Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jane Fonda As Barbarella

Jane Fonda in the Sci-fi film  Barbarella
This post has nothing to do with neckties however you may like it, especially if you like cult classic films.  And more important, this blog is for men and this film features a very sexy Jane Fonda and other very sexy women - Jeffrey Hunter

Barbarella is a cult 1968 science fiction film based on the French Barbarella comics created by Jean-Claude Forest. The film was directed by Roger Vadim and stars Jane Fonda, who was Vadim's wife at the time. The film also cast John Phillip Law, Milo O'Shea.

In the far future, a highly sexual woman, Barbarella played by Jane Fonda is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way she encounters various unusual people and life forms, including robotic warriors. 
The unforgettable opening of the film features Fonda undressing in zero gravity.  In the future in the year 40,000 Barbarella is tasked with a mission by the President of Earth to find Durand Durand.  He is the creator of the Positronic Ray, a weapon that could be used to destroy Earth.  She must travel in her space ship to the far reaches of space to planet Tau Ceti to find him and destroy the weapon.  She crashes her ship upon arriving on the planet and from then on, the very sexy Barbarella is helped by handsome men anxious to have intimate quality time with her.  Her adventure is action packed and along the way she is outfitted with some very sexy costumes.

Produced by Dino De Laurentiis
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) 10 October 1968 (1968-10-10) (United State)
18 October 1968 (1968-10-18) (Italy)
25 October 1968 (1968-10-25) (France)
Running time 98 minutes
Budget $9 million
Gross revenue $613,285

photos and trailers at
view this trailer Barbarella

A side note of interest - the 80's and 90's rock group Durand Durand not only got their name from their fondness of the film that they used several set themes that were similar to Barbarella sets on their music videos.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Sexy Babe Wearing A Tie

A Sexy Babe Wearing A Necktie

Two Sexy Women Wearing Ties - Well At Least One Is A Real Necktie 
O.K. Maybe this is not a real tie - do you care?

Valentine's Day is coming up so you may want to think about a gift for the lady in your life or ladies.  Check out some of the sexy clothing this web site sells.

Sexy gifts for valentines day

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Justin Bieber Sporting a Necktie

Justin Bieber and Ozzy Ozbourne greet eachother on the set of their Super Bowl Advertisement
This kid can really sing, his debut single was ‘One Time’, which found a position in the top 30 in over ten nations.  His release, ‘My World’, happened in November 2009, and was eventually bequeathed platinum certification in America. 
Justin Bieber wears a necktie with real style

He may be only 16 years old but he has plenty of style.  On a recent photo shoot he sports a necktie shirt-less.  Now that is style.  He also wears ties with shirts so do not be alarmed.

The Canadian teenage singing marvel, Justin Bieber, is, at last, prepared to divulge his upper body in a completely undressed state for a magazine. The 16-year-old Bieber recently participated in a photo shoot session, in which he only sported an unmade tie and demonstrated a little brief beneath his jeans.

According to the official Justin Bieber Fan Site

“Justin was talking to the stylist, asking her to take sexy pictures of him for his girlfriend, He was just being cute about it, joking around, but he definitely wanted to look good for this girl. He never said the name Selena, but we knew who it was.”

Justin does tie neckties also

These on-set pictures can already be witnessed at X17Online, notwithstanding which the exhilaration doesn't discontinue there. The website attained data from a source on the set that Bieber has dispatched the shirtless photos to his girlfriend through his cell phone. The girlfriend has been presumed to be Selena Gomez.

Brace yourselves, Beliebers! Your boo, Justin Bieber, was photographed shirtless while he took a break during a photoshoot last December in Hollywood, CA. The Biebs wore some slacks that were low enough to show his briefs and a loose tie around his neck. OMG, OMG, OMG……….right?!   read more here

further stuff read more here

checkout Justin and Jay Leno from the Tonight Show Jan 28, 2011  on his Fan Site

click here for his photo with the tie draped over his neck  X17Online

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sexy Cyborg Women

Sexy Cyborg Women
Check out some far out sexy cyborg babes that are not all flesh and bone.  This has nothing to do with men's neckties but what the heck.  If you like ties then you'll love these not so real sexy girls.

Awesome Cyborg Girls

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Reason Not To Wear A tie

You Don't Stand A Chance

Never wear a necktie if you think that you could get into a confrontation.  I think I have spelled this out already more than once in this blog but when I read Example #1 on  Scary Girl Friend Beahaviors on Ask Men I decided to high light it in another post. - Jeffrey Hunter

She won't let you break up with her

It's not going well (and that's putting it nicely). The relationship is a nightmare. It's time to pull the plug. Only problem: She won't let you. the link  just in case you missed it.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy Things Women Do

Crazy babes - we have all been there,, right?

