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The Windsor Tie Knotting Diagram the Easy Way

The Romantic Way to Tie a Necktie  - The Windsor

The Windsor Tie knotting diagram and lesson is below. You are welcome to print the diagram for later use if you like. Tying ties is really not so hard, if you know the easy way to do it. Our Windsor Tie Knot lesson is simple to master - with a little practice you will be a pro at it.  Your necktie will have an automatic symmetrical knot and a very sexy dimple in the length of the tie just below the knot.

This diagram  is drawn in reverse so you can attach it to a mirror and follow it step by step.  It is, however illustrated for right handed tie knotters, so if you are a south paw you may need to create this diagram in reverse.  In no time at all you will master tying this refined gentleman's necktie knot.  Tying ties could not be easier - the double Windsor necktie knot.

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How to tie a Windsor Necktie Knot

There is another way to achieve the Windsor Tie Knot however it is fairly confusing to master.  When you tie this knot using this method your tie will go on and off easy - no inner knot remains when you loosen this knot by carefully pulling the knot down the narrow tie length.  Step # 7 & 8 are going the opposite direction from how the Duke of Windsor demonstrated it in a 1936 photo sequence.  That reverse of direction makes the difference and makes the Windsor knot a horrible task unless by accident you have made this tie knot the easy way.  Besides making the knot hard to master if the knot is made the way that the photo sequence illustration instructs; an inner knot remains once the tie is removed causing great damage to a tie unless it is completely unraveled.  That inner knot makes the tie knot really difficult to undo and will twist the inner lining and wrinkle the tie’s fabric, a common result of laziness or sheer neglect, which is evident on used ties at thrift stores.   Hoax, or just a way to complicate the steps so not every man could look as handsome as the "Blue Bloods" the awkward necktie knot is easily tied now that you have our tie tying diagram.

The wide blade of the tie does all of the work.  Start by turning your collar up and drape the tie over your neck with the wide tie blade near your knee.  This is the most important step as the end result proves the correct length of the tie once the knot is finished.  This practice will calibrate the length of the tie so the wide blade covers your waist band when you are finished.  The ties slip stitching is against your chest with the front or face of the tie showing.  As mentioned you may need to practice several times so you are starting with the wide blade of the tie at the right place.  Carefully fold the tie without twisting and after the final step just draw the knot up to your collar while holding the narrow blade of the tie.

“The apparel oft proclaims the man,"  William Shakespeare - poet, and dramatist -  from Hamlet - trending from1564 - 1616.“

Jeffrey Hunter
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The Mystery of the Windsor Necktie Knot

The Windsor tie knot - unmistakable for its symmetry and
that wonderful dimple
A Love Story Like No Other, a King - a Would be Queen, and a Tie Knot Fashion Statement.

The Duke of Windsor was given credit for the stylish necktie knot that was so attractive it caused a fashion phenomenon so endearing that more than 75 years later it still has heads turning.  The most popular necktie knot "The Windsor Knot" was named after the Duke of Windsor against his wishes thanks to a romantic story that caught the world’s attention.  British folklore has it that his father King George V passed down this very stylish tie knot along with the crown jewels to the Royal Prince. However the origin of its popularity goes to handsome Duke of Windsor only because some very unique things happened when he became the King of England.

The Duke of Windsor tying the famous
knot is introduced to the world in 1936
In 1936, after just an eleven month reign as King of Britain, Edward the VIII abdicated his throne to marry Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson an American divorcee – a women he was rumored to been having an affair with.  The Church of England and the Royal opinion looked down on divorce and went against the King's decision to marry his love.  He was the head of the Church of England and no queen could be a divorcee. His will to violate the doctrines of the church he was head of created a crisis that swept the United Kingdom leaving Edward the VIII’s brother the Duke of York to take the throne becoming King George the VI.

The title of the Duke of Windsor was given to the vacating King by his brother in a show of respect.   Many in the United Kingdom were set aside by the dashing gentleman who captivated the world with his abdication of the throne for love.  Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson wary of the publicity had been in seclusion in a villa in France received hate mail as the political scandal became fact from rumor. Privately and later publicly she reveled that she had tried to appeal to Edward the VIII to give up his quest for love and to avoid the inevitable abdication.  There were numerous clandestine secret meetings and campaigns to bring the matter to a close which only fueled the media’s hunger.  The British press had abandoned its respect for the King and joined the world’s media trying to get the scoop on the paralyzing affair.  

