Sunday, October 24, 2010

What Does Your Necktie Say About You?

Superman Collector Necktie
A Necktie Is The Perfect Accessory To Show Your Personality. 

Are you conservative or liberal?  Do you love art work, sports - are you fun to be with or are you too serious and boring?   

Neckties play an effective role in a man's wardrobe. Whether it be to identify a cause, occupation, a group or just to wear great art. Ties are great conversation starters and give a person a sense of self.

"Tell a man you like his necktie and you will see his personality unfold like a flower." - Countess Mara, 1950. 

Hot Rod Flame Tie
The trend today in neckwear is more than a logo on a tie it's about individuality and style. From the latest trend to the conservative, a necktie says something about your style and reflects values.

The most popular colors have been traditional colors. Close to two thirds of all ties sold are either in the red or burgundy color wave.

Do You Collect Neckties? 
Some men have collected marbles, baseball cards or action figures as a boy growing up and even neckties later on. During the 1940s there were many famous necktie collectors. The owner of the New York Stork Club, Sherman Billingsley had a collection of three thousand ties.

Men started necktie swapping clubs in the 1940s. A man could take his ten worst neckties to the club and exchange them for another man's ten worst neckties. Hard to say if any of the men went home with a better selection of neckties but they did have fun.

Patriotic Neckties
Necktie swapping became extremely popular as a means of passing on unwanted neckwear. Men would stop each other in the middle of busy city streets to swap their necktie. Some of this swapping was done with perfect strangers.
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After 9-11 American men proudly wore American Flag neckties, exclaiming their patriotism with a fashion statement that was unmistakable.  There was no question what the patriotic tie was saying about the man wearing it. 

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