So what if men are from another planet then women.  I actually say that women are from another galaxy which I attribute to some stand up comedian's routine I heard on the radio 15 years ago.  Venus, across the gulf of space - no reason to be nuts, I could be wrong.  Women may love ties but watch out, a word of advice.  If you think that a  babe is going to get physical then take your tie off as wearing a necktie is a sure way to get your ass kicked or even worse choked to death in case the babe goes King Kong on you.

As seen in "Ask Men"

Every woman seems perfect at first because she is on her best behavior. Sure, she has a couple of glitches in her programming, but nothing that’s cause for concern. Recently, though, she’s been exhibiting some red-flag behavior. From showing up places uninvited to getting a little punchy during minor arguments, your girlfriend is displaying some scary character flaws that have you wondering if she is stable or even safe to be around.

click below to read more

Here are the top 10 scary girlfriend behaviors and what to do to keep things from getting worse.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

CFBI and the Mafia Ties

The Good Fellas - 1990 by Martin Scorsese. 
Starring Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci.
Right out of Hollywood the FBI goes on the hunt for a hundred Mafia Dons in New York City

On Jan. 20, 2011 the FBI is rounded up over 100 Mafia suspects in the largest mob operations ever. The FBI calls it the biggest mafia round-up in New York history.  More than 100 suspected mobsters were being arrested early in the morning in connection with numerous federal investigations into the New York area mob groups.  In all members from all five New York families and the DeCavalante family of New Jersey, and the New England family were indicted in Federal Courts in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Newark,  and Providence Rhode Island.  The charges include extortion, labor racketeering, loansharking, gambling, drug dealing, obstruction of justice, and murder.

It could be that the FBI could tie many New Yorkers to the Mafia.  I lived in New York for years as an adult and I speak from some authority on this issue.  I do not think that they could deal with all of people that are "connected" in some way or another, if just in some minor way.  Then the question comes to mind "who is calling the kettle black?"  If you ask me and others that read between the lines the FBI and Justice Department could just as well be guilty of everything that they are accusing the Mafia of.

As for Thursday January 20 in the Big Apple it was just like Hollywood movies that portray the Mafia. Francis Ford Copolla created his master piece "The God Father" with a realistic vision of life in the Mafia.   The Mafia Dons depicted in Good Fellas by Martin Scorsese is another example of fine film making.  In both films as is real life the "bad" guys look really good.  They are always "dressed to the nines" as these guys are the men who make a powerful statement without saying a word. In New York City wearing neckties is very common as the getting respect in "the city" demands a show of style. What ever business you are in wearing a tie will set the things straight. Being professional and serious could not be any easier. The men in New York's Mafia are extremely fashion conscience; many people look at them and their appearance is very demanding all of the time.  Gangsters are usually very stylish by nature, so of course they wear neckties. You can bet that when the men arrested today make their court appearances they will be dressed accordingly. Gangsters, the Mafia and ties - well to prove the point check out the Photo Shop image below of a girl wearing red neckties I found on a site concerning web design and Photo Shop technique, while searching for Mafia images on Google.  And please checkout gangster ties at Nice Tie Store - part of our Hollywood neckties, what else!

Read more on the site that specialized in the Mafia.  Gangland News  They call it the biggest Mob round up in history.

A really cool post in Ask Men - FBI Raid Proves That Mobsters Still Have Cool Names "You just don't fuck with a man named Junior Lolipops."

Read about here on ASK MEN Mafioso: A History Of Mafia Names   Here is where you can find the history of Mafia names and learn about the Mafia families: the Colombo Family - formally known as the Profaci family, and the Gambino Family in La Cosa Nostra in New York.  No list of famous gangsters would be complete without talking about Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone. He was known as “Scarface.”  Charles “Lucky” Luciano is one of the most famous and best-remembered of all gangsters. He is like the Joe DiMaggio of the Mafia. He got his name “Lucky” when he was kidnapped and attacked by three assassins in 1929; they beat him and stabbed him multiple times and left him to die on the beach in New York. He survived the ordeal, which is why they called him “lucky,”
Another fun image which has nothing to do with neckties or the Mafia but illustrates an FBI agent every man wants to be arested by.

Mafia Girl wearing a red necktie.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

How Many Neckties Are Sold Every Year in The USA

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Last year, 29 million ties were sold in the US. The largest manufacturer of neckties is PVH. I would suggest looking at the annual report for Phillips Van Heusen.

Also, check out my line of functional neckties. The world's only neckties that stay in perfect position and feature a concealed pocket.

Live the Tie Life!


Annual Report for Phillips Van Heusen

found on Yahoo Answers

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Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda Necktie

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2003

A Star Wars Necktie

This is a life size Yoda about 4 feet tall and he was as real as possible, almost C.G.I. Real "Official Licensed Star Wars Tie wear I will." I sell Star Wars neckties so this was a fun thing for me.  I love Star Wars but not the newer ones like I love the first three which became the last three numbers 4, 5 and 6. It is charming although confusing enough that Yoda talks backwards. I guess for a guy that is nostalgic making the prequels ruined something that had become a special thing for me. Now I was having to except a story that explains stuff that replaced my imagination of what was possible - the events before Luke Skywalker would ever hold a light saber in his hand.

