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Where Do Silk Ties Come From?

Silk Worms Plus Silk Looms Equals Silk Ties

“It takes about 125 silkworms to produce one necktie.  About one mile of silk is created by each cocoon, so that means the average silk tie requires approximately 660,000 feet of silk!” - further math below.

Approximation by Dr. Sue – Entomologist ( the bug lady of Tustin, CA.  Traveling Insect Arthropod Zoo Metamorphosis Ent. )

It is hard to believe that such an ugly thing like the silkworm could produce something as beautiful as silk neckties.  However, it has often been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as certainly the silkworm’s eye is for each other.  Its proper name the mulberry silkworm is given due to the mulberry tree that the silkworm lives in.  Throughout the world a half a billion neckties are worn by men every day which keeps these worms quite busy indeed.  More than 1.4 billion dollars is spent every year purchasing a hundred million ties.  It all starts with lots of silk worms and their cocoons.

The Silk Roads
The origin of silk being used to create fabric began in China where silk has been used for clothing for about 4800 years. Originally silk was reserved only for noblemen to be used for gift giving but soon spread throughout Chinese culture. Social class was signified by the hues of silk worn during the Tang Dynasty making the use of silk as apparel political. In the 28th Century BC the writings of Confucius, and legend tell the story of a silkworm's cocoon falling into Empress Hsi-Ling-Shih, Lei-Tzu’s cup of tea. The cocoon became un-raveled into strands of silk in her cup as she tried to remove it; intrigued she thought to weave the strands into thread. With the Emperor’s interest, she studied the silkworm, therefore learning the art of raising silkworms, known as sericulture. Educating her court about the silkworms, she therefore created the beginning of silk manufacturing and trade.  

Despite the attempts by the Emperors of China to keep the art of sericulture secrete from the world providing China with a monopoly, the production of silk spread geographically. Korea started producing silk fabrics in 100 BC and in 300 AD India was, as well producing silk fabrics. It was not until 550 AD, that the secrete of manufacturing of silk would reach Europe.

“We are all Adam’s Children, but silk makes the difference,”

-Thomas Fuller , from Gnologia (scholar and preacher, 1608-1661.  To think - polyester had not been invented yet.

Silk Loom
The demand for silk between China created broad trade between Asia, Europe, Persia, and North Africa making it an expensive commodity, certainly a luxury item for the affluent. Trade of silk became so extensive that the routes used by merchants were called the silk roads. Silk fabric became so a valuable a commodity, the Romans traded for its weight in gold. It was not long before silk became a favored fabric for clothing for both men and women thanks to its durability texture and luster. Scarves, shirts, gowns, bed sheets, lingerie, and other garments were produced with silk and for the last 300 years - fine silk neckties, of course.

In the 17th Century, the Croatians are recognized for creating the first neck tie cloth, a distinctive part of a uniform worn by the Croatian mercenary soldiers that fought during the 30 year religious wars in Europe. King Loui the XIV fancied the fashionable Croatian accessory giving his approval to the neck cloth which evolved into modern day neckties. However, it should be noted that China's first emperor, Shih Huang Ti, was buried in 210 B.C. with icons of what surely is neckties. The recent archaeological find in 1972 near the ancient capital city of Xian unearthed the 7500 Terracotta Warriors. Replicas of Shih Huang Ti's famed army. Legions of officers, soldiers, archers and horsemen, all carved in meticulous detail, guard the emperor's sarcophagus. The armor, uniforms, and facial expressions of the soldiers are reproduced in exquisite detail. Each figure is different - except in one respect; all wear neck cloths. Afraid of death, the emperor wanted to slaughter an entire to army to accompany him into the next world. His advisers ultimately persuaded him to take life-size replicas of the soldiers instead. Silk was of great luxury so these guards were adorned with silk ties to signify the honor of these replica soldiers.

In the 13th Century, Italians artisans in Como Italy perfected the screening of silk printing patterns and designs in un-surpassed beauty making Italian silk the most valuable in the world even to this day. With neck wear becoming an accepted fashion accessory throughout Europe and eventually the Americas the silk artists of Como became expert necktie craftsmen. With the age of industrialization in the 20th Century they became highly skillful at the mass production and fabrication of silk neckties known for their superior quality and regarded as the finest silk neck wear in the world.

Mulberry Trees
With the modern trend in International business silk neckties are manufactured almost exclusively in China now; where labor costs are very manageable. Printed fine silk is extremely costly due to labor and is prone to waste due to striking errors which has made the significance of woven silk fabrics a much more attractive product to produce ties. Giant automated machines are used to weave silk yarn incorporating various colors and hues into designs and patterned yardage that is then cut and sewn into ties in production lines. The finished tie, produced with either fine printed silk fabric by silk screening or with woven silk fabric contains a wool, or wool blend lining that keeps the memory of the tie’s shape and as well creates a fuller feel to the tie giving it body.

