Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Love Ties

Recently I found a blog post entitled "Die Necktie Die" These guys really hate ties. So I commented as follows.

Wow - such hate and towards a fashion accessory. It is as if it was a straight jacket.  I love ties, and women love ties. I also love women. I will continue but I really should not have to as those last two sentences should easily sell the argument in favor of ties.

We are all entitled to have an opinion and hating is not healthy but I am guilty of being a hater too. I hate button flies in jeans instead of zippers, that’s because I cannot un-do those buttons fast enough and if I am in a pinch for time, pissing on myself is an embarrassment. I also hate shoe laces but that is another story, I prefer cowboy boots not because they have no laces, but that is a plus.

Now the rest of the argument for ties to live. Only God decides who lives and who dies and that could or should apply to fashion accessories - but for the record.  When I go out without a suit and tie I just sort of blend in with every other guy. If I am dressed in a suit and tie my appearance is polished and special, which commands attention and respect. Dressing up has always been a distinction of having self worth. I feel like a million even if I am broke and nothing else that I know of can do this job. An example comes to mind; remember Schindler in the beginning of the Steven Spielberg movie Schindler's List. With a mission to network into big business deals Liam Neeson carefully organizes himself down to the finest detail before going to the club. He makes the opportunities he needs because of his style. He is thought to be the most important gentlemen in the house - because he looks the part.

I really do not know why so many men hate ties. It is as if they are just in a rebellious frame of mind against looking successful and being handsomely packaged. Shakespeare said, “The apparel oft proclaims the man," He was not just commenting on a fashion statement but factually making a point.

So I do not care if some men hate ties. If I am the only guy "dressed to the nines" when I go out chasing babes then that means I will have some advantage. Do not kid yourself women really do like ties. And a man will get greater respect if he is dressed the part. Ties are actually fun to wear. They are a statement and the only way a man can artistically express himself, save tattoos and wearing a pair of pants hanging so low that you are cracking. Now that is another way to get attention and quite possibly a conversation starter with women. Showing off my undies or what is beneath them is not what I want to be remembered for, at least at the first impression.

I do not strive to be the serious guy either wearing a tie. I am not trying to be someone that I am not. I almost never wear conservative boring striped ties; mostly I wear loud bold pattern designs with very bright colors or novelty ties. My favorite tie is the Silver Surfer in silk b Ralph Marlin, no longer made. I used to surf and illustration of the Surfer gliding through the heavens with a bright cosmic universe as the background is just literally out of this World.

So the best to all of you guys that are afraid to tie a noose around your neck of whatever reason it is that you hate ties. I have a web site selling ties and a blog - I make a comfortable living and I can work my hours, listen to my music and wear a tie or not regardless of who says what the dress code is. I once wrote a funny essay called 41 things that you cannot do with a tie. I will post it to my blog today. Everyone one of the items listed is a fact so you cannot say that you were not warned.

And just in case you decide you better have at least one tie and you dare not own a boring conservative model, we have you covered. We have ties illustrating Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Monroe and lucky dice, hot rod flames and so on at fashion and novelty neckties at

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