You may be wondering how I was able to find Yoda let alone get the chance to tie the Star Wars Yoda Tie around his neck. That is easy; just down the street from where my home used to be in Imperial Beach there was a doughnut shop where the Jedi Master Yoda was very proudly but obscurely displayed high on top of a Coca Cola Machine.

Making Yoda look like he is in outer space was not as easy as finding him but I was able to fix all of that in Photo Shop. The blue vertical pattern is what was white vertical blinds and I have no idea how I did the rest of the background as this was back in 2003, but it sure is a convincing look me. I stood on a chair to take the shot as Yoda's master would not let me dare touch hum, ( yes this Yoda now has a master and he is just a Coca Cola master not a Jedi Master ). His value according to the doughnut shop owner was hundreds of millions as there were not many life size Yodas made and he somehow got his through a Star Wars Coca Cola campaign.

It was sad to see Yoda being bullied around by the doughnut man-  but heck this was Imperial Beach not Hollywood and not a long time ago in a galaxy far away either.

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An Un-usual Nature Necktie

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2000

A Nice Scarecrow With a Really Nice Tie - Red Cardinals by Endangered Species

This photograph of a Scarecrow wearing an Endangered Species tie illustrating Red Cardinals is somewhat of a clash in fashion. Every day for almost four years on my way to the necktie kiosk I owned in the Irvine Spectrum Center I drove past a small community garden where there were tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and even some nice flowers. It was not very big and it was certainly out of place, along the side of Moulton Parkway in Irvine heading north and south just east of Laguna Canyon. Across the street there was a Albertson's Super Market, a Longs Drugs,  a California D.M.V. and some other stores. There was always a saturation of cars as this was the path locals took during commuting to and from work, so it was a buzy road to travel. Traffic was never light except at night and for myself at least, this little patch of land was an odd thing to see every morning and a nice departure. Certainly it was out of the ordinary, especially the lone sentinel; "that not so scary scarecrow."

I decided to make the friendly looking scarecrow a bit friendlier at least for about a half hour or so. I had especially selected for him an Endangered Species Red Cardinal necktie that I tied around his neck. Tying ties is easy actually once you get the hang of it but I had a great difficulty getting the tie around the scarecrow’s neck. I had never tied a tie this way, and I discovered that it is quite difficult to do if you are not tying the tie around your own neck. I did not want the scarecrow to look stupid with a poorly tied tie – not too short, not too long and a nice knot.

I did not leave the tie that I so carefully tied around his neck although I did think about leaving it for him to wear. I am sure that the scarecrow could have cared less but it was a very weird thing that happened a few days later. The scarecrow you see was sporting a really nice American Flag Tie. I guess he felt more important with that tie – neckties do have that effect on a man so he must have gone across the street to the mall to pick one up.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Imperial Palace Casino Guard Wearing a Tie


An Imperial Guard In Uniform Necktie
An Imperial Guard In Uniform Necktie
Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2000

A Tough Guy Tie

The Las Vegas Imperial Palace on the famous Las Vegas Strip has two of these fierce looking bouncers at the door.  If a gambler thinks that he can get away with cheating the house in that casino he may have to deal with one of these guys maybe both of them.

For sure this is a clip on necktie as I really think that it would be impossible to get a tie tied around a neck so fat and besides, every bouncer knows that if your anticipate fighting then you batter have a tie that comes off really fast.  Otherwise the bouncer gets bounced.  A necktie is a sure way to lose any fight or physical confrontation.
Read more here

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Low Man On The Totem Pole Trending Art Necktie

Totem Pole wearing a Van Gogh Art Necktie
Totem Pole wearing a Van Gogh Art Necktie
Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2002

The Van Gogh Sunflowers Art Tie Never Looked So Good

I found this rather tall guy really late one night or early in the morning, which ever, on the way to a trade show somewhere off the I-5 in Oregon, ( most of him is not picture here ). I thought how nice the Van Gogh Art Tie Sunflowers would look placed strategically on Woody’s neck. Yeah I gave him a name too, and no I did not leave the tie behind.

This lonely guy was standing right in front of the gas station as a tourist attraction.  Woody never said a word, he did not object to having to wear a novelty tie, in fact he did nothing at all except stand there in the dark cold night with a bunch of guys on his shoulders.   This tie illustrates a Van Gogh multi-million dollar painting worth so many millions that Vincent Van Gogh is not very well rested in the afterlife. Only one person bought one of his paintings and that was out of sympathy from his brother.

For  the rest of this funny story please read more here

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Fine Art Ties
Checkout more photo art Photo Art Tie Gallery

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A Skeleton Wearing a Necktie

The Death of A Salesman Necktie
The Chiropractic  Necktie - How Fitting.
Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2000

The Death of A Salesman Necktie`

Every man should wear a tie to be properly buried – this poor guy had un-paid bills to pay off and now has to work as a salesmen at the Bare Bones store in the Irvine Spectrum Mall in Southern California.  They needed a salesman that had an understanding of the human anatomy and just about everything else that could make the difference in a sale or not.  Pushing invisible men and other learning fashioned items for kids was a real uphill battle as just a few meters away was an anime retailer.  .

