very many, nor need those ties be very elaborate. Most men can get by with maybe three or four great ties: one fun, one somber and one a nice solid blue. Those who wear ties to the office each day can get by with just seven to ten, if they wish, though it's more fun to have a hundred. Read more here - The Awl, How You Do and Do Not Wear a Tie

There are dos and don'ts - some of things your father may have forgotten to pass on.  It really is like a short version of what I intend to collaborate on - my soon to be New York Times best seller book for sure "Neckties for Dummies."  There is some very useful info here, tie knotting videos, understanding what kind of tie is right for you, and some general fashion education for the color or otherwise fashion co-ordination blind.

I especially appreciated his knowledge of necktie knots particularly concerning the "Matrix Merovingian" necktie knot which is actually not a new tie knot at all, just re-named to be superficially correct and cool.  It is modified and a reversed version so I guess it deserves to be named after that smooth hustler of deal making, "The Merv" did look great, in his tailored suit with a dynamic necktie knotted so precisely, so daring and in command - at least until he faced Neo and company.  There's even a Matrix tie knot video lesson as well so you can be the coolest guy on your block sporting the Matrix Tie Knot.  That's one more way to strike up conversation and meet that girl of dreams.

The full post is worth a look-see.  I will add that I firmly disagree with his distain of paisley ties, every man should own at least one,  Jeffrey Hunter, About Neckties - Buy Ties

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Monday, November 14, 2011

All My Ties - Part 2

Mad as hell ties and they're not going to take it anymore.  In part one of All My Ties one very distinguished necktie pleads his case to be worn to work on the following day.  Ties that talk, "I'm subtle, understated, I won't over power and yet I contribute to an impression of quiet confidence."   The following morning that collection of unique ties from across the spectrum of fashion leads a revolution against the casual dress code.  If you love neckties you'll love part 2 of All My Ties.

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Talking Zealous Neckties With Personality

All My Neckties

A revolution against the casual dress code led by a band of zealous neckties seems like a cheap 50's Saturday Horror film.  It's Attack of the Killer Neckties, not much unlike Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  These are angry neckties and they are out to make a change.  One man sees it a bit different. 

Check out part one of All My Ties.


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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What Casual Really Means

Casual Friday Gone Too Far
Pronunciation: ( Kazh’OO-ul )

This photo is a bit exagerated but it does get the point across rather nicely.  It is funny how the same word with just two extra letters - CASUALTY - takes on a whole new meaning. Becoming the casualty of not being well groomed - the outcome of being casual in attire - which can result in the un-welcome result of losing the faith and respect of peers. Not achieving the full potential of one’s position in career or perhaps not realizing opportunity that is forgiven due to being over looked.  In the not so distant past, a man who wanted to really be taken seriously in his carreer and in his life usually wore a suit and necktie. It was simply a way of acheiving distinction.  Dressing up for work and when socializing showed respect and as well earned its share of the same.

By chance, without definite or serious intention, careless, apathetic, unconcerned, irregular, mishap, uncertain. These are some of the words that are associated with the definition of the word casual. All of which are words that most men would prefer not being used to describe their character.

Casual - Taken from an on-line dictionay. 


1. happening by chance; fortuitous: a casual meeting.

2. without definite or serious intention: careless or offhand: passing: a casual remark.

3. seeming or tending to be indifferent to what is happening; apathetic: unconcerned: a casual, or nonchalant appearance.

4. appropriate for wear or use on informal occasions; not dressy: casual clothes; casual wear.

5. irregular; occasional: a casual visitor.

6. accidental: a casual mishap.

7. Obs. uncertain.


1. a worker employed only irregularly.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Would Beethoven Ever Have Worn a Music Tie

Ludwig van Beethoven wearing a cravatte
Music theme ties are for the music lover in all of us, not just musicians.

Would Beethoven ever have worn a music necktie? This hypothetical question could be answered as, yes - well probably, would be a better answer. He was a bit of an eccentric, not that it is a bad thing to be a little crazy.  After all, aren’t all artists eccentric?  Being eccentric is what makes them artists.  Not that you have to be nuts to wear novelty neckties, you just have to have the right personality and you would need to be comfortable with receiving a lot of attention. 

Music neckties could never have been imagined by Beethoven at the end of the 18th century, a little more than 200 years ago, The tie, or cravatte as it was called at the time, was a serious accessory to a man’s attire.  Any garment that was customary in that era would not have been designed as novelty themed fashion.

Born in 1770 in Bonn Germany, he became musically recognized as a court musician when he began supporting himself and his family at a very young age do to his father's alcoholism. At twenty years old, a composition of great value while under the tutelage of German composer Christian Gottlob Neefe became cause for his study in Vienna with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart’s death in 1791 prevented this from occurring; however Beethoven went to Vienna and became the student of Austrian composer Joseph Haydn. Surely Mozart was no easy act to follow at the turn of the 19th Century in Vienna.  The sensational composer that he would become, Ludwig Von Beethoven was at first stigmatized having to measure up to Mozart.

Vienna Opera House

At the age of 18 he started experiencing a loss of hearing which of all things was the most important of the five senses to a musician.   Despite the severity of his condition he was capable of composing works that to this day are valued as timeless symphonies.  Truly a testament to his genius was the fact that could hear the notes in his head.