The fashionable design or template of contemporary neckties is a bottleneck shape resulting in broad widening blade from the length of the tie where the knot will be, extending 20 inches to the 90% angled tip. Currently ties measure almost 4 inches in width for the wide blade and about one inch width for the narrow blade at approximately 57 inches in total length. The width of neckties varies from a narrow as 2 inches to more than 4 inches influenced by the width of jacket lapels. The silk fabric is cut on the bias ( 45% ) so the tie will hang correctly not twisting. Neckties consist of three lengths of silk with the longest length at about 30 inches comprising the visible portion of the tie and the length that becomes the knot. This panel of the necktie’s anatomy is where the design serves its aesthetic function including the highlight of the design often carefully positioned creating a pleasing interaction of the knot and length of tie extending below . The other two lengths of the tie, one a smaller length that is about 10 inches long that will run inside the collar and a length about 17 inches that comprises the narrow blade that extends from the knot hidden behind the wide blade. The envelope of silk is fastened in the back using a “slip stitch” that runs the length of the tie. That innovation is the creation of American Entrepreneur Josse Langdorf, who patented his method of creating the wrinkle free necktie in 1920 making ironing ties an unnecessary task

Woven Silk Neckties
Versace Printed Silk Tie
The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fiber, which allows silk cloth to reflect light at different angles thus producing different colors. Silk is an organic fabric that is produced by silkworms that can be found where mulberry trees flourish in subtropical warm regions - mostly in Asia, but can be found in Europe, Africa and Central America; creating silk industry in Croatia, Spain, Mexico, and other regions along the Ecuador. Living off the leaves of mulberry trees the silk worms spin a very fine silk strand encasing themselves into a cocoon, from which they by metamorphosis they become butterflies. Since the beginning of the last century, silk worms have been raised using industrial methods to supply the world’s demand for silk production. As if they were herds of farm animals the silk worms are cultivated given leaves from mulberry trees to feed on; nurtured to yield silk cocoons. The cocoons are sorted, steamed, bleached and processed into pure raw silk by having microscopic thin silk thread spun from them. The silk is then spun into thicker yarn; left natural or dyed the silk can then be woven into fine silk fabric or woven silk yardage.

Portofino Printed Silk Necktie
The amount of silk that is yielded from the average cocoon is about 5,000 feet. As many as 1,000 cocoons are needed to produce one pound of silk which is about five million feet or almost 950 miles. About 2 ounces of silk is needed to produce a man’s silk tie which means that it takes about 125 silk worms to make only one necktie! The next time you tie your necktie just consider how hard 125 silk worms had to work to create the silk necessary to create it. Your appreciation and the care you give your ties will certainly be much greater, for sure.  

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Some Men Love Ties

He loves his ties - “because he is such a crack up!”

Christian could not leave his home without a tie around his neck. He always wanted to look good; going out looking for new friends, ladies, and other socializing. He also loved dress shirts of course, and suits and ties. He was a real stickler for details, however he could not figure out neck tie knotting and resorted to the clip-ons.

All this says his mother who does all of his shopping for him is, “because he is such a crack up.” You see Christian is only three years old!  Another customer with a necktie story to warm your heart at the world famous “Too Sexie Tie cart” in the Irvine Spectrum Center.

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To Tie A Tie Or Not To Tie A Tie - How To Tie A Tie

The Windsor Tie Knot

About a half a billion neckties are assembled around the necks of men everyday!  85% are tied as the simple “Four in Hand” Tie Knot (known as the Regate in France)

To tie a tie, or not to tie a tie? - that is “knot” the question.  It sounds better than what the question should be.  The question is, how to tie a tie, or how not to tie a tie, not why.  

However, it doesn't have that fancy ring to it, like the famous opening phrase from Shakespeare's play Hamlet, 1602.  I have exhausted myself lately with the ever so annoying question - why to tie a tie.  So I decided to make fun of the serious matter of wearing neckties or not which actually has become a topic of great passion among men and, or gentlemen.  If you have read some of my recent blog posts then you probably already know about my extensive and sometimes outrageous answers are; Why to tie a tie or not?  If not, then just scroll down and read some of the posts, some of them are very funny, very serious, and some a little of both.  Also, check out I Love Ties a post I made about a year ago that was in part originally a comment to a hateful blog named “die necktie, die!    

Back to what this article concerns, is the confusion over how to tie ties, especially the Windsor necktie knot.  The knotting of the very fashionable and stylish Windsor has eluded many men over the last 70 years or so for mostly dumb reasons.  It is easy to master, once you know the simple way to do it.  I do not think that it is just being lazy or not caring enough to learn how but much of trouble is partly due to confusion over how to do the Windsor.  Apparently, there is more than one method to tie a tie into a symmetrical knot with the cute dimple below. And, at least one is a really difficult method to manage the hand movements to execute a knot with any form at all.  It is just a clumsy way to do it, period.  I have a theory about this method which is part of an essay I have written on our retail site ( link below ). 

Going through page after page on Google searching for necktie knotting advice and diagrams I found a really great video that actually illustrates how to do what I consider the real Windsor Necktie Knot.  That's right - I said real.  If anyone wants to fight about that – I am, waiting. In the past and in this instance, I found web pages and videos that not only demonstrate a difficult method of tying a tie; some are simply not the Windsor at all.   It is no wonder that it is a frustrating tie knot to learn when in addition to complicated knotting techniques, completely false presentations of how a Windsor knot are made.   One very established "how to" site I found about a year ago highlighted a special guest speaker with credentials to die for, explaining and demonstrating the half Windsor knot or something else, claiming that it is the Full Windsor tie knot.  I will not name that web-site, or the mistaken expert, but he is a style correspondent for a really big men's fashion magazine, go figure.  I sent them an email and they removed that video and now only have a video on how to do the "Four in Hand" tie knot or the "Regate" a knot that the French love - especially Pierre Cardin.   

The Duke Of Windsor
Going through page after page on Google searching for necktie knotting advice and diagrams I found a really great video that actually illustrates how to do what I consider the real Windsor Necktie Knot.  That's right - I said real.  If anyone wants to fight about that – I am, waiting. In the past and in this instance, I found web pages and videos that not only demonstrate a difficult method of tying a tie; some are simply not the Windsor at all.   It is no wonder that it is a frustrating tie knot to learn when in addition to complicated knotting techniques, completely false presentations of how a Windsor knot are made.   

