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All Tied Up A Man's Guide To Neckwear



Written By: Grant Harris - Owner & Chief Style Consultant - Image Granted, LLC

The necktie is one of the most important and most versatile accessories a man can wear. Whether dressing up or down there is a tie for every occasion. Here we discuss the history, construction, and variety of the tie.


The Irishman, poet, prisoner, and eccentric dresser; Oscar Wilde; is famously quoted, "A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life". The history of the necktie dates back to 1600's when the Croatians defeated the Turks in battle while wearing silk handkerchiefs around their necks. The French King Louis XIV adopted the style for his royal regiment and the adornment eventually adopted the English when it became standard for men to wear some type of cloth around his neck. Over the years the necktie has evolved it its modern day form.

Attaching the Self Loop
Men's Flair

Originally all neckwear was cut from silk. A quality handmade necktie will be cut "on the bias" or against the grain of the fabric which gives the tie its three dimensional shape. The three main parts of the tie are the front or blade where the tie ends in a point; the neck where the tie is knotted; and the tail which is the smaller of the two sides. Most ties will have an additional piece of fabric sewn across the tail with its label. Tailors call this the "self loop" which holds the tail in place behind the blade. Try the Tiedown for another option to keep your tie in place.
Seven Fold Tie

The quality and price of tie is determined by the number of folds in the fabric. The average tie is folded on itself three times. The infamous seven fold tie is folded on itself seven times before it is fully constructed. This technique improves the "hand" or the feel of the tie when held. The more the folds the more easily the tie will hold a knot and its shape over time. On the tail of the blade there is small "slip stitch" joining the two folds of fabric. Upon folding back these two pieces of fabric there will be a long loop of thread. The purpose of this thread is to allow the tie fabric to move with the wearer according to each knot tied over time and return to its original shape.

On the reverse side of the bottom of the blade one will find the stitching of the lining. This process called "tipping" can be done in the same color and pattern as the front of the blade or in a different color and fabric. A quality handmade tie with the proper maintenance will afford the gentleman several years of enjoyable wear.


Neckwear can be had in several varieties of fabrics, colors, knits, prints, widths and shapes. Look for these options.


These are the most commonly found fabrics of neckties:
1. Silk - Most widely used and accepted
2. Wool - Best option for fall and winter ensembles
3. Cashmere - Most luxurious and exspensive option
4. Cotton - Least exspensive and most versatile fabric
5. Linen - Light and durable. Best worn during summer months


Ties can be found in any and all colors in the color wheel but to build a foundation a gentleman only needs the following:

1. Blue - Standard for business professionals
2. Black - Standard for formal events
3. Brown - Good option for country and/or weekend wear
4. Red - Wear this color to make a bold statement
5. Yellow and/or green - Wear during warm months as a playful option

Knit or Print

A knit tie is woven from a fabric such as silk or cashmere and has the design or graphic sewn into it. A printed tie has the design or graphic printed on the fabric itself and is not sewn in. A gentleman should have both in his wardrobe.

Silk Woven Knit Tie

Silk Printed Tie
Length, Width, and Shapes

Most ties come in length up to 58 inches, but extra long ties are available for men who are above average height. Tie width seems to change from generation to generation. From wide in the 70's, to skinny in the 80's, to standard in the 90's. Today ties have seen a migration back to the slim variety among younger professionals. However, the standard width accepted in most environments is 3 and 1/4 inches at its widest point. Most skinny ties will measure 2 and 1/2 inches at the widest point. Most ties worn in a professional environment will end with a pointed blade. However, many ties end a flat bottom. This is seen mostly on silk knit ties and is reserved for a casual environment.

Whether blue collar or professional, the necktie is an indispensible piece of any man's wardrobe and should be chosen with care, tied with dignity, and worn with ease (even when you don't have to). Stay tuned for our next segment on neckties where will discuss which knots to wear and how to wear them.

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Written By:
Grant Harris
Owner & Chief Style Consultant
Image Granted, LLC

"Dressing Men for the Life They Want"

Grant Harris, MBA
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How A Man Should Think About Dressing

Daniel Craig 007 named Britains best dressed man
Dressing Well: A Simple Guys Dos and Don'ts

I found this great article on Googles Knol - A Knowledge Base about how a man should think about dressing. Being fashion conscience is for men too! - Jeffrey Hunter

Posted by Anonymous

Being fashionable is not only for females. A solid know how of style is something that guys ought not easily ignore. Having an excellent style understanding will definitely be advantageous a man eventually.