He became quite popular due to his piano improvising none the less his compositions with Viennese music publishers. His style of music veered from what many thought to be a refinement of Mozart’s work which afforded him great success with the market for published music, something that had evaded Mozart a decade earlier. In the first decade of the 19th century he illustrated the complete Viennese classical style of symphony, concerto, string quartet, and sonata.

Perhaps Beethoven's best known classical work ever is his 5th Symphony which took about four years to complete in 1808; performed in Vienna's Theater an der Wien.   Other popular works remembered in modern times evolved from the Symphony number 3 – Erotica, 1803 and Symphony number. 8 – 1812.    

Much of Europe was at the mercy of Napoleon from 1804 to 1815 with an occupation of Vienna in 1805 creating political stress in Austria.  Although he had achieved success as a composer he was distraught with his personal life and the world.  The height of his fame was realized in this period however his hearing impairment worsened, causing him great difficulty in his life as he was ofter ridiculed and laughed at due to his flawed hearing. He became socially isolated as a result which isolation which resulted in eccentric behavior becoming more apparent. Increasingly avoiding public appearances, 1814 saw his last performance. His difficulty with his love for women who were not within his reach due to their social status or the fact that were married caused him great pain. By 1818 he had become virtually deaf. This and other conflicts he had with family caused him to become a recluse with only a small circle of friends that he valued. His music became less fashionable with the exception of his Symphony Number 9. Although he had fallen from grace his funeral was attended by tens of thousands on March 26th 1827 in Vienna.

Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
In all he composed 9 symphonies, 7 concertos ( 5 for pianos ), 17 string quartets, 32 piano sonatas for cello and piano, an opera, 2 masses, several overtures, and numerous sets of piano variations. He is regarded as the representation of romanticism music style, and the greatest example of the classical style of Vienna. He personified the image of an artist being romantic through his symphonic style of drama.

The passion in his music has won the hearts and appreciation of generation after generation. For those who love Ludwig van Beethoven, or for those who just love music -  wearing music ties is a ritual more than like the habit of wearing such a fashion accessory. A necktie, especially a novelty tie illustrates a man’s artistic values and is a clue to his character better than anything else; save possibly having a half shaved head and a rainbow spiked hair doo highlighted with music note tattoos on your forehead. Wearing novelty theme music ties illustrating your love for music is much less severe and certainly a more socially accepted method of expression for sure.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Handsome Men Wearing Neckties

Jose Brandt, a very handsome man
 wearing a necktie
Left off the list of the 75 best dressed men in history by Esquire Magazine

Its hard to imagine how Esquire Magazine could overlook such a handsome guy, however they did just that.  It's possible that they just made a simple mistake.

Jose Brandt is a friend of mine's son and since this photo was taken at Wallmart over one year ago, he has become quite fond of ties.  Now, he has several "real" neckties that I have given him.   In his collection is an Xmen tie, a Disney Mickey Mouse tie, and a Yogi the Bear tie.  He is quite a busy guy so we have not had the time to schedule another photo shoot.  I guess his agent will have to impress upon him the value of being included in this blog.

Checkout our previous post Best Dressed Men of All Time

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Neckties On The Menu

Mikheil Saakashvili nervous chewing his tie
Eat Your Tie

Got the munchies? When a Snickers or a slice of pizza just will not suffice you can eat your necktie. Finally someone came up with the perfect use for ties besides just being a fashion accessory as a form of personal artistic expression. It's not your ordinary run of the mill silk or poly tie that will fill this need. Well, maybe an ordinary tie could serve the same purpose as the “ Edible Reformist Tie,” latest contribution to men’s fashion however a regular necktie may not tastes as sweet and certainly will have no nutritional value. These neckties are actually sweet snacks made of traditional Georgian dried plum puree.

Why anyone would decide to make ties that can be eaten is not the usual brainstorm of an idea. The “Edible Tie” is result of a need to make a political statement by some clever and proud Georgians in Tbilisi that felt a need to answer back to anti-Georgian propaganda in the Russian media. It seems that the Russian media and Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin are making fun of the fact that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili nervous chewing of his necktie from a television interview concerning the Georgian - Russia War of 2008 during what he thought was an “off camera.”  Referring to the infamous necktie eating Saakashvili, Putin joked that a meeting of Western leaders in Kiev in 2008 should be ”tie-less” as the Georgian president would scarf up the ties of the other leaders. So it is politics and national pride that is actual the brain child of this not-for-wearing necktie.

For the full explanation check out the article from news24 as it appeared on line Sept 13, 2011. 
Edible tribute to tie-chewing president

Read more here and see the television new broadcast
Radio Free Europe - Radio Liberty

Checkout the You Tube Video of Saakashvili chewing his tie. 

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time

Cary Grant, smooth operator,
Cary Grant, smooth operator, taught the world that there is
no substitute for good tailoring, and that there is no better
tailoring than the  kind found on Savile Row.
Esquire's 75 best dressed men ever

This is something worth checking out.  Some of these guys are naturals and others you may be surprised to find here.  My favorites are posted here.

Click the link to view the entire list Esquire's 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time

Al Pacino as Michael Corleon, gangster.
Al Pacino as Michael Corleon, gangster. An
important lesson in personal style. If you
want to look  important, dress important.

Marlon Brando, because he wore the clothes
Marlon Brando, because he wore the clothes - not the
 other way around.

Hugh Hefner - Playboy, the former Esquire
Hugh Hefner - Playboy, the former Esquire
editor epitomized mid-century swagger with
 suits, skinny ties, and his ever-present pipe.