One very established "how to" site I found about a year ago highlighted a special guest speaker with credentials to die for, explaining and demonstrating the half Windsor knot or something else, claiming that it is the Full Windsor tie knot.  I will not name that site, or the mistaken expert, but he is a style correspondent for a really big men's fashion magazine, go figure.  I sent them an email and they removed that video and now only have a video on how to do the "Four in Hand" tie knot or the "Regate" a knot that the French love - especially Pierre Cardin.   Check out our post that illustrates the Four In Hand Tie Knot with a diagram and a cool video. 

The Full Windsor Necktie Knot is really not that hard to make. It will take a little practice and some self-esteem and most important, the simple and what I consider to be the correct method of how to make the Windsor Tie Knot. You will need a few things besides some time and before long you'll be a pro - just like scrambling eggs. When you were young watching your mom in the kitchen that seemed like a really hard task - just breaking those eggs without breaking them all over the place seemed impossible. I'm sure that most people - even guys master that one. Tying ties is about as simple, once you know how. Below is the link to the fabulous video I found, a link to a page on our retail site Nice Tie Store called the Mystery of the Windsor Tie Knot where you can find my diagram how to make the Windsor Necktie Knot - the way I was taught, along with the romantic story about how this knot came to be so appreciated and elusive. Additionally, I’ve added a couple of other Internet pages that may be useful.  

Here is the list of what you will need to learn how to tie a Windsor tie knot.  My simple Windsor Necktie Knot Diagram is below. 

1. A tie, obviously - but, more important a proper necktie in length. If you have a neck larger than 17 inches or you are taller than 6 foot you will need an extra long tie 61 – 63 inches. Normal ties are about 57 inches in length. If you try to make a knot with a tie shorter than your body calls for you will not have enough length to start the tie knotting when wrapping around your neck and shirt collar - before you even begin. This is true especially with the Windsor tie knot as it involves more passes or wraps than other tie knots. That is why some guys do the half Windsor as this knot is similar and works when a longer tie is not available. When you read the directions on my diagram about calibrating the tie for yourself - it is ultimately important concerning the eventual end result.  You will understand the length issue better after you practice a few times.

2. A mirror - tying a tie without a mirror is only possible after you've learned how to do it correctly. Still, it is always a good idea to do the knotting in front of a mirror, just in case you are not at your best or worse, you’re tying the wrong tie, etc.

3. A shirt with a collar - the collar has to be the right size neck for you or forget trying to do this.

4. A pair of pants that has belt loops, ( a pair of dress slacks ).-  The wide tie blade that hangs from your neck is supposed to end just about covering the belt buckle. If you tie your tie while you are still in your boxers you’ll be ditched.

5. A half hour or so - maybe two or three times to perfect the hand movements and the calibration of where to start regarding how much tie length is in your right and left hand, and where the wide blade is in relation to your right knee, ( see my diagram directions )

6. My Windsor Necktie Knot diagram on how to do it taped to the mirror.- My diagram is drawn in reverse and since I am a "righty" I am not exactly sure what a lefty can make of it. It is not as hard as programming a television remote control so don’t be scared.

The Easy Way - Learn How To Tie The Windsor Tie Knot Diagram and Lesson

The You Tube Video - How To Tie A Tie: The Full Windsor 

Tying a Windsor Necktie Knot
The Windsor knot, also sometimes referred to as a Full Windsor or erroneously as a Double Windsor to distinguish it from the Half Windsor, is a method of tying a necktie around one's neck and collar.  The Windsor knot, compared to other methods, produces a wide symmetrical triangular knot. The knot is often thought to be named after the Duke of Windsor ( King Edward VIII before his abdication ). It is, however, named after his grandfather Edward VII.  read more Windsor Knot - Wikipedia. The Internets Free Encyclopedia   - the page has a very similar diagram to mine ( link above mine has a few extra steps to make it a little easier to see the moves.  Wikipedia has my friend Thomas Finks diagram - Illustration on how to make a Windsor tie knot.  The 85 Ways to Tie A tie by Thomas Fink and Yong Mao

I must have found half dozen pages, videos and blog posts explaining and illustrating how to tie the Windsor knot incorrectly as I searched for a few new pages here.  Some were not the Windsor and some maybe an alternative way to tie the Windsor tie knot.  The ways other than what is illustrated in the video link above, on the Wikipedia's page, on Thomas Fink's Web Site - the 85 Ways To Tie A Tie and on our retail web site Nice Tie Store may actually produce a knot that looks like the Windsor, but that may not be the Windsor ( I've often said that there are a million ways to skin a cat ).

One video not only stresses the mirror – shirt, etc. but the guy is funny and really good at the "dog and pony show," He is seen tying the tie poorly in an exaggerated way to to show how the tie looks tied too short or too long - however his method is a confusing method concerning hand movement and will leave an inner knot tied when the tie is taken off. This can easily lead to damaged and ruined ties if the extra inner knot is not carefully un-done which is not always easy as they are usually tight and hard to loosen. There is a different move concerning the direction of the wide blade before its final wrap that causes this “inner knot.” That inner knot creates a lot of stress on the length of your necktie that becomes the knot over and over again so matter if you un-do it every time you remove your tie, damage is taking its toll. The next time you are at a thrift store or garage sale and you see a tie that has one of these unnecessary inner knots left or a tie that has a strange twist, wrinkle or the inner lining is twisted you’ll know what I mean. The method illustrated on our retail site in the You-Tube video and the other pages in the above links produce a Windsor knot that come off with almost no effort and without a nasty “inner knot” to deal with.

