Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Music Theme Silk Neckties Sing A Song

Silk music ties are the philharmonic of novelty neckties.

Music theme silk novelty neckties are not only for musicians, they are for everyone. Everyone likes music so these ties are a perfect addition to a mans wardrobe and because these are silk music neckties, they make great gifts.

For high school bands, church choirs, or for special events our music notes ties are a classy way of having fun. Opera neckties, piano neckties, and music ties - something for everyone.  This collection of silk ties is avaible at http://www.nicetiestore.com/
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Super Hero Ties - Spiderman, Superman and More

Superhero Necktie
You'll have superhero strength  when 
wearing Superhero Ties

Super Hero Ties - Licensed Marvel and D.C. Comics Official Collector Neckties

Our super hero Spiderman ties and Superman ties are terrific collector items for comic book fans. You will be a popular guy if you wear one of these neckties as these are really attractive.  They are limited edition collector items, licensed by D.C. and Marvel Comics, illustrating original comic book art work.

They are great gifts for the special Super Hero fan in your life or better yet these are a must for your personal tie collection if you like novelty neck wear.  These ties are no longer made so you may want to buy all of them.

Our Spiderman ties are really cool. When wearing one of these neckties you won’t need super hero strength to catch all of the attention at work or play. If giving a gift to someone special who loves comic books or is just a Spiderman fan then these are perfect accessories for a mans wardrobe.

Our licensed Marvel Comics classic super hero ties are collector items.
Spiderman Necktie
Official Spiderman necktie 
collector item 

Marvel Comics Super Hero Spiderman 
At first a trilogy of three films were distributed by Sony Pictures featuring Tobey Maguire who portrayed Peter Parker - Spiderman. Released in 2002, 2004, and 2007 the films total budget was $597 million dollars and returned about 2.5 billion dollars as of 2010.

The Marvel Comics franchise of superhero films was purchased by Disney along with the entire Marvel Comics Universe - comic books, toys, apparel, etc.  Disney released 2 more Spiderman Films in 2012 and 2014 featuring Andrew Garfield as Spiderman.

The price for Marvel was 4 billion dollars.  Not a bad bet according to Disney executives, Marvel's library of superhero characters is very extensive along with an equal fan base. Besides producing films Disney has plans for TV Shows and additions to the Disney Theme Parks.

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Spiderman at Wikipedia 

Spiderman at Marvel Comics 

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Necktie History

From left to right are a Chinese "terra cotta" 
warrior, a Croatian soldier, and Beau Brummel
The History of Neckties - from 221 B.C. to Present Time

What does Rush Limbaugh, Peter Max, Salvador Dali, Jerry Garcia, King Loui the XIV of France, Croatian Mercenaries, Napolean, and the first emperor of China have in common?  The evolution of ties !

Actually the origin of neckties is not just fashion history, the tie is part of world history. This seemingly useless accessory of clothing that men either love or hate has taken quite a path through the ages.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Read more here  Our Revised The History of Neckties

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Winston Churchill and a Secrete Alien Cover Up - Rep Striped Neckties

Winston Churchill, UFO's and aliens - Check out this stuff. Churchill covered up an official Royal Airforce Bombers encounter with a UFO during WWII.  

We all know that the politicians lie so no one should be so surprised at this. Almost everyone believes in aliens from outer space dropping by for a quick "look-see" from time to time. But there is a big surprise which will be my next post that will include a really interesting photograph - INDEED  !!!

Winston Churchill and an alien wearing a necktie? If I did not see it with my own two eyes I would never have believed this.

Now to be honest, I have always believed in UFOs and aliens, heck I think I may have had a few beers with some, or possibly worse. It is not that I could never believe that Churchill would lie about cruising around town with an alien from Outer Space. He was a politician and a master at it, and lying is a prerequisite of that job.

What worries me, is not a cover up about flying saucers - that's old news bro. It is way worse of a problem then the realization that government could trick us. This is a much greater concern as I am a little worried about necktie design, fashion trends and an outrageous inventory of wild ties that I have invested in. This is the same alien that has been photographed recently with President Obama and he is wearing the same conservative rep stripe tie. You can find our post about that right here An Alien Wearing a Tie With President Obama.

If these aliens are actually influencing the fashion design of ties then I could be ruined financially - besides the fact that the popular belief is that these aliens are trying to conquer or world - if that wasn't bad enough. That alien looks a bit stiff wearing that necktie and if you have read anything else on this blog you already know I am not fond of striped conservative neckties. Maybe I can find that alien's email address by searching Google and offer him a couple of complimentary novelty ties at Fun novelty ties at www.nicetestore.com. He may actually become a regular customer - and possibly his pals too.

Here is the rest of the scoop that we will post so you can get the whole story. This is what "they" are telling us now. I am hot on the trail of the Eisenhower files now - stay tuned.

As part of an ongoing project to declassify government reports related to unidentified flying objects, the Ministry of Defense and The National Archives Wednesday released about 5,000 pages of correspondence between the public and British authorities on UFO sightings.

One of the letters was from a man claiming his grandfather was present at a wartime meeting with Churchill and U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower. The declassified letter from 1999 redacts the names of the sender and his grandfather, but says the two leaders were briefed on a UFO incident reported by a Royal Air Force (RAF) bomber crew.