In a public announcement that captivated the United Kingdom and the world, King Edward the VIII appealed to his subjects that his decision was unavoidable.  Finally he put to rest the hysteria with a resolution, "But you must believe me when I tell you that I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King, as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love."  With the statement carried over the radio on Dec 11, 1936 Edward the VIII became the first monarch in British history voluntarily abdicate the Royal Throne.  "I now quit altogether public affairs, and I lay down my burden," he said in his broadcast the day after the act of abdication had been signed.  On Dec. 12, at 2 A.M., he left England and six months later married Mrs. Simpson on June 3, 1937 in France.

The Duke of Windsor demonstrating how he ties the "Windsor" tie knot, 
however he is tying it a confusing way  on purpose so not all men 
could look so dashing 
The never waning fascination with the Royal Family, especially in America, and the scandal that enveloped two people in love became a modern day fairy tale that captured the attention of people the world over..  With honor and great character the Duke of Windsor followed his heart and showed the World what was most important to him.  To abandon and ignore his love just to be King would not have been possible for him.  No doubt there were few women alive that were not spellbound by their romance and the Duke of Windsor's charm, let alone his devotion to his lady.  It was just as perfect a medicine as possible that the weary world needed as the great depression continued.  None-the-less. There was however resentment in the United Kingdom for the decision that he made; to stand down from the Throne, most notably from Sir Winston Churchill which has been revealed only recently.  The rejection by the Royal family forced them to live in exile.

This tale of Duke of Windsor is a part of a controversial history and is a well-known sore in the British fashion and political world.  Many Brits do not give the Duke credit for his wonderful necktie knotting and a prejudice of sort has followed to this day.  So much so that even Ian Fleming's spy 007 James Bond considered a man that wore a Windsor Tie Knot as a Cad and not to be trusted.  It is no wonder that some of those bad guys out to conquer the World, that Bond had to eliminate - looked so handsome with their perfectly symmetrical Windsor Knotted ties.

How it all can to be. There is always a reason why some things especially fashion trends become so popular due to an obscure event or some unrelated occurrence. During the Paparazzi media frenzy to satisfy the international appeal of such a sensational fairy tale, Edward VIII sported the symmetrical necktie knot that American journalists especially adorned and inadvertently gave him credit for, in turn setting the stage for the Royal Fashion Statement.  Fashion and style sometimes have a unique origin.  If the Duke of Windsor had never fallen in love with a married American woman the sexy and very stylish tie knot, that only a few select gentlemen were accustom to, may never have become discovered.  

In the corporate world of banking, in the sales room or on the car dealership lots the real shakers and movers tie the Windsor.  In fact, at a job interview you may not get past the greeting hand shake very easily if your tie knot does not have symmetry of the Windsor. And as far as love and attraction goes women have a great value for men who dress well. Neckties have sex appeal and women just seem to become hopelessly intrigued a lot faster if that adorable dimple in the fabric below the knot is just so elegantly revealing itself.  Ties are the only thing that a man can wear to express himself artistically.  Unless of course a young man is part of the rapper generation and by some delusion he considers it an expression of style that his pants are hanging so low that his buttocks crack is visible and as well his boxers.  That is a different kind of expression though, one that will have mixed reactions - certainly with more refined people.  For sure it is safer to go with a tie and the Windsor. while desiring to make an impression.

Thanks to a very romantic and passionate love affair and a King's compelling desire for a once in a lifetime love; a fashion statement became iconic.  The mystery and allure of the Windsor Necktie knot is no more obscure then a very sensational woman and a man's uncompromising attraction,   His devotion was born from her intrigue - no doubt caused by his charismatic persona and perhaps a very captivating necktie knot.  Thus, by such an uncommon love and a sensational affair, the result of the politics and grandeur of the Royals, modern man was gifted the Windsor tie knot.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor
Cover of Life Magazine June 1941
Edward VII, the Duke of Windsor remained devoted 
to the woman he  sacrificed the throne for and later 
on exclaimed that he had no regrets.


Jeffrey Hunter

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Prior to selling ties he was a freelance professional photographer traveling to Iceland, India, the US South West, and other adventures.  His fondness of fancy novelty ties and the difficulty of finding them was one of the attractions of starting the neck wear business in 1996. 

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Alfred Hitchcock's Love of Neckties

Alfred Hitchcock hanging by two neckties
Alfred Hitchcock hanging by two neckties, if you look close one tie is hanging around his neck while the other is... 