Fred Astaire, “People think I was born in
Fred Astaire, “People think I was born in
top hat and tail.” He could dance like no one
else, and he always looked really good at it.

Al Capone, gangster this pinstripe suits, loved polka  dots.
Al Capone, gangster this pinstripe suits, loved polka  dots.
  He used clothing to express his larger than life  personality.

Sean Connery as James Bond
Sean Connery as James Bond,  nobody made
it look easier. 

Muhammad Ali, heavyweight champion of the world
Muhammad Ali, heavyweight champion of the world
 as much precision with his suiting as he did in the ring.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Guy Style Guide - Fashion Tips on Neckties

Necktie Style
For a business staple, many men still get this garment so badly wrong, so keep these quick tips in mind at all times. Quick Mens Fashion Tips 4 Neckties - The Guys Style Guide

Here you will find some great advice about necktie selection, and tie knotting.  There is a great wealth of information regarding men's fashion and style on Guy Style Guide  

Another post of interest that is related is The Ultimate Mens Clothing Fit Guide

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Necktie Strangler by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock Another necktie strangling
(Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images) 
Murder by Necktie

Film director Sir Alfred Hitchcock buys a copy of the Evening Standard, with a chilling headline on July 26, 1971. He was in London publicizing his film "Frenzy," in which a serial killer uses a necktie to strangle his victims.

It is called serendipity - when as if by accident an event is orchestrated without planning or direction.  Sometimes things just fall into place perfectly.  This could not be illustrated greater than when Alfred Hitchcock was on a promotional visit to England regarding his novel Frensy.  The "Master of Suspense" became quite astonished to confront a sensational London Evening Standard Newspaper cover, "Another Necktie Strangling,"

His tale of a serial killer's unique method of murder by necktie strangulation was coincidentally an almost exact mirror reflection of reality.  In his chilling novel, very similar to a real serial murder spree in London,  the victims - all women - are turning up naked, raped and strangled by neckties. The Necktie Murderer is terrorizing London and police are desperate to track him down. All evidence leads to an innocent man, who must elude the law to prove his innocence. Finding the real murderer is the only way he can salvage his freedom.

Read more here Culture Vulture Alfred Hitchcock Frensy
watch the trailer on Squidoo Hitchcock's Frenzy
Read about Hitchcock Wikipedia Alfred Hitchcock

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Table Napkins Shaped Like Neckties

Table Napkin Neckties
Your table dressing will never be complete until Napkin Neckties are gracing the silverwear, and plates.  If ever a gentleman felt like wiping his hands with his tie this will relieve that temptation.

Maybe this is the beginning of a resurgence in ties.  At this point anything cannot hurt.

For complete instructions on how to create such a wonderful table necktie napkin and other table napkin folding tricks visit Napkin Folding Guide

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Dads and Grads - How To Select the Right Necktie

Dads and Grads -
Neckties for gifts?
Buying a necktie for a grad or dad. 

Its a father's day gift that often has extra concern.  The same goes for a graduation gift.   This post may help you to get the perfect gift for a husband/father or your son or boyfriend who is graduating.

In my never ending search on-line and everywhere else I continually find things that matter to men that dress up.  This article about how to buy your husband or a son a tie that I found on How To Do Things discusses the unique challenges that a wife, a friend or even a child may face while buying a necktie for a gift.  Whether buying a tie is meant for a gift for Father's Day, as a graduating gift for a young man, a birthday, or any occasion this article will be very helpful.  The last thing you may want to do is to buy a Superman necktie, a Mickey Mouse tie, or a Star Wars tie for a man that may like Superman, Star Wars or Disney but would not be caught dead wearing a novelty tie.  Or, he may be shy and not be able to handle the attention that a conversation tie attracts.

Many of those cute ties illustrating Marvin the Martian, Tweety, or Spiderman are actually really nice ties, however the guy who gets a cartoon character tie as a gift may be a stock broker or banker and he would not want to have his associates be laughing at him behind his back.  The same rule goes the other way; many guys would never wear a conservative necktie, as dressing too seriously would go against his personality.  Understanding a man's character, and for certain knowing him truly will help in this matter. 

There are the easy ones like the Tabasco Tie collector who would never wear anything else or the father who will wear a Winnie the Pooh tie regardless of what his associates think, because his little girl loves Pooh.  I would imagine that if someone is considering buying a tie for a guy - his taste in neckties has already become understood.  Neckties are a personal fashion statement though and this is a place that certain lines must not be crossed.   Sometimes, gift neckties that we sell at Nice Tie Store are returned with notes, "I really love Superman but I cannot wear such a necktie."

Neckties are important clothing accessories for men, especially for those who are always wearing formal attire. They can accentuate and flatter a man's suit. However, neckties can also make or break a man's overall appearance. This is why choosing the right necktie to use for men is very important.

Neckties are also perfect gifts for men.  read more on How To Do Things

Checkout our previous post A Men's Fashion Perspective.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Men’s Fashion Perspective

Sinatra had a style that was no match for his charisma
“Dressed to the nines,” what exactly does it mean? 

Snazzy,” said in not so quite a whisper.  Often, this is what a man would hear as he entered a club or restaurant. Such was the common the reaction, for a gentleman wearing ties to over hear. For much of the prior century men had a desire to look stylish, wearing suits and ties - especially socially. This was commonly referred to “dressing up.”