Read more here

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Necktie - An Animation Short Film by Jean Fancios Levesque

The celebrated short animation by Jean Fancios Levesque

A mixture of puppet and hand-drawn animation, The Necktie is the story of Valentin and his quest to find meaning in his life. Stuck in a dead-end job, he has forgotten all about the things that used to bring him joy. Years pass, and boredom replaces all his aspirations and hope for the future. It is only on his 40th birthday, when he rediscovers an old accordion hidden in the depths of his closet, that he regains his lust for life.
Filmmaker Jean-François Lévesque has a superb eye for detail and directs his story with subtlety and aplomb. The ingenious mix of puppet animation and animated drawings reinforces the contrast between Valentin — a human, likeable character — and his colleagues and boss, a two-dimensional cardboard cut-out.

The Necktie is a critical look at the apparently immutable powers-that-be, the dehumanizing nature of futile work, and hope reborn after all.

Watch The Necktie - The Animated Short Film

National Film Board of Canada official web site The Necktie
An Interview with the filmmaker Jean Francois Levesque

The following is taken from - the free Encyclopedia of the Internet

The Necktie (French: ''Le noeud cravate'') is a 2008 animated short by Jean-François Lévesque about a man with a dreary job who rediscovers his old accordion at age 40, and with it, his joy for life.[1]

The film uses a variety of animation techniques. The central character is a puppet filmed in stop-motion, inside miniature sets. His co-workers are animated with traditional animation drawings on paper, digitally integrated into shots but designed to give the appearance of being 2D cardboard cutouts.[1] The Necktie was produced in Montreal by the National Film Board of Canada.

The film garnered the Jutra Award for best animation, the Fabrizio Bellochio Prize for Social Content at the I Castelli Animati Festival as well as the Best Short Film Award and the Audience Prize for Best Canadian Short Film at the Montreal World Film Festival.[2][3]

Originally from Saint-Gabriel, Quebec, Lévesque lives and works principally in Montreal. As a child, he had participated in animation workshops in the Carrousel international du film de Rimouski children's film festival; in 2009, he was named its honorary co-president.[3]

read more at - The Necktie

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Reinventing How To Tie Neckties

If there ever was a way to make something simple - very difficult or visa versa, this is it.

check this video out if you really wat to tie ties a whole new way

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Necktie Knots by Newsweek

Newsweek Video illustrating necktie knotting by the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.

Mark-Evan Blackman from the Fashion Institute of Technology on the perfect political power-tie knot. (Producer/Camera/Editor: Jon Groat)

check this You Tube Video out

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Another You Tube Tie Magic Trick by Hugo Valenzuela

Magic Singing Necktie

This singing necktie magic trick highlights a tie that sings and performes a magic card trick at the same time.  You have never seen anything like this before - I am sure of that.

click here to check it out - magic singing necktie 

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iPod Apple Ad Commercial Music Dance Necktie

A really cool You Tube video of a dance routine highlighting a necktie.  If you like neckties - you'll love this.

check it out iPod Apple Ad - Necktie Routine

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Necktie Magic

how you can make fun of neckties in your office

click here to see this fun necktie magic trick

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dogs That Wear Ties

A lesson to be learned from man's best friend.

click here for more images

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How To Sew A necktie

How to sew a necktie video

Check a necktie to be cut on the bias before deciding how to sew a necktie. Learn how to sew a necktie in this free fashion video from a fine men's clothing professional.

Mark Breaux, manager of the Eugene, Oregon Men's Wearhouse, has worked in fine men's clothing for over 27 years. He has been managing the Eugene location for nine years, but has been with the company for over 16 years in five different locations throughout the West. He is fluent in tying most knot types, including his favorite, the Full Windsor and the elusive bow tie.

Featured Articles

How to Wear a Tie

How to Tie a Military Knot

How to Tie a Half Windsor

How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot

Tie a Bow Tie
Read more: Mark Breaux

Read more: How to Sew a Necktie: How to Tie Neckties & Bow Ties

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On Wearing Neckties

I found this post on  

  Philosophy@Utah State   Happenings in and around the USU Philosophy program

Chalk one for neckties on the scoreboard. Finally there is some athoritive on the necktie and dressing. I have always said that a man wearing a tie was distinctive in more ways than just trying to be stylish. - Jeffrey Hunter

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society” – Mark Twain

"The Alma Mater and the Necktie" - The problem with the loss of the necktie (and the general shabby dress of most academics these days), is that the loss of form leads to a loss of seriousness on the part of everyone involved in the education process.