"Hitchcock’s films abound with objects as visual correlatives - the missing finger in "The Thirty-Nine Steps" - the milk chocolates on the assembly line in Secret Agent, the knife and time bomb in Sabotage.   Hitchcock’s objects are never mere props of a basically theatrical mise-en-scene, but rather the very substance of his cinema.",   Andrew Sarris

Hitchcock’s films always included symbolic objects.  His film plots usually incorporate these objects or missing objects, which have become known as "MacGuffins."  Hitchcock said that he directed his films so that "if by any chance the sound apparatus broke down in the cinema, the audience would not fret and get restless because the pictorial action would still hold them!"  His film  titles as well have an "objectness" to them (The Birds, Rope, Champagne, Lifeboat, Psycho, etc.)

He had a fondness for neckties using them as valuable props that either helped tell the story or as in his film "Frenzy," the necktie is more than a prop it is as much a character as the actors are in which a serial killer uses a necktie to strangle his victims.   See our Post The Necktie Strangler.   In the movie "Strangers on a Train" Hitchcock actually designed the Lobster Tie that Bruno wears so that it would resemble a pair of hands formatted in such a way - not unlike a pair of hands that would be capable of strangling someone.  

New York Times Review - Strangers On a Train (1951)
THE SCREEN IN REVIEW; 'Strangers on a Train,' Another Hitchcock Venture, Arrives at the Warner Theatre

In one of Alfred Hitchcock's suspense classics, tennis pro Guy Haines (Farley Granger) chances to meet wealthy wastrel Bruno Anthony (Robert Walker) on a train. Having read all about Guy, Bruno is aware that the tennis player is trapped in an unhappy marriage to to wife Miriam (Laura Elliott) and has been seen in the company of senator's daughter Ann Morton (Ruth Roman). Baiting Guy, Bruno reveals that he feels trapped by his hated father (Jonathan Hale). As Guy

listens with detached amusement, Bruno discusses the theory of "exchange murders." Suppose that Bruno were to murder Guy's wife, and Guy in exchange were to kill Bruno's father? With no known link between the two men, the police would be none the wiser, would they? When he reaches his destination, Guy bids goodbye to Bruno, thinking nothing more of the affable but rather curious young man's homicidal theories. And then, Guy's wife turns up strangled to death. Co-adapted by Raymond Chandler from a novel by Patricia Highsmith, Strangers on a Train perfectly exemplifies Hitchcock's favorite theme of the evil that lurks just below the surface of everyday life and ordinary men. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi.  
Full New York Times Review

Farley Granger and Robert Walker in Strangers on a Train

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Ghost Wearing a Tie Captured on Marine Drive CCTV.

Ghosts do wear neckties

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Ghost Wearing a Tie Spotted at Churchgate Subway

Yes, Ghosts really wear neckties

Beats me how this is done - probably a real ghost who wears ties

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A Ghost Wearing a Necktie Spotted in Kolkata.

Ghosts wear neckties - Really

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The Ghost and the Necktie

The Gentleman Ghost wearing a suit and necktie
The Gentleman Ghost wearing a suit and necktie
by Jeffrey Hunter 

A gentleman ghost who wears a suit and tie for Halloween

The legend of the gentleman ghost wearing a tie at the State Inn on Oak Hollow Lane was a most haunting tale as any other ghost story.  It was quite an attraction for the small town of Grants New Mexico to say the least.

"A most gentlemanly ghost wearing neckties" the tag line pitch on the highway bill boards. However this was a haunted house that wasn't of great notoriety, not because it was unworthy.  It was a sensational haunting, however the town of Grants New Mexico was hardly a spot on the map.  Before the Interstate went through New Mexico, Grants was at least a gasoline, bathroom, food pit stop and if the timing was right, a nights rest on the trek going east to west from Chicago to Los Angeles, or visa verse on Old Route 66.  The town's main attraction had to compete with other towns promoting their tourist traps such as the famous Arizona "thing" an alien supposedly found near Area 51 and the Billy The Kid in Fort Sumner New Mexico.  The competition was especially a great challenge after Interstate 40 was completed and Grants New Mexico could easily be missed in the blink of eye.
The Old State Inn Haunting

The haunting of the Old State Inn on Oak Hollow Lane was practically forgotten save for the few ghost enthusiasts who had knowledge of its past reputation or the modern travelers that just happened to arrive in Grants when the long day on the road had taken toll on the weary.