 Yahoo News - Churchill 'banned UFO report to avoid mass panic'

Watch this ABC News Clip if you have any doubts

And don't forget to view this clip also

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Brief History of: The Necktie


Wide or skinny, plaid or plain, synthetic or silk, the tie is a Father's Day staple--nearly 4.5 million dads are getting one on June 15--and one of the few fashion accessories to have survived nearly 400 years of social change. Neck adornments have been worn since ancient times to signify title or wealth or even just to sop up sweat. But modern, mostly decorative neckwear dates from King Louis XIV of France, who first popularized the tie's predecessor, the cravat, after spotting the bow-tie-like embellishment on 17th century Croatian soldiers.

New York City Tenement Necktie Workshop 1889

Two centuries later, the Industrial Revolution helped spread the style to the masses, as millions of workers migrated from farmlands to factories and the business class was born. In 1924 an American tailor named Jesse Langsdorf created--and patented--the tie's modern look, with its bias cut and three-piece construction. By the 1950s, it was said that a man wasn't fully dressed until he had put on his tie. But as the high age of the Organization Man faded, the tie came to symbolize individuality as much as conformity. Ralph Lauren launched the ill-advised 4-in.-wide (10 cm) trend in the 1970s, and the following decade saw the accessory appropriated by everyone from Ivy Leaguers (striped ties!) to punks (skinny ties!) to Wall Street moguls (power ties!).

Tie sales hit a peak of $1.3 billion in 1995 but steadily declined as the dotcom boom threatened to obliterate neckwear entirely and business casual took hold in the workplace. Just last week the Men's Dress Furnishings Association, which represents American tiemakers, announced it will close its doors. Still, some analysts see an upside in the current economic downturn: laid-off workers looking to stand out in job interviews could spark a tie-wearing boom.

Read more:

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reproductive Behavior of the Ordinary Necktie (Strangulus Polyestrus)

The reproduction of neckties and twenty dollar bills
The reproduction of neckties and twenty dollar bills

I found this on the Internet many years ago. Since then we have conducted similar experiments with twenty dollar bills with no success. We are still working at it. 

Regarding the reproduction of ties or more precisely the production of them, we could not effectively manage to yield any tie off spring despite our best efforts.  A friend joked that quite possibly the male neckties were using condoms.   

We also unsuccessfully experimented with cultivating neckties or as Dr. Foulard describes them Strangulus P. In make shift greenhouses, or in the backyard no Strangulus P. grew on trees - very similar to the age old myth - money doesn't grow on trees.  As well we tried to cultivate twenty dollar bills without any success despite the use of grafting and or the use of fertilization.  

I think you’ll like this - the sex life of ties.  If you love ties like I love ties - this is fairly funny.  Jeffrey Hunter

Here it is, "The Sex Life of Neckties - Strangulus Polyestrus"
Dr. Horace P. Foulard-Kravatz, Ph.D.

It has been observed for some time that Strangulus Polyestrus has a reproductive cycle closely related to their storage environment, but until now, this behavior has never been documented.

For the initial phase of this study, four groups of 20 Strangulus P. were used. The first was a control group, hung neatly on a tie rack in an open room. Over the course of six months, no reproductive behavior was observed.

A stork and a new born necktie
A stork and a new born necktie
The second group consisted of 20 Strangulus P. hung on a tie rack in a closed closet. After six months in this closet, it was found that no new Strangula had been produced, although several had fallen to the floor during the process of trying to reproduce.

The third group consisted of 20 Strangulus P. flung carelessly into a dresser drawer, which was then closed and sealed for six months. When the drawer was finally opened, it was found that the adult Strangula had been promiscuous indeed, resulting in the formation of seven new Strangula . The coloring of these adolescent Strangula indicated that the Gaudy sub-species has a shorter or more successful reproductive cycle, prompting the research described in the latter part of this study.

The fourth and final group of 20 Strangulus P. was assembled at the request of a colleague who insisted that the best place. For-breeding Strangula was the back seat of a car. This method did prove to be the most productive attempt, although it initially got off to a slow start. At the beginning of the experiment, the dormant Strangula were simply laid neatly across the back seat of the car. No reproductive behavior was observed until they were eventually swept aside to make room for passengers, and ultimately kicked under the driver’s and passenger’s side seats, at which point they not only began to produce at an astonishing, if not outright whorish rate, but also began to display significant signs of territorial belligerence, often attacking the feet and hands of observing scientists. Again, the overwhelming majority of the offspring belonged to the Gaudy sub-species.

This preponderance of Strangulus Polyestrus Gaudy, and a need to waste the remainder of a significant federal grant to ensure continued funding, prompted additional research to contrast and compare the reproductive cycle of Gaudy to the other major sub-species of Strangulus P.: Spotted and Drab . For this phase, 20 adult Strangula of each sub-species were shoved hurriedly into drawers which were subsequently sealed for a period of two months.

After two months, the Drab specimens were still languorously indulging in foreplay, which seemed to consist mainly of estimating one’s net worth and making trite and insincere comments about other Strangula ‘s texture, color, or cooking ability. The Spotted specimens were crusting up nicely and had begun to exude a weird, but not altogether nauseating, odor. The Gaudy specimens, on the other hand, were not only procreating at a scandalous rate, but had established a crude transmission device and were broadcasting talk shows with themes along the lines of “Ketchup: Aphrodisiac or Communist Menace’, and “Women Who Love Piet Mondrians and the Men Who Wear Them”.

It was at this time that the study was dropped abruptly due to intervention from the Dean of the University, who guaranteed tenure only if the damn report would be published already.

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