Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey Nice Tie

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 "Hey nice tie,"
If you wear ties then you have heard this before. If you do not wear ties then obviously you have not heard this before and you should read this.  Regardless, this is kind of funny and worth reading.

What does such a compliment mean?  What is the person really telling you when you hear that you have good taste in neckties, from strangers or even friends? The real intentions of this flattery depends on what tie you are wearing, a fashion or novelty necktie, who you are, where you are, and who the person is who is paying the compliment. After all, people can tend to lie, or at least be less than honest when saying such things. How many times is someone really having a great day when asked. "how is it going?" or "how are you?" and their reply is "great!" Most of the time the answer is not the real truth or even close as most people will not be comfortable saying "I am having a horrible day," That is private stuff especially if there is gossip that become part of your personal world or possibly just the easiest answer to avoid conversation with a someone of no interest.  Men may exclaim to a woman how pretty she looks just to be polite. A woman may tell a co-worker at work, especially a man how handsome he looks, hoping to get a raise.  And men and women do not always tell the truth when asked if they are married as that could discourage some advances from a woman towards a man or completely ditch the chance of a man looking for some quick intimate company for one night.   Then, of course, one the biggest lies of all, "the check is in the mail."

Now that we have established that people can be less than honest in conversation - especially in casual or brief encounters the necktie comment can be fully understood. Here are several possible truths of what the "hey nice tie," compliment really means.

The person actually is being very cordial and is fond of your necktie.

The person is lying and thinks that you tie sucks and you actually have the worst taste in fashion in the world and he is laughing at you a second after he is out of view.

The person really likes your tie because your wearing a novelty necktie that has Darth Vader or Spiderman on it and in their eyes you are the coolest guy in the world.

The person hates neckties, and has made a fool of you in front of his pals or maybe your pals who may not be wearing ties.

The person is trying to distract you so he can steal your briefcase, pick your pocket, or mug you.

The person is kissing up to you because you are his boss and he or she wants a day off.

The person is trying to impress his friends or maybe his girlfriend that he is fashion wise and a polite gentleman, even he he isn't.

Hey missie. Nice tie - found on Flickr
The person is a friend or a co-worker and about to ask you for a loan.

The person is a pan-handler softening you up for a handout.

The person is a woman and she is picking you up for sex.

The person is a man and he is picking you up for sex.

The person is a man dressed as a women and he-she is picking you up for sex.

The person is a prostitute and she or he is about to proposition you for sex that you will have to pay for.

The person is your wife and you have become suspicious about her, so she is trying to change the subject because she is not going shopping, she is being unfaithful and about to meet her lover.

The person is trying to sell you something - like more neckties. ( which I will be honest here - was something that I did thousands of times selling ties to car salesmen or to guys walking past my tie cart Too Sexie Ties at the Irvine Spectrum center ).

This is an example of one of those golden rules to follow, that we have all learned already. Surely this scenario falls into the category entitled,  Do Not Believe Everything You Read, See or Hear.  That applies to everything, and everyone even - men's neckties.

I found the image above of Cheryl Cole wearing a red necktie along with a real treasure for necktie guys at Mr. Nice Tie - "every guy needs one"

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