Not long ago, a man had a keen sense of fashion that could rival a woman’s awareness of fashion and the desire to dress accordingly. This appreciation of apparel was not just limited to the aesthetic value of clothes alone, but the quality of textiles, fabrication and craftsmanship. Moreover, the value of what a designer’s name meant let alone just the knowledge of who they were and what qualifications they had were as important as the rooster of the starting lineup for the N.Y. Yankees. Today, it seems like men either don’t know who the fashion designers are, or they just don’t care. The acceptance of casual dress in the workplace, partly due to the dotcom era on the 90’s created a severely diminished appreciation of men’s high fashion clothing.

Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Marilyn Monroe
A revolution against neckties had gained support that it became a common ideal to dress in what some men called comfortable clothing. The casual Fridays became casual every-day. In Southern California guys working in stock broker firms would show up for work after the morning surf session in surf baggies, Tee shirts, and salt water still in their hair. Many Car dealerships, even large chains decided that a relaxed appearance was OK, and restaurants that required wait staff, men and women to wear neckties adopted the trend and branded clothing with company logos replaced the tie. What had been the signature apparel of fast food eateries and gas stations became a common look for establishments that had table clothes and reservations only policies. Some of hold outs, even signature restaurants and night clubs in New York City were not requiring a necktie for a man to gain entrance. It was as if what had been a standard rule in Miami Beach would be next in reverse, replacing “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service,” with,”Come in However You Look.” 

God forbid, if the Rainbow Room in New York City atop 30 Rockefeller Plaza on the 70th floor were to shun their "No Necktie - No Entrance" rule - Armageddon could quite possibly be next.  When arriving on the 69th floor the elevator door would open to the entrance to the famous lounge, one floor below the restaurant where it was a wait of several weeks of advance reservations for a table.  This was where the maitre'd would deliver the bad news to men without neckties.   Sadly, I have checked and it is true the Rainbow Room has closed in 2009, another recession casualty.  New owners are considering re-opening this iconic New York City Venue, which is perhaps the greatest view of Manhattan, and a beautiful example of Art Deco design.   Hopefully they will have a necktie required rule.  See Rainbow Room for the story about this restaurant atop 30 Rockefeller Plaza on 50th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue.    In 1930 the "21" Club opened on West 52nd Street in Manhattan where neckties were required for men to enter.   In January of 2009 the popular restaurant and lounge ended it's neck wear policy, something that some men could never have imagined.   They still have a tie drawer with a collection ready to be loaned to men, young and old necktie aficionados.  You may read more here, Club 21 Abandons its Necktie Only Rule..  Any man ever visiting New York could get a necktie on the short notice at almost every corner at a kiosk.  There was a constant need for ties and as always, entrepreneurs would see opportunity.

Neckties surely have lost their way in the maze and confusion of men's fashion, and the very nonchalant manner of modern society.  Is the lack of a man's desire to dress with stylishness another indication of the decline of culture or way of life?  At the very least, men's fashion is becoming less than what many would consider as elegant.   Interestingly enough the word elegant according to Wikipedia is defined as impossible to define cogently, because the word is vaguely and arbitrarily understood. One man's elegance is another man's nuisance - obviously that would depend on the man and his character.  Apparently in the new millennium more and more men are in the opinion that neckties are useless.

In contrast, men wore neckties religiously to work throughout the decades from the turn of the past century, spanning two world wars. Even, men in the blue collar work force were not without their desire to have the distinctive look of character and of serious mind. This would be evident in the fact that non professional men would wear neckties under their coveralls. The professional dress code was suits and ties, although it was hardly enforced attire, rather one that was naturally adhered to. Men just felt the desire to be classy and polished while in employment.  

"Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance." Arthur Ashe

Oxford Suit Illustration
A statement that could easily illustrate how important dress clothes were to men is the fact that everyman owned at least one suit and several neckties. It was a show of respect to dress in a suit and tie and that respect was reciprocal. As if it were at right of becoming an adult young men learned how to tie ties, as if it were a ritual of adolescence. This was not just a tradition realized within society in which its scope was broad encompassing ethnic boundaries; it was more of life style than anything else.

It was a day when men wore ties because they felt elegant and sophisticated by having an appearance of style. Possibly a result of Industrialization, men clothing had become streamlined with flair and panache. Men were expected to be serious about their lives and their way of thinking. Their attitude and character would be perceived in such manner as a reflection of their style, which naturally created great thought in grooming. “If it looks like a gentlemen, and talks like a gentlemen, then it is probably a gentleman.” It was man’s endeavor not to look like a misfit and fall into the category of being a bum. It was a great feeling to being chic. Men were as glamouress as woman were in a time when being a handsome man meant being “dressed to the nines.”

Now, what does “dressed to the nines” mean? Well, now that you ask.

Although there are many different theories about the origin or reference of this cliché here is the actual meaning of the adage “dressed to the nines.”

Dressed flamboyantly or smartly


Phrase that means perfectly dressed in the most fashionable attire. Would most likely be used in evening attire fashion such as being dressed for a formal occasion in which a person would dress their best to command as much respect and attention as possible.

We could tell the black tie event was the most important of the social season. Everyone was dressed to the nines.

