Thursday, January 20, 2011

CFBI and the Mafia Ties

The Good Fellas - 1990 by Martin Scorsese. 
Starring Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci.
Right out of Hollywood the FBI goes on the hunt for a hundred Mafia Dons in New York City

On Jan. 20, 2011 the FBI is rounded up over 100 Mafia suspects in the largest mob operations ever. The FBI calls it the biggest mafia round-up in New York history.  More than 100 suspected mobsters were being arrested early in the morning in connection with numerous federal investigations into the New York area mob groups.  In all members from all five New York families and the DeCavalante family of New Jersey, and the New England family were indicted in Federal Courts in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Newark,  and Providence Rhode Island.  The charges include extortion, labor racketeering, loansharking, gambling, drug dealing, obstruction of justice, and murder.

It could be that the FBI could tie many New Yorkers to the Mafia.  I lived in New York for years as an adult and I speak from some authority on this issue.  I do not think that they could deal with all of people that are "connected" in some way or another, if just in some minor way.  Then the question comes to mind "who is calling the kettle black?"  If you ask me and others that read between the lines the FBI and Justice Department could just as well be guilty of everything that they are accusing the Mafia of.

As for Thursday January 20 in the Big Apple it was just like Hollywood movies that portray the Mafia. Francis Ford Copolla created his master piece "The God Father" with a realistic vision of life in the Mafia.   The Mafia Dons depicted in Good Fellas by Martin Scorsese is another example of fine film making.  In both films as is real life the "bad" guys look really good.  They are always "dressed to the nines" as these guys are the men who make a powerful statement without saying a word. In New York City wearing neckties is very common as the getting respect in "the city" demands a show of style. What ever business you are in wearing a tie will set the things straight. Being professional and serious could not be any easier. The men in New York's Mafia are extremely fashion conscience; many people look at them and their appearance is very demanding all of the time.  Gangsters are usually very stylish by nature, so of course they wear neckties. You can bet that when the men arrested today make their court appearances they will be dressed accordingly. Gangsters, the Mafia and ties - well to prove the point check out the Photo Shop image below of a girl wearing red neckties I found on a site concerning web design and Photo Shop technique, while searching for Mafia images on Google.  And please checkout gangster ties at Nice Tie Store - part of our Hollywood neckties, what else!

Read more on the site that specialized in the Mafia.  Gangland News  They call it the biggest Mob round up in history.

A really cool post in Ask Men - FBI Raid Proves That Mobsters Still Have Cool Names "You just don't fuck with a man named Junior Lolipops."

Read about here on ASK MEN Mafioso: A History Of Mafia Names   Here is where you can find the history of Mafia names and learn about the Mafia families: the Colombo Family - formally known as the Profaci family, and the Gambino Family in La Cosa Nostra in New York.  No list of famous gangsters would be complete without talking about Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone. He was known as “Scarface.”  Charles “Lucky” Luciano is one of the most famous and best-remembered of all gangsters. He is like the Joe DiMaggio of the Mafia. He got his name “Lucky” when he was kidnapped and attacked by three assassins in 1929; they beat him and stabbed him multiple times and left him to die on the beach in New York. He survived the ordeal, which is why they called him “lucky,”
Another fun image which has nothing to do with neckties or the Mafia but illustrates an FBI agent every man wants to be arested by.

Mafia Girl wearing a red necktie.

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