Fashion is not only for women. A sound understanding of style is something that men should not easily brushed aside. Having an excellent fashion understanding will definitely reward a man more than once in his lifetime. Moreover, it will award him an edge over other guys. In fact, knowing even the basics of men's style is already a man's weapon as he can use it immediately for his advantage.

Though fashion trends is always changing, a guy must observe dress etiquette's - not only what looks pleasing on you, but also what is good for the occasion. Fashion rules is useful in many parts of a guy's life. Whenever you need to dress up for an occasion, be it an interview or a date, you'll find a good fashion knowledge very useful. Also, if you're the more you practice sound dress etiquette, it's less likely you'll commit fashion inappropriateness.

Sometimes go conventional is the way it goes, where moving away from the norm is not the best way to go. Getting under dressed or overdressed for an occasion is not good either, so be observant especially if a specific dress code is required. It does not matter what signature brands you are wearing, it seldom is sufficient to make up for this major error. Anyway, nobody will bother to check out what brand you're wearing, if you are dressing inappropriately in the first place.

There are broad rules in fashion that you should observe. Understand what is appropriate, and what is standard. Various events in life may require various dress codes also.

For illustration, formal occasions require formal attire. For example are weddings, balls, dances, dinners, formal parties, etc. White tie events are the most formal. It is a must to adhere to the dress code required to avoid fashion disasters. For black tie events, which are very frequent, men's formal attire is made up of a black tuxedo with trousers, white dress shirt with tuxedo front, black bow tie, cummerbund, black socks and black, glossy, leather shoes. Black tie occasions may have changes occasionally, hedging on the dress code stated. For instance, you can wear colored shirts instead of white.

The trustworthy dark colored suit with tie is the standard for professional attire that you wear to the official or business events. For this one, there is more flexibility to choose whats appropriate - like the color you would put on today or which tie will go with that shirt. You can put on multiple color for your shirt and there are various designs of neck ties too. There are solid colored ties, and patterned ties. You can also test out various colors and dominant designs.

Finally, casual wear normally includes shirts, Bermudas, and jeans. It is noteworthy that your select typically hinges on where you're going. Are you going for a stroll in the mall, or night-out, or on a big game? You can also wear hats or caps, but knowing when to remove them is equally important. For instance, when going into a mall or establishment. It's proper etiquette to remove your head gear when indoors. Finally for foot wear, there are an assortment types of casual shoes to select from. A nice fine leather jacket also adds an edge to the laid back attire. A basic yet sharp Italian leather wallet is also perfect for all night outs. You can also wear flip flops in some occasions.

Read more on Google KNOLL A Knowledge Base Dressing Well A Simple Guys Dos And Don´ts
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Wooden Hangers That Make a Difference

The Rolls Royce Of Clothes Hangers - Kirby Allison's Hanger Project

If you like your clothes - especially your dress shirts, and suits then you'll like this article. Everyone that I know hates those clumsy metal clothe hangers. Not only do they get all tangled up, the do not conform to the nature shape of a mans shoulders so the shirts that hang on them are not hanging with any correct shape. Additionally the sharp and acute way the fabric of the shirt or God forbide, a suit drapes a metal hanger actually ruins shirts and will create stress and wear on the fabric. This damage caused by metal hangers is actually called dimpling and the result will be collapsed shoulders.

The plastic hanger came along about 20 years ago as a solution to the horrible metal clothes hanger but even those cause un-natural stress and wear similar to the metal hangers and as well compromise garment integrity. It is not just shirts but slacks also are ruined by plastic and metal hangers as un-natural fabric stress causes damage like trouser creasing. They do not get all tangles up like those but they have no alternative uses like using them to break into your car if you lock the keys in it or other household uses that were never meant for a clothes hanger.   wooden clothes hangers at

Now the really great way to treat your dress shirts is to hang them on wooden clothes hangers that are shaped like a mans shoulders and actually keep the shirt's form correct. Not un-natural stress is created on the fabric and if the shirts are hung correctly and not amongst too many that cause crowding a wrinkle free shirt can be selected and work without any ironing. The solution is wooden hangers that are crafted with thorough collaboration with clothing - apparel experts, tailors and fashion designers. These luxury clothes hangers are designed to protect and extend the life of your wardrobe by providing superior support and a customized fit. The wooden hangers that we are talking about are constructed from USA Maple Wood. They are none other than the luxury wooden clothes hanger made by Kirby Allison's Hanger Project and you can find them right here Wooden Clothes Hangers That Make A Difference

A really great article with alot of information
More info here on Knol a Unit of Knowledge

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Solar Powered Ties?