I recently read an excellent book by Phillippe Beneton called “Equality by Default: An Essay on Modernity as Confinement.” Equality by default is “founded on an idea of man which breaks with all the humanism of the West. Man is pure indetermination, autonomy without a compass, liberty without a vocation, he is what he makes himself.” We have more rights in the modern age and our culture is more egalitarian, but we find ourselves dispossessed. Modern man finds himself emptied out and isolated. Since autonomy and liberty have become absolute values, and culture has been “deconstructed” and relativized to death, we have no bearings remaining to find our way. This, then, gives rise to a mechanistic understanding of the person and society as “virtues, customs, and forms recede in favor of methods, rules, and procedures.”

One chapter applies this view to academic dress (an essay called “The Alma Mater and the Necktie”). The problem with the loss of the necktie (and the general shabby dress of most academics these days), is that the loss of form leads to a loss of seriousness on the part of everyone involved in the education process. These forms (culturally inherited norms around dress and such things) help us to see distinctions “among activities, times, ways of being”. The academic who dresses in the proper form rejects the idea that everything is equivalent, that going to class is no more serious an affair than going to see a movie. The proper form of dress, then, helps to communicate the seriousness and nobility of the experience of philosophical inquiry and wonder to the student. After all, teaching is about more than transmitting information to students. Teaching also concerns teaching “attitudes of the intellect”. So, Beneton says, respect for proper academic dress help cultivate the “habitus required for intellectual life”.

One rather surprising claim – it is actually less de-personalizing to wear a “uniform” than to wear whatever one wants. When we wear whatever we want, he suggests, we make it more difficult to develop certain forms of personal relationships and to see distinctions between different activities and ways of being.

I think Beneton is really on to something with this view. One of the things I have learned from teaching large classes (150-200 students) is that form matters. In such classes, it is impossible to develop personal relationships with more than a handful of students. As such, many students make all sorts of judgments and pre-judgments about the instructor and even the discipline he teaches based on how the instructor walks into the room, what they wear, how they speak, etc. As a concrete example, I am always surprised by how often my beard comes up in my evaluations.

I have always dressed pretty well to teach, but have considered wearing a tie for some time. In particular, I have often considered wearing a bow tie. I like the bow tie because of how it looks, but I also have fond memories of them. I grew up wearing bow ties to Cotillion for many years as a child and young man. (Cotillions are ballroom dancing lessons – we learned to dance, boys learned to bow, girls learned to curtsy, we learned formal table manners and social graces, this sort of a thing).

Anyway, the Beneton essay put me over the top. Beneton is right, it is not up to me what I wear. To think it is entirely up to me is to think that I have liberty without vocation, autonomy without a compass, that I am whatever I make myself. The tie says NO to all of this modern autonomous nonsense. So, then, the tie and the bow tie will be my little contribution, the little blow I strike, against the culture of autonomy. Take that!

Philippe Beneton is a professor of political science on the Faculty of Law at the University of Rennes, France. This article was drawn from his book entitled Equality by Default.

PHILIPPE BENETON, True & False Tolerance -

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Women Wearing Ties?

Image Courtesy of

I found this post on Beauty Blog

While browsing my beloved People’s Style Watch website yesterday, I came across their usual “Would You Wear These Trends” collage of photos. The first one was the above image. There you have Leighton Meester, AnnaLynne McCord and Winona Ryder, all in tailored suits with feminine neckties. This intrigued me…

Women wearing neckties isn’t a new concept at all. This became popular back in the 1970′s when Diane Keaton popularized the Annie Hall look. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with Diane Keaton or Annie Hall. In that case, think Avril Lavigne…. back when she wore that sort of attire. That’s not as far back as 1970, but it wasn’t yesterday either. Now let’s take a look at how the necktie is fashionable for women:

■Women’s neckties tend to be slimmer than men’s, which set them apart and allow for a more flattering look.

■Women’s neckties come in more color and print assortments than men’s.

■Women have more options of wear with ties than men. We can pair a loose tie with a casual outfit as well as go for a more professional look, like the image above.

Speaking of casual outfits, you may have a hard time picturing it. Think loose collared shirt with a few buttons undone from the collar, paired with jeans in your choice of color. Amp up the look with heels or boots! In regards to the professional look, you don’t have to wear the tie with a tailored suit. Pencil skirts are in and a tie would pair fantastically!

I can’t say I’m feeling compelled to go and purchase some neckties. I don’t think this is one style that calls to me, nor will it suit me even if I tried. (That’s just me. I do feel the necktie would look great on others!) I also think that AnnaLynne McCord is pulling off the necktie the best! What about you? Would you wear the women’s necktie? What are your thoughts? Share!

NeutraKris Beauty Blog

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Very Unusual Necktie Art

Ocean Beach San Diego necktie artist says she just wants to get people thinking

Just when I thought that I had seen everything possible about neckties, well at least read.  I sure wish I had a photo of this - Jeffrey Hunter

By Andy Castagnola

Friday, December 31, 2010 at 10:04 p.m.

check out the story and the video on

OCEAN BEACH — Who’s the person behind the fashionable conversation piece that’s sprouted at Monaco Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard?