The main attraction of this tourist trap was very polite tie wearing ghost who had charmed his way into the hearts of all who stayed at the State Inn. He never made an appearance until late at night and he was not easy to count on. It was as if he had other matters to tend to besides his entertaining of tourists.  Most of the time he was not alone for his appearances. The ghostly gentlemen wearing a suit and necktie was usually accompanied by his likewise ghost wife who had been by his side helping manage the State Inn in its hey day in the late 20s and 30s when Route 66 was the most significant road to travel across the USA.

The staircase to the haunted loft of the Old State Inn 
After dinner the guests would climb the stairs to the loft where the ghostly gentlemen would sometimes appear.  At the very top of the stairs the every gust would trip and fall on landing of the loft.  The Gentleman ghost would show himself with a very amusing smile startling the curious patron of the Inn.  It was not everyone who would see the ghost however everyone did not fail to stumble on that last step.  As would be expected an eerie feeling would overwhelm the guests when appearing in the usual transparent haze that is becoming of ghosts would be a gentlemanly ghost in a suit and necktie.

Sometimes the Gentleman Ghost would be accompanied by a lady who was said to be his wife. He was never threatening nor was his wife although they always became very amused at the manner in which the guest would try to shrug off the clumsy fall.  And them as quick as the ghost would appear he would gone in an instant.  The staff of the Old State Inn would always get a kick out of and sure they would receive a nice tip too for being a guide of sort.

The haunting of the Old State Inn in Grants New Mexico had been the pride of Grants for as long as anyone could remember. Certainly the guests were astonished by this phenomenon however there was one young man who was not so impressed indeed.  To say he was a  non-believer would be an understatement as he had decided to prove that the ghost story was a big hoax.

Only he ventured to the second floor to where the staircase to the loft was.  It was not so hard to figure out the cause of the stumbling at the top of the stairs. The very last rise of the stair case was 11/2 inches taller then the rest. This certainly was the cause of the miss-stepping and the stumbling.  As for the appearance of the Ghost he gad a very simple theory to explain nit away.  The guest that had claimed to see the ghost were merely faking the sighting so they could feel special among the other guests.

The clever guest was so proud of himself after his discovery of the difference in the stair rise that he immediately set out to prove his theory of the mysterious appearance of the gentleman ghost in a suit and tie as not actually ever occurring.  Ever so confident of himself he raced up the stairs and no he did not trip on the very last rise as he skipped that last step and hopped on to the landing of the loft

He did however become quite startled when just before him was the gentleman ghost so carefully groomed in handsome attire and his wife each with smirk on the faces.  As if to say you think you are so smart to prove me false and my loving wife no less.  Then he heard with in his head the soft voices of the ghostly pair, "We would never cause any harm to the guests of the Old State Inn.  That would not be a polite manner in which to treat them. It was never are intention to cause them to fall either."   They looked upon him with a bit of disdain and then in an instant they were gone. The man was spellbound , taken aback with a bit of solitude as he had failed to proved that the gentleman ghost wearing a suit and
tie was a fake.  He returned the lobby a bit disheveled and explained that he had a perfectly sound explanation to why the guest of the Old State Inn would fall at the top of the stairs.  "You see it is a matter of measurement, the top rise in about 1 1/2 inches taller than the rest of the rises."

As for the ghosts that you have here I am at a loss to explain that.  And with that the entire staff of the Old State Inn on Oak Hollow Lane in Grants New Mexico became quite happy as did most of the town folk. Tombstone had the OK Corral, Albuquerque had the Hot Air Balloon Festivals, Sante Fe had Georgia O'Keeffe, and someplace without even a name had an alien corpse.  Grants had a haunted hotel, the Old State Inn with its very own gentleman ghost who wore a suit a necktie!   Why not, after all Shakespeare did say the apparel oft proclaim the man - er ghost.

I was inspired to write this make believe story after remembering Jimmy Stewart tell a story of a bed and breakfast in Connecticut that was said to be haunted.  He had figured the mystery out by measuring the steps of the stair case to the loft that everyone seemed to trip on by the miss-deeds of a ghost.

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Keel Walking in a Hugo Boss Suit and Tie

Professional Yacht Racer Alex Thompson sporting Hugo Boss tie on the water
Professional Yacht Racer Alex Thompson sporting Hugo Boss tie on the water
Dare devil sailor Alex Thompson does the unbelievable in a suit and necktie.

Professional sailor Alex Thompson provided a little extra promotion for Hugo Boss his sponsor in sail boat regattas since 2003.  Keeping the eight ton yacht at 45 degrees with one of the dual keels just right while tacking was no easy task.