While I am on the subject of stuff made from ties or stuff that is made into ties or what ever - here goes another one.

What well they think of next?   I am afraid to even ask that question.  Here is the lateast nektie invention or the modern man.

Researchers at Iowa State University have found that photovoltaic thin film has advanced to the point where it is durable and efficient enough to be incorporated into clothing. Following these advances, they have decided to craft the photovoltaic material into a snazzy solar powerneck necktie, along with several other solar-powered garments. Talk about the ‘power suit’!

Read more: SOLAR POWER NECKTIE | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World

Click here for Solar Powered Neckties  Iowa State Photovoltaic Clothing

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Don't Like Neckties - Then You May Like This

Maybe you hate neckties, then you may love walking on them.  Or maybe you just like cool stuff that is different and colorful.

Check out these cool rugs that are made from neckties, click here Recycled Necktie Rugs

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Sexy Underwear Made From Neckties

Well someone had to think of is one sooner or later.  I have actually been conducting my own personal research on this matter, but that is for another post, another time.  

Check out this wild and creative use of neckties. 

Sexy Underwear From Neckties

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Iron Man Neckties - Truly A Tie Made of Metal

Metal Neckties - I saw something like this out of Germany about 10 years ago.  I liked those and I like these.  Check them out and some other cool ties at the link below for Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter Metal Neckties

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All This Guy Needs Is A Tie

What Guy?  Just Watch It - You'll See

Happy halloween - nothing to with neckties but it is worth watching - I found it on Face Book by listed by

Binny Rutherford- check his page out and his funny videos Binnys Stuff

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What Does Your Necktie Say About You?

Superman Collector Necktie
A Necktie Is The Perfect Accessory To Show Your Personality. 

Are you conservative or liberal?  Do you love art work, sports - are you fun to be with or are you too serious and boring?   

Neckties play an effective role in a man's wardrobe. Whether it be to identify a cause, occupation, a group or just to wear great art. Ties are great conversation starters and give a person a sense of self.

"Tell a man you like his necktie and you will see his personality unfold like a flower." - Countess Mara, 1950. 

Hot Rod Flame Tie
The trend today in neckwear is more than a logo on a tie it's about individuality and style. From the latest trend to the conservative, a necktie says something about your style and reflects values.

The most popular colors have been traditional colors. Close to two thirds of all ties sold are either in the red or burgundy color wave.

Do You Collect Neckties? 
Some men have collected marbles, baseball cards or action figures as a boy growing up and even neckties later on. During the 1940s there were many famous necktie collectors. The owner of the New York Stork Club, Sherman Billingsley had a collection of three thousand ties.

Men started necktie swapping clubs in the 1940s. A man could take his ten worst neckties to the club and exchange them for another man's ten worst neckties. Hard to say if any of the men went home with a better selection of neckties but they did have fun.

Patriotic Neckties
Necktie swapping became extremely popular as a means of passing on unwanted neckwear. Men would stop each other in the middle of busy city streets to swap their necktie. Some of this swapping was done with perfect strangers.
read more about what a necktie says about you by LaniAnn - tie art at

After 9-11 American men proudly wore American Flag neckties, exclaiming their patriotism with a fashion statement that was unmistakable.  There was no question what the patriotic tie was saying about the man wearing it. 

Patriotic Ties at Nice Tie Store

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Boys Are Not Alone Wearing Neckties

This Playboy model sure looks snazzy wearing a necktie.

Crista Flanagan, the voluptuous switchboard operator of AMC's "Mad Men," is making the most of her TV persona with a new retro pictorial in the August issue of Playboy, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Monday.

On the cover Playboy Magazine she is featured in nothing but panties and a necktie. Inside the magazine,
the 34-year-old actress reportedly told Playboy that she was “trying to capture an era" with the pictures.
"I really did feel like I was re-creating something and that I was bringing to life these women who already posed for Playboy in the '60s.”