Close your eyes and try to remember your egg scrambling lessons. There was more than one way to get that to work out for the best. I finally learned the technique of trying to solve the removal of a stray piece of shell as the eggs were cooking from my wife as an adult, and, a better way to break them too. So if you’ve learned the wrong way to tie a Windsor Tie Knot or you never learned at all - think “scrambled eggs.”

Planned for this blog Find Ties - About Neckties is an article about the most popular tie knots, with the history of how they came to be along with diagrams and videos.

The Simple way to tie a Windsor Tie Knot
The Simple way to tie a Windsor Tie Knot

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Why Do Men Wear Ties?

Tiny Tim
If I only knew the answer to this question?  Maybe it is because they are there.  Why does a man climb a mountain?  Because it's there!  I know this much, if Tiny Tim can wear a tie then so can I.  Wearing a necktie makes me feel good - how about that for an answer.

Check out this You Tube video - Why Do Men Wear Ties?

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Some Men Wear Neckties

American actor Chace Crawford poses as he arrives at the Dolce & Gabbana men's collection fashion show on June 19, 2010 in Milan
I found an interesting article today in the Montreal Gazette. Some men still wear neckties, and sometimes other guys make fun of them for it.  When I wear ties I get respect where ever I go and if behind my back some one makes a joke about it then so be it.  I've got broad shoulder and I can take.   I once lived in Montreal and often read this newspaper.  Here is my comment and a portion of the article. - Jeffrey Hunter

Men wear ties, we are not Peter Pan

By Bruce Ward, Postmedia News November 17, 2010

A newsroom pal told me the other day that I looked dapper. The look of his face told me he meant I looked like a clown. It's because I was wearing a necktie, I know.......
I see guys in shirts that were put on straight from the dryer. And plenty of poky sweatpants. By poky, I mean Mr. Happy poking out in a revolting manner. Hey buddy, have a heart. I don't want to see your nipples in a skin-tight T- shirt that says "Cuba 2000" and I most certainly don't want to see the outline of your man-gland in those none-too-clean sweatpants.......

Casualness has gone way too far. Now you see mourners wearing hockey jerseys and jeans at funerals.......

I've always liked neckties. I learned to tie a decent knot from a how-to illustration I tore out of Esquire and taped to the bathroom mirror. In some mystical way, I feel ties connect me to generations of men from the past.......

The tie's disappearance is part of the general cultural erosion, like the loss of courtesy. Its passing will make the world a little shabbier.

And yes, I was wearing a tie when I wrote this.
Read the complete article: The Monteal Gazette - Men wear ties, we are not Peter Pan

My Comment:

Cultural Erosion! Wow I could not have put it any better. Yes the sloppy look of men - pants worn in-correctly sometimes displaying but crack and the general lack of care in grooming has gone too far. There was a day when men looked dashing dressed in suits and ties. They seemed to be just classier and more sophisticated then at present. Maybe it is the rap music which is mostly vulgar poetry or the video games or just civilization gone awry.

I enjoyed reading this article and will include a mention of this in my blog, Find Ties - About Neckties. When I wear a tie - almost every day - I feel like a million. Women seem to gravitate towards me and I mean it. So, if there are less men wearing ties then so be it. More fun for myself and the other more sophisticated well dressed men out there.

I love ties, I have always loved ties. I cannot understand why some men can hate them so much. I quoted Plato in a blog post I did called "ties are the dooms day of fashion and freedom” - What is This World Coming To? In 300 B.C. Plato said he saw no hope for the future of civilization. I am sure that he would be equally pessimistic if he could see all this hate about neckties in this day and age. It is just a piece of fabric that is a simple fashion accessory. Not something worthy of hating?

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Ties Have Sex Appeal

Hot Ties - Sexy Neckties - Modern Sex Appeal - click here for the collection

Neckties Are Sexy; Really

It isn't just the charisma, or the successful and stylish look of men in ties that attracts women. Men wearing suits and ties command attention because it is a fashion statement of pure individual expression. Nothing else in a gentleman's wardrobe even comes close to the polished look of ties with such style and attraction.

A little humor never hurt anyone so an explanation of necktie sex appeal in a humorous way seems fitting. Keeping with the tone of having fun and adding satire to many of the articles in this blog this one is a bit silly and a bit serious. It is beyond me why so many guys just hate ties to death so if I can make fun of myself and neckties maybe they will have a change of heart, maybe not.

The Ever Stylish Swooner - Frank Sinatra
The ever stylish Frank Sinatra - he 
wrote the rules on looking sharp
There is a funny theory among myself and a few friends why a man wearing a tie is considered to have more sex appeal according to women.

There are some who would suggest that wearing a necktie cuts off circulation to the brain, causing a guy to be in a sort of in agony. If this were true, then how come the world’s smartest and greatest leaders, including the most successful businessmen wear neckties religiously and they look everything but in distress. The gentlemen that take their attire seriously are usually very rich and very powerful. It could be possible that if true and there is a restriction of blood flow as a result of wearing a tie, the brain is forced to work harder which explains why men who wear ties are usually very successful.  However there may be a side effect.  Additionally, women are wearing ties more and more which may create competition is sex appeal and the pursuit of success acquiring wealth.  Regardless, this does prove further, how sexy ties are.