The Phrase Finder Wiki Answers

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Quite Different Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa in the modern world
If you like Mona like I like Mona then you may not actually like this version of her. This version of Leonardo Da Vinci master piece is just for fun, After all, a parody of the Mona Lisa is meant to cause no real harm, her portrait is the most famous artwork in the world.

The mystery of who she is and what she meant to Da Vinci has surrounded this painting creating a cult-like following that embraces young and old. You won't want to miss our post from last February, Mysterious Mona Lisa

You may be interested in Mona Lisa neckties that have become collector items. The illustration of her on the tie is quite attracting. She does have that alluring Mona Lisa Smile that she is so famous for.

Checkout Mona Lisa art neckties here.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

American Flag Necktie Mania

American Flag Necktie
For the ten year anniversary of the tragedy of Sept 11 the perfect gift for the man in your life is an American Flag Necktie. Patriotic expression could not be more wonderfully exhibited personally with more class and dignity.

Patriotism could not have been more absolute than what Americans and the world realized in the days after 9-11. American flags were displayed proudly everywhere on car antennas, on homes, illustrated on apparel, and as patriotic ties for men. For the American male American Flag ties became an iconic symbol of what it meant to be a proud American.

The demand for patriotic flag ties were a boom to the necktie manufacturers and retailers that was surely welcomed. Department stores and specialty retailers selling in kiosks in malls and on the Internet could hardly keep the flag ties in stock as the desire to wear the “Old Glory” as a novelty necktie became a fashion phenomenon. Pilots and male flight attendants seemed to set the patriotic necktie fashion trend at first, which soon caught on with businessmen, waiters and waitresses and car salesmen.

It was not just the novelty necktie manufacturers that produced the American Flag neckties designs. It was again Mark Abramhoff of Ralph Marlin Ties with a wonderful collection of silk and poly American Flag theme ties that answered the retail call - that he was already producing in his line of patriotic ties which he introduced at he start of Gulf War One.  The designers of Jerry Garcia ties, Electric Neckwear, Eagles Wings, MLB and two of the largest necktie companies in the world; Superba, and Randa also created wonderful themed patriotic ties.

American patriotism became such a fashion statement, whether as a Stars and Stripes Tee Shirt, a scarf, or a flag necktie that is was not since Pearl Harbor that such a heart-felt pride in the U.S.A. was realized. For at least the expression of the spirit of country and the desire to be counted among the free and brave it was as if everyone in the United States was overwhelmed with patriotism. Men, women and children, cars, homes, and businesses proudly had the American Flag displayed with pride in one way or another.

Check out our patriotic tie collection

Patriotic Necktie by Mark Abramhoff
American Flag Necktie by MLB
American Flag Tie Ralph Marlin
Patriotic Ties by Mark Abramhoff

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Necktie Joke

A jumper cable as a necktie ?  -  funny neckties
A funny tie joke.

A guy goes into a restaurant/lounge wearing a shirt open at the collar and is met by a bouncer who tells him he must wear a necktie to gain admission. So the guy goes out to his car and he looks around for a necktie and discovers that he just doesn’t have one. He sees a set of jumper cables in his trunk. In desperation he ties these around his neck, manages to fashion a fairly acceptable looking knot and lets the ends dangle free. He goes back to the restaurant and the bouncer carefully looks him over for a few minutes and then says, “Well, OK, I guess you can come in - just don’t start anything.”

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ten Happy Men Wearing Neckties

Ten happy young men wearing wedding neckties  -  photo by Mitchell Jay Mendler

Why are these guys so happy?  Looking at this fantastic photograph one thing is for sure - these are some really cool guys.  It's that uniform look, thanks to the suits and ties they are wearing, and most with shades creating mystique; heck they look like the Blues Brothers or better yet the "Cool Brothers."  Whoever said that wearing ties wasn't fun better take a close look at this photograph? This is of course a wedding and the fellas usually wear suits and ties, however this is not just any wedding. This wedding is a very special wedding because I know two of these guys really well. The guy of the far left is my nephew and the guy in the center 5th from the left is my other nephew. He is the groom and since it is he that is reaching higher and more or less at the center of this image, I will go as far as stating that is this perfectly composed photograph.
I know a few things about photography as for most of my life I have been a professional photographer shooting landscapes in Iceland, the US South West, India, New York City, Miami Beach, the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, and the 92 America's Cup.

I also know a few things about neckties. For some un-known reason the bride and groom did not ask me for the ties for their special day. My feelings were not hurt; to be honest I am not sure that I could have afforded to give them the ties as a gift. Surely I could never have charged them.

Men wearing neckties at weddings is a tradition that is not without cause. When a man commits his love, loyalty, and honor to a women he is reaching a level of sophistication that is unique in several ways. He has decided to settle down and no longer craves the grasp of his youth. There is much to recognize about the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. He surely feels that he has reached a greater level of maturity and is confident of himself and his life. No doubt the groom will feel fortunate to have found a loving mate. When the union of a man and woman is executed by marriage the groom becomes much more responsible and serious about life.  He realizes a greater being, especially about his life, family and the desire of prosperity for himself and his mate.  Their relationship becomes bound in a spiritual and legal way that is absolute. In all cultures throughout the history of civilization the joining of a man and women in formal marriage has been conducted with a joyous celebration and festivities. Since most people get married once, this event becomes one of the most memorable days in both of their lives and surely the most important day that will define their futures.