Her name is April Cromer, a local artist and jewelry and clothing designer. And she answered a few questions about her unusual necktie-on-a-pole street art.

Q: How many ties are on there?
A: I didn’t even count. I would guess like 75.

Q: Have people been adding their own ties to the pole?
A: It’s street art, so it’s up to anyone to take a tie or add a tie or do whatever they want with it.

Q: Have you ever done public art before?
A: Not at this scale, no. I’ve always been interested in street art.

Q: Why neckties?
A: Well, I guess to be completely honest, I was trying to get rid of a bunch of art supplies. I got this idea to put them somewhere where everyone can enjoy them, instead of sitting in an art room collecting dust. … I decided to figure out how to tie a double-Windsor and go down there and do it.

Q: Why on a street pole?
A: I wanted it to be somewhere where people were going to see it on their daily walk, somewhere that has a lot of foot traffic. … O.B. has always been home for me. … I wanted it to be in a place that was familiar to me.

Q: What do you think when you see it?
A: It’s my little contribution to the community. O.B. is such a kooky, crazy place. … I love seeing random pieces of art wherever I go. It changes your environment, makes you see things differently, makes you ask all these questions.

Q: What kind of response have you gotten?
A: I’ve been there a couple of times since I put it up. I was down there today and saw this woman walking her dog and two kids. … It was cool to be connected with other people in community; hopefully they’re inspired to make something of their own.

Q: How long will you leave it up?
A: I plan on leaving it there until the city decides to take it down, or when the ties are taken on their own adventure. I really have no intention of taking it down.

Q: How long have you lived in San Diego? What’s your profession?
A: I grew up here. I went to San Francisco for school for a while. I went to art school. I have a small clothing and jewelry business … and I use found objects repurposed into wearable works of art. I sell at the O.B. Farmers Market on Wednesdays.

Q: What’s next for you?
A: I have a lot of fabric that I’d like to do something with. Not enough ties to do another tie pole. I want to mix it up. I can’t say what the next step is. My friends say I should make a gigantic tie and hang it from electrical wires. It’ll be whatever comes to mind.

MY COMMENT ON SIGN ON SAN DIEGO: PLEEEEAASSSSEEEEEEE what is all the fuss. Well - I think that this fantastic. It is a wonderful thing that a simple thing like tying a few ties on a tel pole could cause such a stir. It is definitely art and if those who can only speak negatively about it then a reality check is in order. Maybe they are jealous that their own creative efforts never amount to anything. Andy Warhol already proved that anything could considered as artwork.

Now the real question here is if it were bras or under wear would there be less of a controversy. Maybe not, maybe more, but surely because so many men are afraid of neckties and the serious demeanor that they represent the uproar is loud and clear.

Can some please send me a photo of this unique necktie street sign artwork so I can post it on my blog http://nicetiestore.blogspot.c...

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recycled Fashion Tie Dress

Dare I say - If men quit wearing ties completely women will have a use for them.- Jeffrey Hunter

Posted by Adam Foster -photography by Adam Foster on flickr

A dress made of recycled neck ties donated by family friends or collected from car boot sales.

I know very little about the dress and how it was made; but here is an explanation from my sister for anyone who is interested :

"The main part of the dress was made from a pattern and then the flounce was replaced with a collection of ties. Dress itself has invisible zipper in the back and is fully lined and has light boning. I collected the ties in shades of blues to match the main part of the dress.The fabric was a roll end which was going cheap" - Alison.

This photo was taken on June 2, 2009 in Skipton, England, GB, using a Canon EOS 400D Digital.

Model: Alison Foster
Outfit: Made by Alison Foster
Photographer: Adam Foster

Adam Foster Photography

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The Peacock Effect: For the Sake of Originality Let's Ditch the Necktie

The Peacock Effect and men's fashion
I do not agree with "ditching the necktie" but that is part of the title of this blog post as I found it on Daily Music Press Blog searching for an image for our previous post. 

I have always said that a man wearing a necktie, especially a very colorful and bold design was emulating the same characteristics as a peacock in nature. Male Peacocks display their feathers in a show of colorful passion. As part of a defensive character and a show of strength this display of nature is sensational. Much like a well dressed man adorning a suit complemented by a tie. - Jeffrey Hunter

Monday, July 26, 2010 - The Daily Music Press, industry, opinions, news, breaking artists

Ok, It might be imperative to pre-empt this post with the fact that even I have fallen victim to this now, very defunct fashion statement as a musician. Regardless, I was hoping, our community as a whole could mark today as the day we officially lose the necktie as a stylish "alternative" fashion statement for stage or promotional wear.

Let's just spend a short moment trying to understand why the necktie was successful in the first place. Let's break the third wall and think about why this was considered cool and whom or what "made" it cool.