Crista Flanagan in Wikipedia

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The Beatles Rock and Roll Ties

The Beatles
The Beatles - The Fab Four

The Beatles Licensed Neckties Are True Collector Items

The "Fab Four" was the greatest pop music act ever.  It is no wonder that Beatles neckties are collector items. They started what would be known as the "British Invasion" not only all music to this day still but as well influenced fashion, hair styles and the way young people thought about the world. Beatles ties are cool.

In 1960 four young men in Liverpool England formed a rock and roll band that swept the world with what would be called "Beatle Mania" and changed the way young people everywhere and would alter music forever. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ring Starr became the most successful acts in the history of pop music. Originally their 50s style rock and roll created a sensation that would never be duplicated and later their pop ballads, intense rock with their songs eventually becoming quite sophisticated.

In 1962 the first big hit in the United Kingdom was "Love Me Do," with the band crossing the Atlantic the following year to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. They became the first rock group to be highlighted in full length feature films with a Hard Day’s Night first,  The Beatles Help, Magical Mystery Tour, The Yellow Submarine, and Let It Be. That adaption of music in film became the driving force of today's music videos. In 1970 the band broke up after a decade of making music together.

The Fab Four - The Beatles
Beatles neckties illustrating song themes were made
in the early 90s by the Manhattan Men's Group. Ralph Marlin also created wonderful novelty theme music Beatles ties with photo quality images and neckties illustrating the Yellow Submarine and other album themes both on silk and poly which were sold until 2002 when they were discontinued. The Beatles neckties are collector items now and soon they will not be available any longer. So if you are a Beatles fan or you know someone who is then you may want to check out a Beatles tie on our web site. Rock and Roll Beatles neckties

The Beatles Films

Wikipedia The Beatles

The Beatles

British Beatles Fan Club

The Beatles Fan Club

Beatles Portraits and Signatures Tie

The Beatles Anthology Album Cover Tie
Beatles Revolver Silk Necktie
The Beatles Revolver Necktie

The Beatles Sargent Peppers Album Necktie

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Beer Neckties For Bartenders and Men Who Love Beer

Beer ties are fun to wear.

If you drink beer or you´re a bartender who wears neckties then these ties will hit the spot. Bankers, lawyers, school teachers may not get away with wearing a beer tie so easily. However, a waiter or food server, a barmaid, or just a regular guy can wear a beer tie.

So now you know how special you are; beer neckties are made just for you because you love beer. Go ahead make your banker or that lawyer across the bar jealous with envy. Having such fun wearing neckties is not for everyone, just for the proud and brave guys who love beer.

check out our food and restaurant neckties. Food Theme Neckties

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Aliens In UFO Over New York City Wearing Ties

Authorities have no answers about the mysterious object floating over Manhattan.

Naturally any alien visiting New York City would not forget to wear his neckties.  Save a slice of pizza on the street or junk fast food it will not be easy to get a bite to eat in the city.  Dinning in the Big Apple requires a certain fashion attire and for men and aliens that mean wearing neckties.  You may want to check out our recent blogs that concern our own theories here about neckties and aliens in UFOs right here.

Winston Churchill and a Secrete Alien Cover-up

An Alien Wearing A Tie Endorsing President Obama

Alien Neckties and UFOs

So what happened in New York City on Oct 13th 2010. 

No one claims anything like weather balloons or anyother of the usual government explanations.   Upon spotting the object, thousands of residents called the Federal Aviation Administration and the different police departments. The object was caught on a picture, which you can see above. The object appeared on the sky at around 1:30 pm and according to witnesses it hovered for several minutes.

According to the FAA radar, there wasn’t anything on the sky at that time. The mystery continues. Do you you have any more info about this NYC UFO.

From the Huffington Post
New York City UFO Sighting? Mystery Object Provokes Rash Of Internet Speculation [UPDATED]

New Yorkers are certainly a savvy bunch, which is why it's surprising that there is a lot of chatter on Twitter right now about an alleged UFO sighting in the city. While there's been no documentation, it hasn't stopped thousands of twitterers from postulating. This website claims all the hooplah is in reference to a retired NORAD general predicting a UFO visit on October 13, 2010.

"It's been hovering there for a while. I'm just kind of baffled," said Joseph Torres, 49, of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, who spotted the object after leaving a movie. "How can it be ordinary? There is something going on."