The part that is most usual in this fashion stunt was Thompson walking the keel.  He not only walked the keel several times he did it in a Hugo Boss Suit and tie,  No one ever said getting a big sponsor to finance a racing yacht team would not come without extra effort other than winning yacht races or at least sailing with great skill making sure to get the sponsor logos and on the pages of newspapers,magazines and television.

Alex Thompson keel walking Hugo Boss style
Alex Thompson keel walking Hugo Boss style
Hugo Boss has sponsored Formula One Auto racing so getting behind the The British Yacht Racer was a natural.  He is the youngest skipper to win a round the world yacht race.   In November of 2012 Thompson set off on the challenging Vende Globe - a single handed race around the world that includes sailing the most dangerous seas.

Hugo Boss has provided Thompson with his racing gear, and survival kit.   Their experience with Formula One Auto Racing was beneficial in the effort to design and fabricate Yacht racing gear. What they have experienced along the way will be used in the sports clothing line of action wear.   The apparel design will be similar to what they have already achieved for golfing, which was part of their affiliation with the Ryder Cup.

Thompson's Spinnaker in the Vende Globe Round the World Regatta will feature an illustration of the Hugo Boss Black Regatta Watch. This is more than just a chronograph time piece. The watch has audible signals that will make the challenging starting of the race segments easier to gain the advantage over competitors

Concerning his choice of suits, shirts and neckties you guessed it - Hugo Boss will have Alex Thompson looking sharp and ready for what ever challenge comes his way on dry land.  For that matter he can also face anything on the water in a suit and necktie should it deem appropriate. James Bond come to mind on that one  - walking the keel of a racing yacht in a suit and tie.

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Click the video to how Alex Thompson walked the keel of his Hugo Boss Race Boat

Yacht Racer Alex Thompson ties his tie
Yacht Racer Alex Thompson ties his tie
Keel Walking in a Hugo Boss Suit and Tie
Keel Walking in a Hugo Boss Suit and Tie
Keel Walking Hugo Boss Style
Keel Walking Hugo Boss Style

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A Really Super Novelty Necktie

vintage Superman neckties and pop-up display card
These vintage Superman neckties and pop-up
display card were made in in the 40's.
Superman - wear a Superman tie and be a reg'lar feller!

That's what the sales pitch was for this fantastic novelty tie more than 60 years ago..  This just may be the very first novelty tie made, at least it is the first superhero comics tie made.

These vintage Superman neckties and pop-up display card were made in in the 40's. These antique collector items were listed on Ebay the last week of September 2013 with the starting price of $229.00 or best offer and $399.99 or best offer.  This is not the first time I have seen this superhero tie listed on Ebay.  At least three times a seller has offered these classic ties for as much as $500.00 "buy it now " and when it went to auction the ending price on the other listing commanded $500.00.

George Reeves had just begun filming "The Adventures of Superman" when this beauty was being sold in stores. This is a vintage Superman necktie from 1951, in brand new, never worn condition, complete with its colorful display card packaging.

This D.C. Comics Superman tie is a collector item.  Even the more recent produced Superman neckties are considered collector items as they are no longer made.   When wearing one of these neckties you won’t need super hero strength to catch all of the attention at work or play.   If giving a gift to someone special who is a serious collector and loves comic books or is just a Superman fan then this could be the perfect gift.

I imagine that the retail price for the Superman necktie back in 1951 was $9.99.  It was available in navy and red for both men and boys.  Targeting the comic book fan this display card certainly had a prominent place on the counter next to the register of comic book shops - point of purchase at its best.   A prior post Super Superman Ties

Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment called Superman "Undeniably the greatest super hero in the world and likely the most influential comic book character of all rime." 

In June 1938 the creators of Superman Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster saw their superhero on the cover of Action Comics First Issue debut.  That makes this year the 75th anniversary of the "Man of Steel" a monumental event for sure.  

The release of the summer blockbuster Man the latest action packed movie is a tribute to Superman's humble beginnings as first a comic book character published by Detective Comics, two feature films in 1948 and 1950, and then radio, In 1952 a very popular television series of 104 episodes featured George Reeves, and in 1966 a Broadway Musical which was reproduced for television in 1975.    