With the significance of becoming married it is a traditional that both the bride and the groom dress to the occasion. Naturally as this being the defining day of their lives they'll take great pride in their dress. The bride will plan her special day with great detail and with the help of experts usually every last detail will be planned. Her wedding gown and her bride’s maid will create a presentation that will be a statement of personality with great respect. Naturally the groom will as well execute his attire to suit his character and as well have his best man and ushers comply. With all due respect as a show of his self worth he will wear a suit a necktie to full fill the level of the seriousness of his pledge to a woman as her husband.  

Congraduations to a very happy Shane and Danielle Mendler, Uncle Jeffrey.

Nothing else, save the groom wearing a suit and tie will suffice to express such deemed personification.  The meaning of marriage is culturally distinct throughout the world and its significance to civilization explicit. Therefore, without question the institution of marriage and the ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live together is a testament to value of the necktie.

With that said, here are a few funny notes I made while considering what to write and how this photograph inspired me so.  I cannot help  but look at the satirical side of what the photograph is telling me.  One note of importance the photographer is my twin brother, my hat is off to him on this one. A photograph like this is as timeless as the heavens.

Now, getting back to the point about why these guys are so happy. There are several possible reasons.
Number one: They have been drinking, ( note the glass with orange fluid in it on the seawall, presumably a Screw Driver - vodka and orange juice ).
Number two: They are at a wedding which is always a happy event so they are naturally full of joy and excitement.
Number three: One of them, the groom is very happy because he has found love.
Number four: All of these men are happy because they are excited for the groom, obviously a close friend.
Number five: Some of these men are happy because they are not getting married and they really love being single and the groom will no longer be a threat, competing for babes.
Number six: Since some of them are already married they are just happy for reason number one and two and probably also because they now have another pal that has entered the institution of marriage so they are not going to be feeling as much like the minority now - "another one bites the dust."
Number seven: They are not happy at all and are faking because they had to make the photographer happy so he would stop bugging them. This is most likely not the reason that they look so happy but never-the-less by doing this and by doing it so perfectly they could avoid further wedding photographer harassment
Number eight: My favorite and with no question probably the greatest reason that these young men wearing neckties are so jubilant. It is just that, they are so happy because they are all wearing suits and ties and as a resul they feel like a million dollars.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Neckties in the Desert

Major Mandolin

I have heard this joke before and even have my version of it posted on this blog  Desert Necktie Joke

I like the way this guy delivers it. It has something to do with his hat and his eyes. Not too mention he labels the necktie guy as a Jewish entrepreneur and the weary desert trekking soul an Arab. In my "Ties in the Desert Joke" I leave the religion out of it.  However, I must admit the ethnic mention of these men is effective.

Major Mandolin Neckties in the Desert Joke - click to see the video

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Pro Basketball Player and Neckties

Former Harrisburg High standout
Lawrence Hamm enjoys being a
role model to kids.
This professional basketball player teaches kids how to to neckties, then how to play basketball.

This professional basketball player teaches kids how to neckties, then how to play basketball. Former pro basketball player Lawrence Hamm wants the young men and women to understand a strategy for success. I have been working on a post that examines the dress code of the NBA compared to the NFL that I hope will be ready for posting in a couple of weeks.

I have long been aware of the fact that high school basketball coaches demand that student on the team where ties to matches and even to practice. Now I do not mean just basketball neckties, any tie.  However, you can imagine that a kid showing up for practice wearing a basketball tie would win over the coach and anyone else like girls for instance. 

You may find this article very interesting because here is a guy that was a pro athlete trying to set examples that will encourage kids to do good and become successful at whatever they do by wearing neckties.  It seems that as far as basketball is concerned sports neckties are a very important part of being a pro.

Lawrence Hamm teaches kids how to wear
neckties - then how to play basketball
At Hamm Camp, it’s loops before hoops.

The camp director, professional basketball player Lawrence Hamm, lets kids play basketball only after they practice tying neckties each morning. Even the girls have to do it because, sometimes, brothers and even dads need help.

“Lawrence says we have to look like we’re suitable if we have an interview or something,” said Naasir Johnson, an eighth-grader at Nativity School of Harrisburg. “He wants us to succeed in life, not just basketball.”

He goes on to explain that learning how to tie ties is part of having positive life skills.  He says, “You want to dress in a way that people will respect you. And that means they have to know how to tie a tie.”

Read the entire article here - Former basketball pro Lawrence Hamm's camp teaches kids a strategy for success.

Further information - Hamm gives back to Harrsburg,

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Basketball Necktie
Basketball Tie

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Gorilla Wearing a Tie

Donkey Kong Country Returns: the tie wearing gorilla is back.

Why would a gorilla wear a tie - probably to make himself look more serious

I don't know "donkey" about video games but this was a funny thing to find after my post yesterday about a gorilla that wears a tie vs, an ape with a riffle. You can see that post here A Gorilla Wears Neckties.  I had to ask myself, "why would a video game gorilla wear a tie?"  So with my interest up high, I did some research and here is the scoop on the fashion conscious Donkey Kong Gorilla who wear neckties.

In this successor to the classic 1994 Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country which originally was a Miyamoto character from 1980 the gorilla had to be very special.  The man who created Donkey Kong had some specific advice for the people who were making the next Donkey Kong game: "The gorilla better slap the ground properly."  Further technical stuff, facts and information on the game can be found on  I do not know if the other gorilla in the original Donkey Kongs wore neckties but I have a feeling I know why this one his wearing a tie.  In this day and age of the casual dress code being so popular you would have to admit that a gorilla that wears a tie is not a gorilla to be taken lightly.  He means business.