Despite clear skies, it was not easy to make out the tiny object shimmering overhead..

The Federal Aviation Administration said it received several calls to its operations center but after reviewing radar data, the agency could not find anything out of the ordinary.. "Nothing that we can account for would prompt this kind of response," he said.

read more and view the hottest video New York UFO Sighting

George Stephanopolis claims on ABC News Report on a close encounter in New York City that retired Air Force Officer Stanley A. Fulham released the third edition of his 352-page book, Challenges of Change, which suggests that on October 13 there will be "a massive UFO display over the world's principal cities."

UFO Sightings Stop New York City - ABC News Video

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A Very Interesting Little Known Fact About Ties

Neckties date to medieval days when a knight would become quite romantic 

Neckties are truly a measure of dressing for style and possible for love too.  I found this interesting piece searching the New York Times for articles about neckties.   Apparently there is some truth to love, ties and knights, after all aren't all men knights at heart - Jeffrey Hunter


Who invented men's neckties, and why? - Jerry, Commerce City. 
Neckties date to medieval days when a knight errant would wear a token of affection from his lady fair - usually a scarf around his neck, says Leonard Brodsky, spokesman for the National Neckwear Association in Brooklyn, N.Y. ``From there, it just evolved,'' he said. Neckties in their current incarnation, or at least recognizable as such, have been around since the late 1800's, he said.

Check out my blog post from a week ago, Venus the Goddess of Love by Botticelli if you have any doubts about love and ties click here to view Venus the Goddess of Love necktie

A previous post you will want to read is right here Venus the Goddess of Love by Sandro Botticelli

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Some Far Out Novelty Anime Neckties From Japan

   Great neckties. 
Whoever says that wearing a novelty tie is not cool is no fun to kick back with.  And that guy probably is too stiff to run with some hot babes I know, that is for sure.  Surely that guy has never seen the Ralph Marlin classics, Silver Surfer and the Wolverine - both in silk and both actual collector items.  I have both and could never part with either.  I make a living selling novelty neckties at and write articles on line for e-zines and my blog

Here is the New York Times mention of this trend in neckties

Novelty neckties are one of those things that are great in concept but terrible in reality. No self-respecting person could bring himself to wear a piano keyboard tie or something along those lines. I had a hard enough time convincing my dad to wear a very subtle novelty tie, one with a very tiny, practically invisible elephant motif.

Thus, these K-On! "rockties", like the Mio bowl or countless other moeblob goods, simply exist. I suppose you could hang them on your dorm doorknob to signal that you've a girl in your room.

Check out photos of the ties in the gallery, reserve yours for a modest 1900 yen at Hobby Search, or watch the video above and curse the goods-making gods for not having a castanet-themed version.

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Taking One Giant Step Toward Seriousness With Neckties

I found this post rather interesting.  It is dated but it is timeless in meaning and it makes a great point regarding dress codes and ties - Jeffrey Hunter

Published: November 16, 1990

To the Editor:

In "The Ties That Bind" (column, Oct. 25) William Safire commends Frank Mickens, principal of Boys and Girls High School in Brooklyn, who wants to require his male students to wear neckties (news story, Oct. 19).

During my 10 years as music chairman at Boys High School (later merged with Girls High School to form the present amalgam), I often wondered what would happen if, by some wand of magic, the 3,000 boys would, just for one day, suddenly acquire notebooks and attend classes instead of loitering in the hallways and fighting in the lunchroom. Fat chance! Sadly, my fantasy was never fulfilled. Very few of the boys ever bothered to attend classes or even complete the basic academic curriculum. Perhaps neckties and a dress code might then have served as the alchemy for my magical wish.

Today, I fail to understand why there is such a fuss over a dress code for students. Any observer who has ever visited a high school knows that performing groups and gym classes (Frank Mickens was a gym teacher during my tenure at Boys High) have mandated dress for these students. Boys High School, even then, was no exception.

Manifestly, neckties do, indeed, evoke lots of noise from various missionaries. But the latent issue in this urban school is that of education. In this setting the schoolhouse must be operated and viewed as a special place if it is to be successful. Therefore, appropriate dress indicates demonstratively that those who attend this place have acquired the requisite mind-set for effective building of character. Moreover, positive attitudes and seriousness of purpose regarding education and the business of life become cherished ideals. The side effect here is the enhancement of self-esteem. Furthermore, children in urban schools, especially adolescents, constantly demand of parents and those in loco parentis that they set limits. Neckties, as a minor cog, serve as a beginning in respect of pupils demands.