A cartoon series on TV from 1966 through 1969, and from 1973 through 1984 greatly added to Superman's popularity,  A ground breaking movie in 1978  featuring Christopher Reeve saw a comic book character capture an audience on the big screen which was followed by 3 sequels. The success of Superman a comic book character adapted to feature films gave birth to a series of Batman films and as well an ongoing series of many Marvel Comics feature films; Spiderman, Xmen, the Hulk, and Iron Man. 

A post highlighting Super hero neckties

Lois Lane Artwork - She is wearing a Superman Tie

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Surf's Up For Richard Milhous Nixon and a Necktie

Richard Milhous Nixon Surfing in a Suit and Tie
Richard Milhous Nixon Surfing in a Suit and Tie

Did the man who gave up the White House surf ?

This was one guy who really took neckties seriously.  That has been a well documented fact over the years when he was in the White House and prior those years when he was Vice President and a senator.  Recently a photograph of President Nixon with his tie loosened around his neck was recently used as comparison to what may be considered too casual for the commander in chief today who may even go tie-less..  From a post illustrating the last presidential election you can checkout the story as published  the Daily Sentinel Sept of 2012 "Loosen the tie? Why Knot  A black and white photo exists of Richard M. Nixon with his tie loosened. Eyes slightly narrowed, he looks off to the right while his left thumb and index finger rest on the real estate below his left ear.

Now concerning the photo of the president surfing - it is no secret that the 37th President of the United States had a great passion for the Pacific Ocean.  The other White House, near San Clemente, California was situated overlooking one of California's most treasured surf breaks, Trestles.  There is no evidence that President Nixon ever surfed however he did grow up in Southern California where surfing is just about a part of every young man's life at least for a while.  He did build a a bowling alley in the White House so he is on record as being a sportsman.  

I created this fun image of Richard Nixon surfing for kicks around here. In 1969 President Nixon built the 2nd White House bowling alley which may have cost a pretty penny but if he had actually been a surfing addict and he decided to build a wave machine surf pool it would have cost a lot more.  I often surfed at Trestles and never once did I see President Nixon in the line up.  That does not mean that he never rode the waves at Trestles because - if he did the Secrete Service would have cleared the beach and the surf before the commander in chief even thought about it.  

When the president was in San Clemente at the Western White House it was illegal to surf at Trestles or even be on the beach.  I know this as a matter of fact because I was arrested by the marines for surfing there one day when the president was there.  I talked my way out of that one - those were different times.

Now you may wonder what his affection for bowling or his love of California has anything to do with neckties and why I would include this post on the Blog About Ties.  The answer is, "this has nothing to do with neckties at all.  

President Nixon was very careful  regarding his style in neckties and that of his staff.  In the late 50's and during the time of his presidency neckties sent a clear message about the mindset of a man.   Nixon did wear neckties religiously and his taste was rather very conservative."  In this photo you can see Alfred Eisenstaedt adjusting Richard Nixon's tie and as well in the famous photo of a tired president still flashing his trademark victory stance he is wearing a traditional necktie fit for a serious president during his retreat from office after resigning from the Presidency.

Actually there is a great deal of interest in President Nixon's neckties on line.  It was noted in the Miami New on Nov 4th 1959 that Pat Nixon's picked out her husband's neckties when he was Vice President but he held veto power over her.  "Too shiny for television," he complained about her picks in a Beverly Hills shop. He finally settled for four of them at a cost of $54.50.

In November of 2010 the LA Times ran a piece entitled "Nixon's Neckties" which makes note of his traditionally conservative taste in neckties.

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Louis Lane and Superman Neckties

Louis Lane wearing a superman tie
A very risque Louis Lane wearing a superman tie
Wow, Louis Lane:!  There isn't a man alive that would not like to see his women wearing his shirt and nothing else.  That blouse cascading fabric clinging to the contours of the female form with its tails just covering her torso could not be any sexier.

Now add a necktie to to the scenario and you have the very artistic touch to the scenario. What if that babe was Louis Lane, wouldn't she want that necktie to be a superhero tie. More important - she wouldn't make the mistake to tie a Spiderman tie around her neck. Clark Kent may be Superman and he may not actually be the jealous type but that does not mean that he would not be a bit upset at that.

This is an image I found on the Web while searching for Superman stuff.  I could not find further artwork by the artist which was a disappointing.  His email is included - good luck if you search for more prints.

A post from the past Wow she hates his spiderman tie

Another interesting post About Superhero ties

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Marilyn Monroe Checking Out Neckties

A very beautiful Marilyn Monroe buying some ties for a very lucky guy
Marilyn Monroe sure had style so there is no doubt on this day she picked out some very wonderful ties for some special guy.