Daniel Craig 007 Casino Royal
Daniel Craig 007 Casino Royal
The guys that wear suits and ties, dressing up, have firm control of their lives and they really do know how to live, enjoying a very exciting life style. They are the meaning of success, driving fast cars, wining and dining, and not alone as they are popular. Being well groomed affords great respect. Wearing neckties is very personal and what the tie says is unique to each own. It is a greater self confidence that results and the expressed personality that makes a guy interesting resulting in attracting circles of friends who are equally self assured. If a guy wants to win he will not surround himself with losers.

So men who wear ties are a special sort, now more than ever. If you wear ties then you know about the feeling of being on top of the world. It was Al Pacino in Scar Face who declared "The World Is Yours," If a man is serious and he dresses the part then the potential is limitless. The old adage "it's a man's world," whatever it is a man can have it if he puts his mind to it, achieving anything is possible.

“I wear a tie every day – that’s what certainly separates me from those guys who are afraid to put a noose around there neck every day.”

It is a joke in the neck wear business that hits home. So wearing neckties sets a man apart; that man has everything he desires because he is thoughtful about his appearance and self assured.  Men who wear ties also have very beautiful women for friends. Could it be that because when a man wears a necktie, the blood flow is indeed restricted to the brain, and some of their thinking is done with the wrong head – causing great complications trying to juggle responsibilities. Which, in-itself actually may explain why they can get into so much trouble.

Ryan Gosling GQ Magazine
Ryan Gosling GQ Magazine
Therefore if the brain is starved of oxygen, it forces the other brain to work at a greater pace, which in turn reaches the most important quest of all – the slaying of beautiful women? I do not mean slaying in a harmful way, but it sounds better then conquering. Men do conquer - that is what we do. I read somewhere that the necktie is a male phallic symbol - whatever that means and whatever it suggests? None-the-less the verdict is in, ties make a guy a lady killer, and no I do not mean that in a harmful way as well. Women just seem to melt in the company of a well dressed man. And if that man is wearing a necktie and the lady gets close enough she will fondle it, the ladies do like silk and maybe the male phallic symbol too. Let’s just say a man in a tie is a natural swooner.
Thus, supporting the theory once and for all, men in ties are sexier because ties are sexy.

Sexy neckties
Men i suit and ties have greater sex appeal
Men i suit and ties have greater sex appeal
Now, the potential pitfall of the sex appealing necktie and attracting the ladies. Mae West said "too much of a good thing is wonderful" - but trust me too much of the lady thing can really wear guy down. If it is too many ladies ( a guy needs to rest ) or if the guy is spoken for and he causes the fatal attraction syndrome to happen by looking really suave in a suit a tie and commanding the charisma - style routine etc. - he can wind up in a heap of trouble. If the personality and self confidence results in becoming a politician or an actor then behaving correctly is a must.

While I was researching facts and images for this article on Google I discovered Hot Ties and their great photos of sexy babes wearing their really sexy ties. I also discovered another blog post illustrating a re-invention of 40's "Belly Warmer Ties or Peek-a-Boo tie" - a necktie with a picture of a sexy pin up girl on the reverse side. Miss Feeney’s Ties bringing sexy back to the fashion of furnishings on Zoot Patrol - definitely related to this article so check it out. Zoot Patrol had some very interesting articles about the diverse world we live in and the way out fashion ideals and or other stuff that makes civilization so unpredictable and special. One in particular could not have been a timelier find as I had already continued on the very subject. They outline "The Eight Best Former U.S. President Sex Scandals." Read a brief synopsis further below.

A really sexy necktie
A really sexy necktie
Men are sexier in suits and ties
Men are sexier in suits and ties
Considering President Bill Clinton’s escapades in the White  House and the other usual sticky situations that successful guys get into, it is really quite simple to figure out how such things can happen . While their brains are working on overload due to a restriction of blood flow; their other brain is taking over, in-turn coloring things up a few notches. The other head is controlling body language, desire, agenda, and dictating behavior.  Surely these men must have figured this out, which must be the real reason why those guys really wear those neckties every day. Thinking with the wrong head can be boring.  Sometimes the brain gets in the way of what is most important - encounters with women. 
The conclusion: neckties are sexy.  Once you really think through the phenomenon of wearing neckties or not and what it really means, we can conclusively understand why things work the way they do or maybe don't work.

A really sexy Necktie Fashion Show

Check out our sister blog Too Sexy Ties

Check out Miss Feeney's Finery and the Peek A Boo Ties 

This on-line necktie catalogue is exactly to the point really sexy ties and models at Hot Ties

Political Sex Scandals at Zoot Patrol

Political sex scandals are as old as time. For centuries -– eons really -– power has been proven to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. Indeed, from Caesar and Cleopatra to King Henry VIII and the headless bodies of his many wives, sex scandals have rocked the civilized world. Of course, our very own presidents have etched their names into the annals of those renowned historical texts like Penthouse and Hustler, proving yet again that even the rich and powerful –- or maybe especially the rich and the powerful –- are prey to the whims of their, uh, little presidents. The following is a list of eight United States presidents who failed to veto the legislation put before them by the legislature, and by the legislature, I of course mean their penises.  You guessed right, Bill Clinton, J.F.K, Thomas Jefferson, and 5 more that I had no idea of.  This is great reading. The Complete article - They just could not keep their pants on.

Not to forget a really great British sex scandal that was world wide headline news.  It is no doubt a necktie story - read the romantic tale The Mystery of the Windsor Necktie Knot on our retail site.  It should be called "Sex Appeal and How the World found Out How He Made His Windsor Necktie Knot."