Well, the necktie is traditionally used by professionals in a business setting. Therefore, the necktie makes a few unspoken statements and has it's own ingrained associations. Loosely put, the necktie says: Mature, professional, business, serious, smart, etc. The originator of necktie use in a musical/concert setting (we won't name names) was trying to (whether deliberately or not) create what is considered the "Peacock Effect" by wearing the necktie in a setting that is not usually associated with most of the above terms.

Whether trying to be less revolutionary or just being cool in
their own way - the Beatles sported ties in their early days.
What is the "Peacock Effect?": In a loose definition, the "Peacock Effect" is an effect created when one uses something (in many cases something visual, such as odd colors on clothing, various accessories that are out of the norm, etc.) to stand out in a crowd. Much like an actual peacock would with it's bright colors, etc.

What is another example a the use of the "Peacock Effect" in musical history?

The use of extreme makeup and big hair by the 80's female rock stars, and for men it was not just long hair it was ultra fashioned clothing, leather, and at times bold and outrageous accessories, example - Elton John's wild hats and the “wild” made up faces of Kiss.

What usually happens when the Peacock Effect is overused?

The odd use of the new item in a different setting almost always "stands out" at first, but over time that item usually develops it's own, new associations. For example, the use of the necktie in a musical setting is now usually associated with a singer-songwriter because of it's overuse by this group of musicians. Not only is it no longer original, but it's purpose (to stand out) is pretty much defeated.

Even country star Dierks Bentley
has jumped on the skinny tie bandwagon.

In a quick example that doesn't involve music: For a short while 5 years ago, a male could achieve head-turning attention by wearing pink clothing. Over time, this became less effective with the increasing popularity of the color and the implementation of the association term: "metrosexual." Thus categorizing the use of the color by males. This not only made the use more accepted, but even a standard color choice for men.

This is not to say that musicians are looking for attention, per se. Perhaps you wear the necktie because you find it comfortable, or you usually do when you aren't on stage? But the goal of stage and promotional wear is to wear something unique, something that the audience isn't wearing. You are the star, you are looking to set yourself apart and in essence create an "image." I have personally been told true stories of a record label requiring their musicians, by contract, to wear black socks as opposed to the standard white in order for the band to set themselves apart. Sadly, these types of unique statements are no longer being made by the necktie and only time will tell what will take it's place. Maybe it's just me, but I am hoping it's replacement comes soon. Until then, I am sure that we will continue to see it onstage and through camera lenses.

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Neckties and Occasions – How to Match?

Save novelty - conversation neckties this guy says it all about what necktie to wear and when - Jeffrey Hunter

Author: Gentleman Joe

Neckties and Occasions – How to Match?

Different occasions require different fashion and in terms of neckties there are three major categories that they belong to namely – solid colors, striped and patterned neckties. Each category works really well on a specific occasion and you would definitely find it easy to mix and match as long as you know which of them will look good. For example, dark blue ties match pretty well with any light colored shirt and in any occasion. You can wear it in all your business functions, interview and social gathering with other prominent people in your industry. Black neckties on the other hand are more appropriate for weddings and other more formal functions.

However, even when a dark blue tie may seem casual to any onlooker, it entirely depends on who wears it and how he wears it on that occasion. Most solid ties can be worn on all seasons, events and well-matched with any light colored shirt. It creates the perfect contrast that can highlight your otherwise dead outfit. You just have to remember that they should not be blended with any patterned shirt whether or not they are silk or a mixture of other fabrics. Other than the dark blue necktie, black and other darkly colored neckties are also a must have in your wardrobe such as maroon and dark brown. Nothing could go wrong with the solid colored neckties.

If you want to be more outgoing and successful looking, striped ties would be a great fit. You can choose from different varieties of colors without becoming confused. You just have to remember the kind of event or occasion that you are going to attend so that you would know whether it would work or not. Striped ties that would match well any with formal events are those ties with stripes that are brightly colored with a black background or if not any solid colored background. You can also use them in less formal events particularly those with small sized stripes that are placed widely, which will actually create a more impressive look.

There are also various types of patterned ties that you can choose from such as club, university and plaid. Club ties are those that have small badges, crests and shields as their patterns. They also have different patterns showing racing or golf cars, which are specific to the particular club it represents. No matter what kind of occasion or event that you are going to attend, make sure that your neckties will represent a kind of meaning inherent to you as the wearer. Your necktie represents the truth in your personality and it isn't just picked out of whim. You think when you buy this piece of apparel. You mix them and you match them any way you want them to be. You also consider the event where you are going to wear them to.

Usually, university neckties are those that are made in thin silk fabric. They usually have small geometric designs as their pattern and are used among students in Universities. Dotted and diamond patterned neckties are also trendy today but they are mostly used in non-formal events. If you ever see them worn then they should be well-matched for the most part.