She was not the only lady buying neckties although she certainly was not easily forgotten in this men's shop.  A half a century ago women loved buying ties for their men. that has not changed except far less men wear ties now.

It was noted at the turn of the last century that women were purchasing ties for their husbands, boyfriends, bosses, and other men in their lives. This revelation gave way to neckties that were designed in colorful and flashy patterns.

Traditional rep striped ties and conservative small medallion patterns were soon replaced on the shelves and tie racks of department stores and men's shops with neckties illustrating polka dots and abstract patterns.  Eventually towards the end of the century novelty ties illustrating fine art, sports themes, music notes, Spiderman and Mickey Mouse became popular with more adventurous men.

With the relaxed dress codes at work many of the coolest novelty neckties became collector items as complete lines were discontinued or worse - many designers and manufacturers closed their doors.  Check out our collection of collector novelty ties at Nice Tie Store   We have collections of conversation ties that include Star Wars, Super Heroes, Disney, Looney Tunes, Endangered Species and much more.

An earlier post illustrating sexy neckties and Marilyn Monroe, especially Marilyn Monroe Collector Neckties

Marilyn Monroe Style

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The Necktie Redefined by Daphne Oliveros

Add caption
Found this beauty on Pinterest by Daphne Oliveros

I can only say one thing about this, "this is a really awesome tie babe"  Jeffrey Hunter

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stan Lee Hates Neckties

Stan Lee's Rants - the creator of Spiderman and Silver Surfer hates neckties
Stan Lee's Rants - the creator of Spiderman and Silver Surfer hates neckties

"Say it ain't so" does Stan Lee really hate ties?

Apparently it is true, Stan Lee hates ties with a passion.   If you doubt this please review the Stan's Rants You Tube video below.  He blasts his opinion of neckties as a barbaric custom.    He demands that there is an end to necktie foolishness.
The creator of Silver Surfer and Spiderman, Stan may have very strange feelings about ties however the Silver Surfer Necktie made by Ralph Marlin is perhaps the most beautiful silk novelty tie ever made.  As well, the Spiderman ties are perhaps the most popular novelty ties on the Internet.   You want to check the entire super hero tie collection at Nice Tie Store for licensed DC Comics neckties and Marvel Comics ties.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wow, She Really Hates His Spiderman Tie

His girlfriend hates his Spiderman necktie
His girlfriend hates his Spiderman necktie 
There are just a few things that a man should not allow his girlfriend or wife to meddle in - one of those things is not to interfere in his taste in neckties.

Well I really do not know what to say about this one. This guy’s girlfriend hates his Spiderman necktie with a passion.  Her post is below in which she is crying for help, actually it is more like seeking some satisfaction that she is not alone in her opinion of why it is dumb for a guy to wear a tie with a super hero illustrated on it.    

I found this blog post on Storylane  while searching the web for any competition to see who is selling Spiderman and other superhero ties. I was reassured again, that there is no competition.   We have the greatest collection of Marvel and DC Comic Book Superhero neckties in the world.

Personally I see a major conflict in personalities here and especially with her apparent lack of compassion concerning her boyfriend’s taste in men’s fashion accessories and his desire to express himself in a very creative way.  She rants and raves over why anyone should be a slave to fashion after he tries to defend his fondness for wearing a Spiderman tie claiming that it is the latest rage and that it cost 152 Euros in Lyon where he had recently bought it.  She actually loses her argument by claiming that “fashion is not what everybody wears but what suits us” and to really sink her authority on this matter she continues, "where is ones personality.”   Personality regarding fashion and wear what you like – I rest my case, this relationship is headed for the graveyard, she is choking him and at the same time contradicting herself for the sake of controlling him.

This unique fashion statement is known as a novelty or conversation necktie.  Almost anything that can be imagined has been designed as a necktie from cartoon characters to rubber chickens.  It is all meant to be fun and the motive behind it is for a man to create a sense of who I am and what I like, not unlike why a man wears a T Shirt or other clothing that illustrate a football team, a hobby or a brand of beer that he fancies.  

So what is the big deal if this guy wants to wear a Spiderman tie.  If his girlfriend thinks that this is stupid then they lack at least that one thing in common, its that special thing called expression.   She is making a big deal out of nothing and even worse she explains that she practically humiliates him over it.  Men wear certain ties to make themselves stand out and to be different.  Some guys will only wear a Tabasco Theme Tie or a Rep Striped Tie.   Clearly it is personality in dressing. 