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The Difference Between European and American Rep Stripe Ties

European Rep Striped Necktie
European Rep Striped Necktie
Striped ties, on either side of the Atlantic, what's the difference?  

About ten years ago we started a web site called The American Necktie Magazine, before blogs were popular.  On that site we had great articles very much like this blog, Find Ties - About Neckties.  Included was a section for questions and answers.  Here is one that may be of interest to you - Jeffrey Hunter.


I am trying to confirm the history of striped ties pointing to the left shoulder being European style versus stripes pointing to the right shoulder being American styles. Do you have any info on this?


Neil M. Lazar


The shape and design of colors and patterns of the cravat changed and of course the military again dictated this. Before the turn of the 20th century, realizing that their soldiers were easy targets wearing bright red uniforms, the British were outfitted with drab green uniforms. Each regiment decided on their own, what tie to wear with a different stripe going across the tie in a pattern of colors and stripe width. With this need to be individual the "Rep Stripe" necktie was born. Across the Atlantic American soldiers followed suite, however the stripes go the other way. The distinction between the European Rep Stripe tie vs. American Rep Stripe tie is simple enough. The difference is the direction of the stripe from the left shoulder crossing the heart or from the right shoulder crossing the heart.

If a rifle were to be carried in sling strapped over the shoulder, the American soldier would carry his weapon over the right shoulder. The European military sling would carry over the left shoulder with the strap crossing the heart. In dress, the uniform would flow better without converging stripes. I am sure if you view West Point or other officer photographs you'll see this.


Dr. Neil Lazer

It is true that the "Rep Stripe" tie is different in Europe. I believe that it is a military uniform influence. The "American Rep Stripe" will cross the chest diagonally with the stripes pointing from the right shoulder towards the waist. The "European Rep Stripe" crosses the chest with the stripes pointing from left shoulder towards the waist.

If a rifle were to be carried in sling strapped over the shoulder, the American soldier would carry his weapon over the right shoulder. The European military sling would carry over the left shoulder with the strap crossing the heart.  American rifles eject shell casings to the right and the European rifle ejects shell casings to the left. As for American military; considering people are mostly right handed the soldier would have and easier access and feel for the rifle carried over the right shoulder.

American Rep Striped Tie
American Rep Striped Tie
In dress, the uniform would flow better without converging stripes. I am sure if you view West Point or other officer photographs you'll see this. Before the turn of the twentieth century the British came to the conclusion that their soldiers were easy targets in bright red uniform. With the issue of camouflaged uniform that would not make a soldier so easy to spot in the field the only way to dress up with color and style was a uniquely designed striped tie, with each division or regiment adopting their own colors. These ties not only preserved the traditional colors, they provided the only creativity for the drab new uniforms.

The Royal Rifle Corps sported rifle green and scarlet ties, while the stripes of the Artists' Rifles were black, gray, and red; the Inns of Court wore green and blue stripes.

Of course this spread across the Atlantic as Americans still proud of taking the land from England would not be out done by the United Kingdom in anyway. The British navy still controlled the high seas and much of the world so an influence concerning fashion was prevalent especially for military uniform. 

This was explained to me years ago and I cannot confirm the truth of this explanation but logically it makes since. At the turn of the century ( last one - the twentieth ) neckties were very much part of military uniform.  European, and American fashion was influenced by the dress code of service men.

I hope this answers your question. Without time to check this as fact I can only piece together what I have read and what my father and other gentlemen have told me.

Go to the Almanac of Neck wear - 2000 years of necktie history   Here you will find a section ”Fit For An Officer And A Gentlemen" there. This explains the origin of the striped tie.

They left out the real origin of the tie - One Million B.C. a charming ape fashions necktie out of twigs while courting his mate.   A joke around here and a part of my Complete History of Neckties

Thanks again for your email

Jeffrey Hunter

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can A Guy Own Too Many Ties?

Imelda Marcos Had Over 3,000 Pairs of Shoes?
Novelty Neckties - I Just Cannot Stop!

I have a thing for ties, not just ties - it is novelty ties like Marvel Comics Super Heroes Spiderman neckties, or Van Gogh Art neckties - Starry Night and really wild fashion neckties. When is it a compulsion and not just a desire to have a sufficient collection and is there difference? How many ties are too many?

Apparently I am not alone.  I searched Google after I published this one - you gotta check out the photo of this guy's wife - it's priceless - her husband has 771 ties, neatly rolled, in copy-paper box lids. luckily, they have large closets Her husband and I are "birds of a feather" He's lucky he has such a nice wife that puts up with his tie issues. I envy him, not for his ties - I have plenty of my own.

How many ties should a guy own?  How many ties do you own? - you are welcome to leave a comment below or take our survey on a Flickr discussion we started 

I absolutely love wearing ties and do not consider it a bad thing to have so many. I certainly do not harm anyone in anyway by collecting them. It is not like I have storage containers full of neckties like Imelda Marcus had filled with shoes. The wife of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos made the “list of the greediest people of all time” in Newsweek Magazine a couple of years ago. I will admit she was a bit over board, but women do have a thing for shoes, don’t they. I remember calculating how many shoes she had purchased and how many weeks an adult could live on the average - wearing a new pair of shoes every week, she came up short on weeks. So, she had a surplus – is that a bad thing. Some people collect guns – they are dangerous, or dolls – they are not dangerous or Playboy Magazines – they may or may not be dangerous. I collect ties; I also make a living selling them. So, this is not just a silly hobby, it is a profession. There is nothing wrong with trying to make an honest buck is there?

