Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Guy Has Style

The Sartorialist

Selected as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 design influencers.

This man knows how to get attention.  He has a pin striped shirt and a rep striped necktie, nice suit and nice shoes.  Not to mention his pink socks.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

A New Post on our Blog Too Sexie Ties

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Sexiest Necktie Fashion Show ever

Neckties were never more sexy than these. To view a feed of this sexy necktie fashion show on YouTube click here

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Mr Silver - Trending A Monochromatic Fashion Statement

The Silver Man Sporting a  Silver Necktie
The Silver Man Sporting a  Silver Necktie
original photography by Jeffrey Hunter copyright 2000

This one reminds me of the beauty covered in gold paint in the 60's James Bond 007 Goldfinger.  If you are interested in the true story about this guy and why I took this photograph read the funny story below.

This is a fashion statement for the solid color tie worth more than a million dollars. It was not long ago that the Regis Philbin on his Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Show caused a necktie sensation that had men and women in a “twighlight zone like” trance over the stealthy monochromatic fashion statement. A fashion trend at least, this necktie style proved that not only rappers, and basketball players set trends.

For a living as a robotic mime, Mr. Silver takes the monochromatic look quite seriously wearing a solid silk silver necktie and them some. It takes over an hour to do the makeup; lucky for him it comes off faster. Yes, you guessed it - he has to shower to remove the silver coating he meticulously covers about 50% of his body with. However he first must drive home to Los Angeles where he lives, about a 45 minute drive from the Irvine Spectrum Center where his performance has captivated many.

If you are driving the I-5 Freeway in southern California you may be lucky to see his show and his fashionable costume for yourself. You cannot miss the place, its’ where the 405 and 5 Interstate Freeways merge. The Spectrum, Orange County’s number one hot spot with night clubs, restaurants, a giant 21 screen Edwards Theater with an Imax, a Nordstrom's, hundreds of retailers, and three coffee houses and the best novelty tie cart - kiosk in the world, At least until July of 2001 the famous Too Sexie Tie Kiosk was there, a specialty retail venue that I had operated for almost 4 years at that mall.

On weekends something very special is center stage in the court yard in front of Edwards four stadium seat theaters. On Friday and Saturday in the evening the Mr. Silver show will have hundreds of on lookers spell-bound as the robotic Terminator looking actor goes through his “out of this world” routine.

You can only imagine what a California Highway Patrol Officer thought one late night when he stopped Mr. Silver on the 405 freeway on his way home for excessive speed. “Silver” at least that is what I called him ( I have always loved the Silver Surfer ), did not get the speeding ticket but was detained until several other officers could come by for a look. Back at the station and at breakfast tables the following morning those cops had a much different story to tell then the usual villain or freeway chase tale. “Honey I met E.T. last night and he was wearing a silver tie.”

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