I am well aware of these demands of students because I served for 14 years as principal of a difficult but highly successful New York City public school. In 1978, I mandated a dress code for pupils and teachers. The pupils and parents welcomed it; the teachers didn't. The issue went to arbitration, and I was overruled. This case dealt with teachers' dress codes in New York City. However, after this decision the school's teachers established their own dress code and became models for pupils.

I submit: The dress code works wonders; the underlying concern is the setting of boundaries for effective education of urban children. Kudos is due Frank Mickens, and blessed be the ties. WILLIAM D. WHEELER Bronx, Oct. 26, 1990

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A Rough Year For Neckties - Maybe, Maybe Not er Knot

As reported in the L.A. Times - I think that maybe its a good thing thjat not too many men wear ties.  That would mean that the guys who do ear ties will have a clear advantage when it comes to metting beatiful women and in other interactions like comanding repect.  Jeffrey Hunter

Neckwear industry in knots as ties' popularity wanes

March 3, 2010
By Sandra M. Jones

Even though more out-of-work executives are on the interview circuit, neckties still can't muster a comeback. As the unemployment rate climbed to 10% last year, tie industry executives pinned their hopes on men buying ties to dress up their old suits. But that didn't happen. Instead, suit sales in the U.S. rebounded to end 2009 virtually unchanged from a year earlier, a marked improvement after years of decline. Ties, on the other hand, had their worst year since the dawn of casual Fridays relegated neckwear to the back of the closet.

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What Men Wear Is Important To Women, Neckties of Course


Fashion faux pas that make men 'undateable'

February 14, 2010

By Adam Tschorn, Los Angeles Times

Unhappily unattached men folk of America, that soul patch beneath your lower lip may be discouraging a potential soul mate from sticking around through the salad course of your first date. And the stakes are as high as the waist on those dad jeans. That's right; while we've been taught not to judge a book by its cover, experts say that when it comes to calibrating long-term compatibility, the reality is that what men wear is the first — and often most crucial — criteria that women use to judge.

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Murder Is A Bit Extreme For A Necktie



Man denies killing, burying wife

December 28, 2007

By Tiffany Hsu, Times Staff Writer

A Rowland Heights man accused of killing his wife and burying her in his backyard in 2005 pleaded not guilty to murder Thursday after being apprehended last month in Indonesia, authorities said. Police allege that David Lam, 55, strangled his wife, Susan, 51, with a necktie after the couple argued about his gambling debt and that he then fled the country. Lam was arraigned in West Covina and is being held at the Twin Towers jail in downtown Los Angeles in lieu of $1 million bail.

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L.A. Times Magazine - Neckties are KNOT OUT

They're Not in Knots Over Wearing a Necktie

May 6, 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed J.R. Moehringer's eulogy to the necktie, but I think it is rather premature ("I Think Knot," Men's Fashion, April 15). My husband, an attorney, wears a necktie with a double Windsor knot to work every day. The company I work for requires men to wear neckties. They're the only article of clothing that gives a man's attire some pizazz. I can understand that they are uncomfortable, but then men should try wearing high-heeled shoes. Chris Jacobovitz Burbank I can remember when a man wouldn't be allowed into a nice restaurant unless he was wearing a jacket and tie. If he showed up improperly attired, the restaurant would offer to lend him a jacket and tie, which he would wear while in the restaurant and then return when he left.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Lucky Dice Gambling Necktie

Lucky Dice Tie
Dice gambling neckties lucky, maybe ?

This Dice tie may bring you luck however it comes without warranty, guarantee or any other expressed, or written promise regarding the ability of this necktie becoming a magical gambling accessory.  It is only a one of the gambling neckties that we offer, no more, no less.  However, the chance winning at anything is actually part due to having a positive state of mind.