This brings to mind a famous men's fashion quote -  Neckties, “satisfy modern man’s desire to dress in art,”  Harry Anderson, American Magician and actor

I can tell you this, if that was me, I would have told her what time is was right there in the middle of the street while she laughed and explained how stupid his Spidy Tie was.  I could not, and would not ever change my way for anyone.  Unfortunately it gets worse as this guy did give in apparently and removed his necktie and the worse part is that his killer Marvel Comics Collector tie ended up in the trash that night.  Someone needs to remind that guy that at the end of the day it will always be a man’s world and if that means having enough style to follow a fashion trend or not to follow a fashion trend that is the way it is.  Not that I do not honor the other half of the human species.  Actually I believe that females are way smarter then males and the way it is starting to look men have nearly caused enough carnage by purely not thinking or by thinking in an evil manner that civilization has reached a very precarious place. 

It may start with a tie or some other thing and before you know it this guy will not be able to do anything or wear anything without his babe’s approval.   It reminds me of a very old comic strip from mid last century called Casper Milktoast.  My father used to always say “I’m no Casper Milktoast."  This popular cartoon always had Casper in a jam as he had to ask his wife’s permission for everything that he did.  

Silver Surfer Tie
Silver Surfer Tie
It is a trend for sure regarding men's fashion possibly a trend that is has past already as ties are  not worn as much as they used to be.  None-the-less, Spiderman ties are really cool and guys who wear ties often will want to have one tied around their neck that is makes a statement.  I own a Spiderman silk tie in my personal collection that illustrates the first comic book issue “The Amazing Spiderman.”   I also own a Silver Surfer tie which I consider to be the most beautiful necktie ever made and a Wolverine tie that is another prize in my tie collection, ( you can check them out below ).  Both of those are awesome designs fashioned in fine Italian silk by Mark Abramhoff of the Ralph Marlin Tie Company.   He could not afford the royalties that Marvel was demanding and not enough men were wearing ties so he discontinued those ties in 2001 and as well he sold his business soon after - which recently folded up completely.   

I had sold out of my entire inventory of Wolverine ties before I kept one for myself but I had a plan.  A few years later I was able to wrestle a Wolverine necktie from Mark – it was his personal tie.  If my girlfriend would not approve of my taste in neckties and that I also wear cowboy boots with men’s suits or maybe something else that I felt was dear to me - she would not be my girlfriend.  I know one thing for sure; some garbage picker got really lucky that night when he found a killer Spiderman tie in the trash. 

Although the superhero ties are no longer made we still have inventory and we as well have a few sources where we can some of them.  Maybe that guy dumped his far too serious girlfriend and he will want another “Web Slinging” Marvel Comics Spiderman tie.   These ties are not easy to find and he'll be happy if he discovers our Super Hero Ties at Nice Tie Store we have some really cool super hero ties – best collection in the world for sure.

Superhero ties at Nice Tie Store
Superhero ties at Nice Tie Store
Here is where her story begins - He takes his money from his wallet. Drops some notes into a carved book-like cover on a silver plate. We had had a most delectable and divine dinner! We have known each other for two years and a special friendship arose between us.

He gets up, pulls my chair and helps me into my coat and hands me the beautiful perfumed-special-intention-red-roses. We walk towards a lonely waiting door!  What a beautiful night, but I'm almost bursting with laughter, right there and loud. He notices something oddish on my face.  How can I tell him I hate his tie!!!  It is so ridiculous! I have been controlling my giggles throughout dinner. How can a grown-up man wear a tie with a Spiderman? How can there be any romance whatsoever looking at Spiderman stuck to a strong man's sexy chest?

I had to tell him why I uncontrollably burst out laughing in the middle of the street!  "What? You don’t like this tie? It cost one hundred and fifty two Euros in Lyon. It is the latest fashion!"  Who cares for fashion that much?  Fashion is not what everybody wears, but what suits us!  Where is one's own personality?  Stuck in the shop-windows?

It's true we are globalizing... but must we all dress the same way?  Wear the same shoes?  Have the same hair style?  Green is fashion?  Wear red!    "That evening Spiderman tasted the smelly old rubbish bin in the street! she concluded.

And that is something that Stan Lee, thousands of Spiddy fans and myself can hardly bare to think about.

Spiderman Tie
Spiderman Tie
Spiderman  Necktie
Spiderman  Necktie

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