Although, not a real gorilla, just a cartoon gorilla he is wearing a tie like the gorilla in my previous post. The tie has the logo DK on it, obviously for the sake of promoting the video game, Donkey Kong, not because the tie is a Donna Karen tie. Anyway in this new version of the game called Donkey Kong Country Returns the gorilla pounces on frogs while rampaging through the jungle, and swinging on vines through trees devouring bananas. Through a gauntlet of giant Venus fly traps caving in paths, pirate boats shooting cannon balls at him, dodging a giant Octopus's tentacles along the beach Doney Kong is on it.

The charming and debonair gorilla never once seems to be un-sure of himself. He even has a side kick, Diddy Kong but the little guy has no necktie. However wearing a necktie or not both of them are none-the-less fairly formidable looking. I especially like the parts when the gorilla is pounding his chest. At that, he reminded me of stock brokers that I know, they are so arrogant at times and so dam egotistical.   This tie wearing gorilla, doesn't play around, he wants his bananas and nothing is going to stop him.  Kind of like suave those stock brokers that will stop at nothing in pursuit of their commisions.  So that is why he wears the necktie. 

I will admit, to make sure I used the correct adjective here I looked up the word suave on line. "smoothly though often superficially gracious and sophisticated -  suggests a specific ability to deal with others easily and without friction -  stresses an ability to deal with ticklish situations tactfully."  Man can he swing through the jungle or what -  sounds good to me.

You may want to check out another cartoon character post on out blog Why does Fred Flintstone wear ties.

Check out the You TubeVideo 

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Gorilla Wearing a Tie vs. and Ape with a Riffle

A Gorilla wearing neckties

I would never, ever say the world of fashion is not like a jungle, surely not the fashion world of neckties.

An ape shooting an AK 47 Assault Riffle is not something to laugh at; well at least it's not supposed to be funny, ( video below ).  This is a very alarming instance of men and beast interacting with each other. Gauging the advance of evolution is a funny science given all of the variables. Being civilized in the jungle of our world can be a bit complicated given all of the different beliefs in religion and more important, taking into account the greed factor.

If an ape were to get a hold of a loaded AK 47 Riffle what would he think about? Now, what if the ape was given a necktie? Could he tie a tie? Would he wear it and would he become more civil? I believe that we have a testament to the Darwin Theory of evolution here. Certainly this is a monkey see, monkey do thing but what is clearly unique here is that ape becomes very celebratory after he conquers his territory. We live in a very dangerous world. I guess this is proof that being a killer does not take much intelligence. The Ape sure caught on fast as you may note that in the end he is displaying the absolute characteristics of a victorious warrior. 

Ape shoots an AK 47 Riffle instead or wearing neckties
Just imagine if his behavior were changed and he was not being so aggressive but being much more friendly and as well receiving kind gestures and body language in return.  I am sure that if the ape were to be handed a tie and given a few short lessons in tying it he would like wearing neckties. In fact he would become quite attached to his new found fashionable look. I am sure that if the ape were to be handed a tie and given a few short lessons in tying it he would like wearing ties.

The celebration of the victory may be scary
then the shooting
In fact he would probably become quite attached to his new found fashionable look. Most likely the extra respect he would receive would become an addiction to him. The added attraction from female apes and the possibility of higher political status he would gain would improve his character substantially. Just considering how elegant his cousin, the gorilla appears in the photo above compared to the chaotic images from the video from YouTube below,  the answer is obvious. Soon Yahoo will be tooting the fashion horn, “Gorilla trending neckties sets the jungle fashion world on fire.”

Watch the video below if you have any doubt that the behavior of an ape can become a bit of a problem once he has his grip on a loaded AK 47 Assault Riffle. In a viral ad campaign, producers of the new film "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" released a series of videos showing weapon-wielding apes. Stylized to look like documentary footage out of Africa, one video features a chimp shooting an AK-47 at a group of off-duty soldiers who had been taunting it.  Yes those are actors, but that is a real ape and he is surely taking matters into his own hands.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Necktie Poem by Hallgrimur Helgason - Suit & Tie

Suit and Tie

A Poem in English About Post-Crash Iceland, written and performed by Icelandic writer Hallgrimur Helgason.
First performed at the Kapittel 09 Festival in Stavanger, Norway, September 16th 2009.  
This video made Sept. 30th 2010. Thanks to Snorri and the guys at Pegasus.  Hallgrimur

The complete poem is below 
While searching for articles and videos the discuss the diminished use of neckties in today's society I found a real gem. This poem about the financial crisis and the blame that the men of those institutions surely deserve. This modern work by Icelander Hallgrimur Helgason is worth reading but please view the video first - the link is just above and here - Hallgrimur Helgason - "Suit and Tie". Since the men who control the financial machines and those institutions that run economies are them same men who religiously wear neckties I guess it is only natural to resent suits and ties.

Now that there is so much blame and eager fingers to point some people have a problem with the necktie at what it represents - authority and unfortunately with bankers and stock brokers - a blatant character flaw - arrogance. I actually believe that the author really doesn't have a dislike of neckties. Without a necktie you won't have much fun at night in Reykjavik as every night club or restaurant worth a visit will not allow a casually dressed man in. So a popular, and surely very creative poem or rap song, the necktie will still be an important part of and Icelandic man's attire.