There is a bit of skill and know how that can make the out-come shooting dice manageable if not precise.  I have a friend who loves Craps and swears by his skill.  I have seen him in action and I can tell you that he is on fire usually when he handles Dice.  At least one casino retired their Craps Tables due to his luck with rolling dice.
From a site called Craps Hero and I quote the first paragraph, "Dice Setting and Casino Craps  "dice control" or "dice setting" is an advantage play technique used in craps to set and throw the dice in such a way as to make the dice more likely to land on certain numbers. Skeptics assert that controlling the dice in this way is practically impossible, but notable gambling experts like Michael Shackleford and Stanford Wong seem to give some credence to the notion that this might be possible. If so, then dice and craps could be elevated to a game of skill like darts or pool.  Read more

How about understanding how to achieve Hot Rolls consistently on casino gambling - craps and dice

Here is another site that encourages positive thinking and praying to the Gods, and when rolling the dice follow through with a fluid motion as if you are wielding a weaponHow to make Dice Roll High Numbers 

Learn the game of Craps
Craps is one of the most popular ways to gamble in the world. People shoot craps in casinos and back alleys alike because it is easy to learn and, at its core, requires only two dice and players. Although house rules may vary slightly, once you learn to shoot craps you can play anywhere in the world. Read on to learn how to shoot craps.    Read more: How to Shoot Craps

Now as far as gambling here are two examples of why I do not gamble or at least why I gamble the way I do.

The first example:  When I was twenty years old or so a friend of mine encouraged me to go with him to Gulf Stream Race Track in Hallandale Florida on one of those cold winter days, it was about 45 degrees. He was really excited about a horse that he said was a "shoo-in".  He had a tip a together we had about $30.00 total to wager on this horse.  We arrived with just seconds to spare and my buddy ran to the window to place our bet.  Excited, to say the least he came running back, declaring that we were golden.  He showed me the ticket and all of a sudden his face went from smiling to almost crying.   "It's the wrong horse," he could barely speak. "Well that is just great,"  I thought to myself as we walked up the ramp to the viewing area.  The race was just beginning and as usual the spectators were standing and yelling "Come on Swifty Pay Day" and so on.

As the horses rounded the last turn our bet was in second place to last which is exactly where he or she finished.  The horse that we were supposed to bet on came in last; that figured out just fine.  I never went to another horse race.

The second example:  I used to go religiously to every men´s fashion show in Las Vegas, The Magic Show held twice a year.  Now if you have ever been to Las Vegas you can understand the temptation to gamble as from the time you get off the plane until you leave you are surrounded with sights and sounds of slot machines etc.  I have never in my life have had a problem with gambling so I just do not get that crazy feeling to risk money on the chance of winning more.   Now that does not mean that I never gambled, yes I did gamble but in my fashion - much unlike others that visit Las Vegas.

After the day of looking and searching for neckties at the fashion convention, I would visit the Holiday Inn on Las Vegas Blvd. for my gambling fun and dinner.  Walking past all of the tempting slot machines, crap tables, black jack or poker gambling tables I would go straight to the roulette wheel.  I would always have two five dollars bills in my pocket as I had a plan that was bullet proof, almost.  Since there was a 49% chance of winning if a bet was placed on red or black.   I would chose one or the other and place my five dollar bet with the chance of getting ten dollars back.

If I would be successful and the winning of ten dollars was the outcome then I would put my five dollars back in my pocket and then run up the escalator just to the side of the roulette wheel and buy the five dollar all you can eat buffet.  That would mean that I was dinning for free and all you can eat no less.  If I lost my bet then I would run up the escalator and buy the five dollar all you can eat buffet with my remaining five dollar bill that was safely stored in my pocket.  Since this was my five dollars and not the Holiday Inn's five dollars then I would just stuff myself a lot more. This way I would still be a winner just in case I could not win a small wager with a 48% return of success.

Dice have been around for over 5000 years, first being used for Backgammon in Asia.  Read more about the fascinating history about Dice at The history and other interesting facts about dice at the free encyclopedia on line

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Dice Necktie

Gambling Tie

For a guy getting married in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or anywhere a Dice Necktie to match  the brides garter would not be a bad idea. 

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Gallant Knight and His Venus the Goddess of Love Necktie

A gallant knight wears a Venus tie
Venus the “Goddess of Love” by Sandro Botticelli 

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2000

A Gallant Knight and his Venus de Milo Necktie

Venus the “Goddess of Love” - the Roman likeness to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite; she influences love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, and desire.  Romance and the alluring chase after it does have its odd effects on a man; causing some to act irrationally with uncontrollable emotion.  The cliche "Mad In Love" is not without foundation.