Sure, I own a lot of ties; my personal collection that is. Now for the Internet Store Nice Tie Store but that’s another story – over 100,000 to date in stock. But those are for sale and they do not count. My personal stash of novelty ties - is what I am talking about. It’s quite a selection of unique fashion ties and the fun stuff like, the Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Spy vs. Spy in silk by Ralph Marlin and so on. For fashion I own many Portofino and Martin Wong ties, and collector item neckwear; Electric - Rush Limbaugh neckties. I have never counted them however estimates range at 400 – 500 neckties that are absolutely tie guy gems. Factoring in the “being fashionably correctness” values I believe I am just about right on the inventory. There are 364 days in a year and an extra day every 4 years so if I wore the same tie within a year to a place I have been to and anyone realized it I would be at very least completely embarrassed. After all, I do have a reputation to maintain. I always wanted to be the best at everything, so collecting ties in such a serious way became natural for me. Sadly enough, often, I would feel remorse at times selling a tie – like it was too nice to let it go especially if it was the last one. I have many regrets that is for sure.
Too Sexie Ties - Irvine Spectrum

I always think about ties, how their made, how to tie ‘em, and most important thing; how to sell ‘em. One thing is for sure, I possibly may have really taken too many home. Some I have never worn and there are some that I have two of by mistake. My walls are covered with neckties and they are even double and triple hanging. Even the coat rack is covered with ties. When I wake up it is the first thing I see, hundreds and hundreds of cool neckties. And when I sleep, well I’ll be honest I don’t sleep with any, however, I do dream about them. I will admit, I have slept with a few still tied around my neck, but then again, I had my shoes on, the suit, and the rest of the trimmings too.

Too Sexie Ties Novelty Necktie Collection - Irvine Spectrum

Have I always been a nut, for ties?  I’ve always loved ties - mostly, however there was a brief time that I did not like ties very much. 

Explaining this is quite simple; I must have been hung in a prior life, and could not stand to have anything tight around my neck. I was young and immature then. When I became a sophisticated man who appreciated the finer things in life; like a great bottle of wine and the company of a beautiful woman, I completely fell in love with ties.  It was as if I had a special power – a boost of self esteem when I wore ties.  So I admit it, I had a hate for ties which is hard to imagine as now I’m so fascinated by neckties now that it is actually out of control at times.  You might say that I am obsessed with ties.  I am planning to make a will soon giving everything I own, the necktie collection, the classical music CD collection and the DVD collection too to my son however he may not have the ties unless he will wear them.  If he does not agree to this then the tie collection is out if the deal and a moderator will find a museum for them. 

I guess it has become a problem. My friends think I should talk to someone about it. “So what if I am a bit eccentric and collect ties, I really don’t think it is such a big deal – is it.”

The famous, not - the infamous necktie salesman, Jeffrey Hunter - Nice Tie Store, formally Too Sexie Ties, the Irvine Spectrum Center.

Imelda R. Marcos (born Imelda Remedios Visitacion Romualdez on July 2, 1929) is currently a politician in the Philippines and was wife of 10th Philippine President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos. Upon the ascension of her husband to political power, she held various positions to the government until 1986.  She was a controversial first lady who $5-million shopping sprees to New York and Rome, reportedly owned the world’s largest collections of gems fine art by Botticelli, and Michelangelo, purchased more than 3,000 pairs of shoes.”  The former first lady was also known for holding extravagant parties for foreign dignitaries during the reign of her husband.

Read more Imelda Marcos Wikipedia - the Internet's Encyclopedia

Read more: Newsweek's Greediest People of All Time

A discussion I started on

How Many Ties Do You Own

Another forum that explores the question How many ties should a guy own

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A Hot Rod Flame Tie For A Hot Shot Guy

click here - Hot Rod Flame Tie

A flame tie?  Some guys will stop at nothing to get something they just cannot live without.

At the end of nearly 41 months of selling novelty ties at Too Sexy Ties kiosk at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Southern California I have some real interesting memories. - Jeffrey Hunter

Then there was Jonathan Harstad, the young man who had only six dollars and change, but wanted to purchase an $18.00 Mark Abramhoff - Ralph Marlin hot rod flame tie, a very popular necktie with younger men.  He did not haggle with me - just too classy and cool and as it turned out way too clever.  He really wanted this necktie badly and he let me know that - the ties I sell are really nice and worth every penny I charge.  I held out for 100% while he went into action. 

The mall was bustling with people on that Saturday afternoon, so without any time to waste he pan-handled for the difference.  Just across the way, the guys in the Cuban Cigar Factory, Rick and Big Ed and my friend Scott were eye balling me as usual, although as if this time they were contemplating "what next" - their faces stunned, holding their arms out horizontally; amazed at what was taking place. "The guy was on fire” exclaimed tie peddler Jeffrey Hunter as he later told the story to the sales rep who provided that tie and other fun novelty neckties. “Folks can I have just one penny, a quarter, a dollar, for this tie. I need one of these neckties for a job interview tomorrow. Please help me get a job so I can improve my life and become successful. Folks can I have just one….”

“It took a little over 15 minutes, which sure amazed me, heck I wanted to hire him.  I was sure that he would get the job - wearing his flame tie,” Jeffrey Hunter, owner Too Sexie Ties Irvine Spectrum Center

I have been saying for years that wearing ties will bring great success into your life and make you a greater man.  William Shakespeare said it as well, "the apparel oft proclaims the man."  If you doubt this or you think that I am making this story up - then you are wrong and I can prove it.  Below is a recent picture of the guy who managed to get the flame tie and get the job and much more.

