Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Car Wearing Eleven Hundreds Ties


St Louis Post Dispatch

Black tie optional? Hardly any necktie is optional with Brad Cushman's 1976 Delta 88 Oldsmobile. It's covered with 1,100 of them, in every color and style. They're stapled to wooden strips, which are attached to the car's body with machine screws, forming an almost seamless covering of neckties.

 Truck Wearing Ties
I found this on the web  when I first started sell ties on line.  I imagine that this car was a real sight for sore eyes.  Unless you hate ties, then it probably was cause for celebration.  Another tie bites the dust or something like that priobably raced through the minds of those casual guys.  This is another fine example of what to do with neckties besides wearing them, that is a car wearing ties instead of a man wearing ties.  There was no photo with this story which was a real shame.  Ever since then I have had the urge to create my own necktie car.  It must look really cool at about 50 miles an hour with all of those ties flapping in the wind.  It probably loses its effectiveness in the rain.   And in the winter those tentacl;e like ties would be like horizontal icicles which would probvably look really cool. 

Mutant Necktie truck

This guy probably does not have a wife and if he has a girl friend they probably go out in her car or she insists on a taxi.  So, if wearing a necktie is a form of self expression than this car wearing neckties is no exception to that rule.

I did find two images of a truck wearing neckties on Google Image Search - they have everything.

I think I will do a post about one of my favorite subjects soon, car salesman wearing ties - stay tuned.

Video of a Mutant Necktie Truck

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