Often a man in love will dress in unusual attire.  Regarding the contemporary man; he may dress in extravagant and flashy neckties the result of the great and often wild adventure of falling in love. In modern times, wearing neckties are the only real way for a gentleman to truly express himself artistically, through fashion.  When a man loses his sanity becoming "mad" infatuated with the desire of a woman, behaving so cavalier he has surely become the captive of Venus the Goddess of Love.

Venus has had such wonderful effects on men falling in love and surrendering to passion though out history. The painting of the spellbinding goddess was created by a Florentine artist Sandro Botticelli more than 500 years ago.  Could he have ever imagined that a fearless knight (illustrated above) would wear a romantic necktie illustrating his painting of Venus?  I don’t think even the knight could have imagined wearing the tie either.

Venus the Goddess of Love necktie
Venus the Goddess of Love necktie
Excerpt from Wikipedia: In myth, Venus-Aphrodite was born of sea-foam. Roman theology presents Venus as the yielding, watery female principle, essential to the generation and balance of life. She can give military victory, sexual success, good fortune, and prosperity. In one context, she is a goddess of prostitutes; in another, she turns the hearts of men and women from sexual vice to virtue. read more Venus (mythology) at Wikipedia

Botticelli's "Birth of Venus' and 'Primavera' are two amazing works of art that have an unbelievable power to move you, and transport you to another time - another place. They are dreamy visions of ethereal beauty. The Birth of Venus was created in the 15th Century (in Italy: Nascita di Venere). It depicts the Goddess Venus, having emerged from the sea as an adult woman, arriving at the sea-shore (which is related to the Venus Anadyomene motif). The painting hangs in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence where hundreds of millions of people have appreciated the sensation of Botticelli's masterpiece and realized the nature of her spell of love.

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Venus - Primavera by Sandro Botticelli
Venus - Primavera by Sandro Botticelli

For Plato and for the members of the Florentine Platonic Academy – Venus had two aspects: she was an earthly goddess who aroused humans to physical love or she was a heavenly goddess who inspired intellectual love in them. Plato further argued that contemplation of physical beauty allowed the mind to better understand spiritual beauty. Read further here The Birth of Venus (Botticelli)

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Leaning Tower of Pisa Wears a Big Necktie

The World´s Biggest Tie

In 1986 from an idea from Umberto Sala, founder of Tecra s.a.s. and, T.C.S. s.r.l., was made the tie that the Guinness World Records tm. in 1987 certifies to be the biggest tie in the world. This tie is a traditional tie overstated 30 times the normal size.

The tie was worn by the leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy on January 6th 1987. The necktie length is 43,90 meters, width at the wide blade is 2,70 meters and at the narrow blade 1,20 meters

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Croatia Tied the World's Biggest Tie

Dubrovnik - Croatia tied the world's biggest tie after placing red thread round its 4,000 kilometers (2,480 miles) of borders to promote the country's cultural heritage and identity.

The "Tie Around Croatia" project, launched two months ago in the southern Adriatic town of Dubrovnik, concluded with a ceremonial tying of "the smallest knot of the biggest tie" in front of the church of St. Blaise, Dubrovnik's patron saint, in the center of the medieval town.

The main idea of the artistic installation was to link all Croatia's diverse regions into a symbolic whole, the Academia Cravatica, a non-governmental organisation behind the project. The word "Croata" can be found in many languages as the root of words meaning tie or cravat, so called because they were worn by Croats in the French army during the Thirty Years War in the 17th century.

A team of four mountaineers and three journalists installed the red thread along the country's borders over the past 60 days. In 2003 the Academia dressed up an ancient Roman amphitheater in the northern Adriatic town of Pula with an 800-meter (2,640-foot) red tie, breaking the then world record.

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The World´s Largest Necktie

October 18th, 2003.  Pula, Istria, Croatia

Yep, this is it - The World's Biggest Tie.  And the neck is a 2000 year-old Roman amphiteatre in Pula, Istria, Croatia.

It took just 9015 sq. meters of fabric, 120 kilometers of thread and 300 hours of work to make the world's largest neck-tie.  When it was finished it was 808 meters long, 25 meters wide and it weighed 450,75 kilograms.  An artificial owl was used to scare off the seagulls and prevent them from crapping all over the thing.  After all, Croats invented the neck-tie back in the 17th century.

I just love those creative Europeans, they really have such a great culture and no matter what they are the meaning of being creative.  It must be their resilience.

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