Friday, March 18, 2011

The Invisible Necktie

The Invisible Man, Not the Invisible Tie
Finding the invisible necktie

Naked Babe Wearing Invisible Tie
Additional searches did prove some success as I was able to find a couple of guys wearing invisible neckties, but after closer inspection I realized that these images were possibly just guys dressing casual, wearing a suite and no tie.

However because the invisible neckties are invisible, it could be that these guys are wearing ties that are just not to be seen. Maybe they have invented the latest rebel fashion accessory. A necktie that is an ordinary as any other ( suitable for pleasing the boss ) but unlike those customary ties these guys have hidden switches that can render their tie invisible. This way during lunch or at the water cooler they can be out of bounds concerning dress codes.   Another unique find was what I call the Un-Tie.  It is a t-shirt with a tie illustrated on it.  What will they think of next?

George Bush Sr. and Jr, and Vladimir
Putin Wearing Invisible Ties - Detente
Hard at Work
I may have to conduct further study of this phenomenon as it is very puzzling indeed. If it were not for my best pal Maximillion I never would have got interested to the point of obsession about the invisible ties. He has difficulty with computers, especially the keyboard, ( he is all thumbs ) and begged me to search the web to find one of the translucent devilish neckties. One thing is certain I will never buy one nor try to sell one. The thought of inventory management is a nightmare. And worse with my luck I’ll tie one of these invisible ties that has an invisible coffee stain on it, and people will think I am an un-kept bum.

So, another silly post - some of my friends say I have too much time on my hands - HARDLY!

The Invisible Necktie Video
Because after I published this blog post I went back for one more look-see and BINGO.   I found it - the Invisible Tie does exist.  It is not a myth, a joke, and certainly not a waste of my time searching high and low for it.  If you don't believe me, see for your self on this You Tube Video, ( look closely at this weatherman's tie )  The Invisible Necktie Video 

The Un-Tie
The Invisible Tie

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