The Icelanders are very creative so this wonderful poem or rap is not a surprise to me. The work illustrates the frustration of the trouble that the North Atlantic Island of some 350,000 people has fallen into, a result of the world's economic failure that forced the country of Iceland to declare bankruptcy, the first ever in history.

I have been to Iceland more times than I can remember between the sumer of 1984 and the spring of 1995.  I was married to a beautiful Icelandic lady and for those ten years I photographed the beautiful Icelandic unspoiled nature as a pro photographer.  Below the poem you may see some of my photographs.- Jeffrey Hunter

Reykjavik Iceland
Suit and tie
Suit and tie
We're deadly afraid of the clever guy
Wearing suit and tie

They used to roam the streets of Reykjavik

And thought they were what made the city tic

From bank to lunch with Nikkei, Dow Jones and FTSE
Dressed to kill in Armani, Boss and Gucci

Cheerful, laughing, full of self esteem

The players of our national team

But now you hardly see them anymore

The crisis took them through a different door
Their bank got crunched by Euro, Dollar and Yen

So now they're trying Tai Chi, Yoga and Zen
Still they're good in playing the blaming game
The players of our national shame

Iceland: The home of young and retired bosses
And regular people busy counting their losses
The high-flying heroes of good times past

Have come to the ground and had their blast

Hiding inside his fancy house

The bull now meets his inner mouse

And both are dressed in suit and tie
Suit and tie

Nothing scares like suit and tie

We're left alone in the arctic sea

For they left the loan for you and me

To pay
But they

Do have enough to last an eon
Silently kept in the Caribbean

So true, so true

So mad, so bad

But we don't want back the life we had

Full of lies and numbers high

Enough to keep a country high

On hope of becoming the new Dubai

Where all the women were suit and tie

Suit and tie
Suit and tie we kiss goodbye

Communism lasted long
Nations led by Mr. Wrong

Western brokers, young and brave
Went disco dancing on its grave
But victory got to their head

Big ambitions were overfed

The color of blue contained some red

The Wall Street Wall came down one night

And we were all raped by Mr. Right.

Capitalism fell on its nose

Died from an overdue overdose

Of arrogance and loneliness

And left the world in a state of mess

We were fooled by suit and tie
Suit and tie

Who tricked us, told us: To sell and buy

While speeding across their private skies
Engines fuelled by loans and lies

The boys of Bush and global greed
Left us with a local need

For truth and nothing but the truth

To put inside a confession booth

The Brothers Lehman and all their sons

The neo-cons were just plain cons

In suit and tie

Suit and tie

Trained to loot and taught to lie

Yet we try

To struggle on

A nation betrayed by an evil don

A nation so small you can easily whip

All of it into a cruise line ship

The former captain and his crew

Are still on board but out of view

Sipping on Scotch inside their cabins

And telling jokes like desperate has-beens

Or faking calls
In bathroom stalls

While nervously looking for their balls

We carry on, on a vessel unwell

Steering away from the icebergs of hell
The national body still infected

By the virus we long neglected

Called suit and tie
Suit and tie
Hoping it won't make us die

At the airport a father of three

Spends his last in the Duty Free
"We're going to Norway, to get a life
Wife will study, I'll be her wife
It's sad to leave your fatherland

A bit like parting with your hand
But they took the house, they took the car
Does Stavanger have a strip-tease bar

And the politician on the TV screen

Speaks of ways to cure the spleen

But his words no longer do apply

For he's still wearing suit and tie

Suit and tie

Suit and tie we kiss goodbye

And when you roam the streets of Reykjavik
You spot the signs that made your city sick

Empty houses, vacant office spaces

And way too many fancy meeting places

On the map, nearby the valley parks
The financial district is now shown in quotation marks

And on the streets and freeways, parking lots
There still are lots and lots

Of black and shiny Range Rover jeeps
Luxurious creeps

Once the symbols of all our national vices

Now they are the coffins of the crisis

Driven by people who died a market-death

But were allowed to prolong their final breath

In suit and tie

Suit and tie

They're all still wearing their suit and tie

In Germany they have the Nazi outfits

To remind them of the thing that rhymes with... outfitz

In Iceland we have suit and tie

Suit and tie

Suit and tie

- Hallgrimur Helgason

About Hallgrimur Helgason

Hallgrímur studied at the Art Academy of Iceland, and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich

He has worked independently as an artist and writer since 1982, and has held over twenty solo exhibitions in Iceland, Boston, Paris and Malmö.  His work has also been displayed in over 30 group exhibitions in various countries.

His first novel Hella came out in 1990. His best-known works are 101 Reykjavík, which was made into a popular film of the same name, and Höfundur Íslands, which won the Icelandic Literary Prize in 2001.

Hallgrimur Helgason's web site

Below are just a few of my photograhs of Iceland.  The nature is unspoiled and about as pristine as possible.  - Jeffrey Hunter

Myvatn, northern Iceland volcanic zone,
Jeffrey Hunter

Gain souther Iceland, Jeffrey Hunter

Arctic River Rose - Brynudalsa,
by Jeffrey Hunter

Midnight Sun Hornafjordur, Jeffrey Hunter

Skogarfoss 62 meters tall, Jeffrey Hunter

Hestur - Icelandic pony, Jeffrey Hunter

Hella, Iceland's fertile south, Jeffrey Hunter

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