Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are Ties Cool Again?

Models present creations by French designer Veronique
Nichanian for Hermes - the Men's Autumn-Winter 2012-13
The more things change, the more they stay the same.“ 

I never actually understood how that could be.  I guess it is one of the clichés that meant something at a certain time, something fashionable, not necessarily fashionable in the sense of fashion attire, but a state of fashion regarding what society accepts as chic or maybe just society itself. 

As seen in late January in a Paris Men's fashion show neckties are hardly a forgotten fashion accessory.  The necktie has seen a new sense of recognition by designers and young men, especially skinny ties.  Wearing suits is back in style and ties are meant to go with them.  Things change regarding fashion - that's what fashion means. What was fashionable once, can be again.  Everything that is created, or envisioned is influenced by what has been.  Sometimes ideas, especially fashion ideas are reborn, with a new found appreciation.   Kind of like when color television and film replaced black and white.  It was not very long before black and white film was considered an art and became a much appreciated medium in story telling.  Story telling just seemed to have a greater passion with the life like realism of color replaced with black and white.

The point I am making is regarding an attitude towards neckties by young men that has caused a stylish craze that has escaped most men of years.  Apparently men wearing neckties are gracing the runways of the fashion world, on the college campus as ties are making a big comeback in the men's retail.   Narrow ties have especially become a favorite of younger men that recently considered wearing ties as a restriction to their freedom.  When men were wearing neckties religiously a rebellious wave against ties became a means of expression for youth.

For at least the last two or three decades, wearing neckties became a sort of un-fashion statement by youth.  It was an easy way to be different and unique, shunning authority by resisting to conform to a way that their fathers had deemed proper.  For a young man novelty theme ties like music and rock and roll themes had been the tie of choice as at least it was a way to make a statement. To be cool and still be a rebel even though it was not possible to avoid the dreaded conforming to an unpopular dress code.  This was one of the great successes of Jerry Garcia ties.

Now, serious fashion ties like rep stripes and conservative design are being tied around the necks of the young.   By sharp contrast, men are becoming less refined embracing a casual attire in a similar way and for possibly the same reason, to become free of authoritive fashion.  Maybe they want to feel young and free again. 

So there it is,  “The more things change, the more they stay the same.“  kind-of-sort-of.

Related article, Times Live - Life Style Jan 23, 2012
Now that older men have ditched it to look cool, the stylish young are reclaiming the necktie as their own, with the once-derided accessory making a stealthy comeback on the menswear runways.

At Lanvin on Sunday there were no ties until the finale, but there were neckties for all the evening looks — save for a single bow-tie, a nod to the personal style of designer Alber Elbaz.

"Ties are a part of the suit that is coming back," Elbaz confirmed. "Not the ties of our fathers or grandfathers. They are worn by a new generation that comes from sport, new technologies.  "It's neither the world of the dandy nor of the boardroom."  Read more Could Neckties Be Cool Again

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Secret Way to Tie a Windsor Tie Knot

The Duke of Windsor demonstrating how he ties
the "Windsor" tie knot, however he is tying it a
confusing way on purpose so not all men could 
look so dashing 

This is the way to tie the Windsor necktie knot that the Duke of Windsor wanted you to see.  As well, this is probably the way your father showed you how to tie a Windsor.  It is not the way some men tie this “fashionably correct” symmetrical tie knot as there is an easier way to make a Windsor Knot. However, the Duke did not want you to know about that.  

Most likely you have given up on mastering the art of tying a Windsor as it is no easy task unless you know the secret way to do it.  If that is the case or if you are making a Windsor knot when you tie your tie and it seems really difficult then you should check out the tie knot diagram below.  When you are finished the dimple is easily formed and when you take the tie off the entire length is revealed with no inner knot left to undo.

The romantic story about the Windsor Necktie Knot

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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Sexy Way to Tie a Necktie Knot

Well I must say, this was strong competition for April, our original sexy tie tying necktie lesson girl.   So I retired her.  Man, that sure was a hard opening line, and full of keywords for neckties too. Watch this babe tie a nice necktie knot just for you.  Now there is one more reason to learn how to tie a tie. .

This is absolutely the sexiest Windsor Necktie Knot lesson I have ever seen.  Not only is Ashley tying the Windsor in a very pleasant way to observe, thanks to her charming good looks, she is tying the Windsor necktie knot the correct way.  There are several ways to tie a tie that looks like the Windsor, although those tie knots are not easy to master and are very clumsy to accomplish.  In the end they may look like a Windsor tie knot with a symmetrical shape after some careful however thumb and index finger work, they are not the Windsor and they do not form a sexy dimple below the knot without extra effort..

The worst thing about making what I call a fake Windsor tie knot instead of the real thing is that the tie knot actually has an inner knot that makes taking the tie off complicated.  That inner knot must be un-wound carefully after the tie is removed from around your neck as it becomes much tighter when you take it off.   If the tie is not completely untied promptly the next time you will want to wear it the inner lining and the tie itself will have an unrelenting twist and will be most likely be completely damaged beyond use..

April will show you how its done the right way unlike many other videos including a very horrible demonstration by G.Q. I found about a year ago on line. 

Visit our on line necktie shop to check out our Windsor Necktie Knot Lesson   It may not be as sexy as this necktie tying lesson but it is well worth the time to see. And, you will learn the mystery of the Windsor tie knot.  It is quite a romantic story.

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