Jonathan Harstad in a recent image taken from a web site that promotes his business Settle First - Pay Later

The up-date and the proof that this is not fiction.  About a month ago Jonathan Harstad found this blog post and made a comment ( below ). He actually did get the job wearing that crazy hot rod flame tie by Mark Abramhof when he still owned Ralph Marlin and Company. I remember telling Mark about that unique necktie purchase. He did not doubt my story as from almost from the beginning of my necktie career I had a reputation of being "different," which I thought was a good thing - RIGHT. Anyway, Mark laughed, he was still in the necktie business.

Jonathan actually got the girl of his dreams and married her, and then started his own business. He admits in his comments and subsequent email messages to me that it was because of that novelty flame tie that he bought from me that Saturday. It all happened like it was yesterday he claims; at Irvine California's famous rock and roll entertainment center - shopping mall - the Irvine Spectrum Center, located right in the epicenter of conservative Irvine in the vortex of the 405 and 5 Interstate Freeways at El Torro where almost everyone cannot figure out which lanes to be in to go north to Anaheim - downtown Los Angeles or north west toward Huntington Beach - Santa Monica.

Click here to visit SettleFirst - PayLater Jonathan's business.  I cannot make this stuff up.

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Male Horse Fly Mating Techniques

Reaching speeds of up to 90 mph male horse flies pursue females with extreme passion, not unlike the “bar fly” pursuit between men and women which is usually at a much slower speed, however requires the outlay of great amounts of cash.  All this guy needs is a novelty tie, and he is styling.

An original Jeffrey Hunter qoute - further words of wisdom that may or may not save your life  

Bar fly: slang for ladies or men who flirtatiously mingle in a bar

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Hate Ties or Not To Hate Ties

I decided to package comments from a couple of Web Forums and Face Book groups that concern men who hate ties or love neckties.  Below are many silly remarks and statements concerning men in ties and many fun and more serious comments from men and or women about men in ties.  At least one is a necktie poem, and another is a qoute I found siomewhere alonfg the way while I researched the necktie haters and lovers phenomenom,  It has amazed me for a long time how such a simple men's fashion accessory can cause such emotion.   I may be walking a fine line here but honestly I do not want to fight over this, but if I have to.....

I have started my conquest on I love Ties - A Face Book Page.  You can tell me and the rest of the world what you think about ties, hate them, or love them.  warned though. I am very pasionate about this.

These to photos are avitars that two of the guys use that aere on the forum I Hate Ties 



Necktie Haters United

These guys hate ties, well some of them do not hate neckties, at least one of them actually loves ties.  You want to join this group of guys on this forum or one of the Face Book groups, No Ties, Hate Ties, or I Love Ties.  Here are a few of the comments that you may find, some are quite comical and some are stupid and well one is just like poetry. 

“With an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stock broker, can gain a reputation for being civilized.”

Oscar Wilde, from the “Picture of Dorian Gray,” 1891

The Necktie is an evil invention.

afton said, I'm absolutev cvc
ly bewildered to find any utilitarian purpose of this atrocious self-asphyxiation apparatus.
I would advocate the banning of neckties, for the benefit of men's respiratory health.  
Anyone to form Necktie Haters United?

kuranes said, I'm already President of this organization.

Braggi said,   i like neckties, they are a wonderful way of adding a touch of fashion and elegance, and sometimes some brilliant colours to your clothing.  or do you mean what neckties have evolved into? with these simple retarded long strings of material that serve no aesthetic purpose and seem to only strangle and annoy people who employ them with no regards as to their origins?   love the first, hate the second. shit i hate any tradition that is started by fashion and then perverted by fools who have no understanding of its origin

myabyss said I had to wear a tie once as part of a waitress uniform. They suck. I don't know how guys can wear them.  Wearing a bra is a bitch too.APE The DOG SAID I wore it to a wedding once. They actually gave me one up front, because as a kind of ritual thing all the friends of the groom had to wear the same model and colour tie. I didn't notice it was there the whole time. Same with when I wore one to oral examns.

Claverhouse said Ties were invented by the devil to torment his imps. Like most ugly things

mgb said I like ties. Especially really nice expensive ones. They look great and really help you clean up nicely.

here is their forum site URL

Tie-lovers, stand up! This is your group!

megan said - Ties are so awesome. I love the ones that give you headaches if you stare at them too long!

Erna said - omg i love ties the only problem is I dont know how to tie them someone be mii friend and teach meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

hannah said -  i wear them all the time.  steal em' from my dad ♥

Alexandra said - ties are sexy ♥

Dani said -I LOOOOOOOOOVE BLUE TIES !!!  I really liked the one Sarko wore on the debate evening (which doesn´t mean I also like the man so please don´t hit me) !!!

Yemi said - I love ties. Specially what we call : les" cravates club" or "club Ties". Those are really british, with stripes in two different colors. You can put them with a suit, a blazer or even just with a shirt and a jean. For those kind of shirt I recommend T.M Lewin or Hackett.   If you want to be on top, get a pink tie, no, just class.

Jeffrey Hunter ( the author ) said - I joined Hate Ties - NO TIES on Facebook. Here is my post I actually love ties - and welcome the challenge to convince you guys to love neckties too. They are not a threat to your freedom. Maybe you need to consider fun novelty ties like Spiderman or music neckties. Check them out -

I love tie's

This is for all men that feel sexy when they put on a tie with a nice crispy shirt. For that man that cannot pass a men store without first going to the tie section. For him that for chirstmas or birthday u tell them "you can get me a tie'.

If you own more than 20 ties than your that man LOL

I Love Ties - Face Book 


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