Plaid neckties on the other hand are not suitable for any organizational gathering or solemn events. They are good on informal venues and occasions and almost all types of personalities can benefit from wearing plaid neckties.
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What Else Can You Do With A Necktie

Author: Tricia Oliver

Neckties are a must-have for men. You can also make a statement with your necktie by choosing a color or pattern that contrasts with your shirt color or suit.

Fashion is not only for women. The TV show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and celebrities with style like Brad Pitt and David Beckham have shown that men can be both masculine and fashionable at the same time. Now another popular TV show, AMC’s “Mad Men” have brought increasing attention to a staple masculine fashion accessory - neckties.

Neckties have been worn by men since the 1920s. It has practically become a must-have for working men - especially men with powerful careers - in order to project an image of power and influence. Most men wear neckties with their shirts or suits, and they usually go for simple ties, with monochromatic colors or subdued tones. But is there anything else you can wear with a necktie?

Besides the ordinary colors, why not jazz up your neckties a bit by adding more designs and colors to your ensemble? For one, vintage ties have become increasingly popular these days. The advantage with going vintage is that you get to have the most unique and exquisite design on a tie. In most department stores, neckties tend to have the usual stripes design or colors - but all of them tend to look alike. If you want to set apart from the rest, vintage ties are the way to go. You can choose from an array of eras - the loud-colored neckties of the 1970s or the skinny neckties of the 1950s, or perhaps more vintage patterns that date back to the 1920s.

You can also make a statement with your necktie by choosing a color or pattern that contrasts with your shirt color or suit. For example, pink and yellow neckties are cool colors to go with your navy blue suit. Neckties with unusual patterns like dots, stripes, stars, paisley or even Mickey Mouse can surely be eye-catching and an attention-grabber, but make sure you are using it in the appropriate place or occasion. On the other hand, shorter and slimmer neckties would give you a younger and rock star vibe. For affordable ties, Beau Ties Ltd of Vermont offers a range of men’s accessories, which includes neckties and bowties using designs such as cows, ascot or ladies’ scarves in their list of choices. They also offer a necktie conversion, in which they would convert your much worn out tie into a nice little old bowtie.

Men’s necktie will never drop off from the face of the fashion world - it will always appear and re-appear in similar or different forms, always surprising its wearers of the novelty it can provide in their day to day wear. Of course, a good quality necktie will never fail to complete your wardrobe.
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Neckties - Particular Opinions on the Significance of Neckties

Author: Jeff - Article Base

No one should feel restricted to use neckties. No one should even hesitate to do so. In case you hope to receive regard from every person around you, use your necktie. Not every person recognizes what a necktie stands for nonetheless it's about time that they do, via you.

Borrowing yet another thing found in men's cabinets, the necktie is an amazing complement for this boyfriend design. You can find lots of means that men's neckties may be included to a boyfriend outfit that allows a young lady to show her own design in the latest style movement.

Sex equality has demonstrated itself in numerous means. Even the style business was not an exemption. Women formerly wore clothes ornamented with boughs and festooned with laces. Males wore scarves, ties and coats. From these clothes itself, you might equate women as being delicate and men being the more robust sex. Trend was a standing icon, it was the standing quo. But with the shifting standing of men and women, style proceeded with the flow and granted women to use pants, jackets and neckties-pieces of outfits that were formerly just for the distinguished sex.

All over the world, you can notice that there are colleges that demand their students, both girls and boys, to use neckties as component of their uniform. These neckties have no unique cuts or shades to distinguish each sex. However, the only differentiating section of the uniform is skirts, worn by women, nonetheless then again, coats are still worn with neckties.

Neckties are tiny and sometimes insignificant details of men's wardrobe. This necktie has stood by feminism and became the shimmering beacon of sex and class equality. In case you try to look around, you can see that neckties are not only worn by men, nonetheless by women as well with total ignore to their political organizations and social standing.

In the international economy, where there are both men and women players, there's no constraint regarding who might use a coat with neckties. Every person is simply required to display a perception of ritual and decency. People use coats regardless their standing and everyone dons a necktie, again, with ignore to whoever is more profoundly knowledgeable or has the power. Every person is provided the authority to use a necktie in unique occasions, organization meetings, marriage ceremonies, job interviews and the like.

Patriarchy has constantly been the movement in lots of societies across the world. In this whole world, men are constantly considered as greater than women. The woman population has constantly battled to challenge for their authority and equal opportunities. The dawn of the feminist trend has granted progressively more women to unchain themselves from the dictates of patriarchy and find out their possibilities. Right now, women could demonstrate that they were equals of men and patriarchy, although a resilient movement, might constantly be done away with. The business society then encountered the powerful leadership of women and witnessed as progressively more women outshone men in diverse fields of specialty area.

Neckties have constantly showed superiority and strength. This element of outfits accessory were worn stringently and exclusively by men and those who guarantee regard and compliance. It was exclusively for the distinguished few. But with the shifting times, the neckties were provided to every person who merits the same as regard as they are humans and as a result, have the same rights and guarantee the same regard provided to anyone.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year for necktie lovers or just lovers.

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