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To tie or not to tie. The simple instructions on learning how to tie the Windsor tie knot.  The Mystery of the Windsor Necktie Knot.  Learn how to tie the Windsor Necktie Knot the easy way.  It is not as hard as programming a television remote control so don’t be scared.

In 1965 The Rolling Stones Were Asked To Wear Neckties By the Royals and the Illuminati The Tailor and Cutter, a British menswear magazine, issued a plea asking the Rolling Stones to wear ties and save the necktie industry.  Almost certainly this request was part of a much greater controlling force that by design had more than just an influence in apparel as an agenda.

Contemporary Man and Long Hair Styles   Fashionable long hair for men is seen throughout history.  It the biblical tale of Samson who wore his hair in lengthy locks that gave him his strength.  Musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven wore their hair long as did many artists which became the norm leading up to the Bohemian Movement at the turn of the 20th century.

A Nymphomaniac and a Romantic Man Wearing a Suit and Necktie  A very funny joke .  A real smooth operator andthen some!A well dressed man wearing a suit and tie boarded a flight to Las Vegas taking his seat unaware of his soon to be realized good fortune. As he settled in, he glanced up and saw a very sexy woman boarding the plane.

Erte Art Deco Neckties  One of the most famous artists of the modern era was Romain de Titroff, better known as Erte. He was multi-talented, and today is remembered for his beautiful artwork as well as his significant contributions to twentieth century art. Considered the father of Art Deco Design, his prolific career in theater, sculpture and the graphic arts spanned most of the century.

Swooner Justin Timberlake Hits the Mark With His Single Suit and Tie.  He captivates his audience, especially the women.  He can move like very few have mastered.  Justin Timberlake, "And as long as I've got my "Suit and Tie" -  Let me show you a few things. Show you a few things about love."

The Romantic Story of the Windsor Necktie Knot.  The Duke of Windsor was given credit for the stylish necktie knot that was so attractive it caused a fashion phenomenon so endearing that more than 75 years later it still has heads turning.

The Complete History of Neckties - 221 B.C. to the Present.  What purpose does a necktie serve and how did it become part of men's apparel?  This is a question often asked by men and women, especially young men who are not so fond of tying a noose around their neck. You'll find the answer here in the Complete History of Neckties

Funeral Etiquette, you may hate ties however - A Dead Man's Tie funeral neckties.  Funeral Etiquette, what to wear to show respect for the departed.  You may hate ties but showing up at a funeral in casual attire is tacky.  Presuming the "no longer among the living" is not a female - what kind of necktie would he want to wear to the after life?

My Favorite Tie Today - Edvard Munch The Scream Art Necktie  "The Scream" by Edvard Munch; what it means may surprise you. He felt something more than a hundred years ago that frightened him about our species and our world's future.

Where Do Silk Ties Come From?  “It takes about 125 silkworms to produce one necktie. About one mile of silk is created by each cocoon, so that means the average silk tie requires approximately 660,000 feet of silk!” The origin of silk being used to create fabric began in China where silk has been used for clothing for about 4800 years.

Neckties vs. High Heels, women love men in ties and men love women in high heels. The pros and cons and some humor.   In December of 1998 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands publicly lambasted men after having heard enough of their complaining about having to wear neckties. She demanded that men should consider how difficult it is for women to have attractive looks. Her argument challenged men to try to understand how difficult a woman’s grooming is every day

A funny and serious article about why some men love ties and why some men absolutely hate ties.   Once again I am bewildered about how such hatred can involve a simple thing like men’s neckties. For God’s sake it is just a piece of fabric that men used to wear everyday and many still do. I found this web page, “Neckties Is an Evil Invention - Necktie Haters United,”

A Hot Rod Flame Tie For a Hot Shot Guy.  Then there was Jonathan Harstad, the young man who had only six dollars and change, but  he wanted to purchase an $18.00 Ralph Marlin hot rod flame tie. He did not haggle with me - just too classy and cool and as it turned out way too clever. “Folks can I have just one penny, a quarter, a dollar, for this tie. I need one of these neckties for a job interview tomorrow. Please help me get a job so I can improve my life and become successful. Folks can I have just one….”

The phenomenon of Superman, the comic book origin to the block buster movies and the collector D.C. Comics Superman ties.   Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman. Superman was the defining point of the super hero action comic genre. In 1940 Macys added Superman to their annual parade exclusive collection of cartoon characters - marking his popularity as an American comic book success.

Why Marilyn Monroe is perhaps the sexiest women to ever live and why would any guy want to wear a pink Marilyn Monroe tie.   You have to be a daring guy to wear a sexy Marilyn Monroe collector tie.
Official collector Marilyn Monroe ties are not so easy to wear as they command great attention.

Collecting fine art and collecting fine art ties, it is practically the same thing.
Neck ties, “satisfy modern man’s desire to dress in art,” American magician and actor Harry Andersen  Art – art neckties; what fun. It is the emotions that we draw from artworks that make us enjoy them. After painting a Campbell’s soup can, Andy Warhol said that “anything could be sold as art,” so why not a tie?

I must be crazy or not to own so many ties.   I have a thing for ties, not just ties - it is novelty ties like Marvel Comics Super Heroes Spiderman Ties, or Van Gogh Art Ties - Starry Night and really wild fashion neckties that I collect. When is it a compulsion and not just a desire to have a sufficient collection and is there difference? How many ties are too many?

A fearless knight wearing a necktie illustrating Venus the Goddess of Love by Sandro Botticelli.   Venus the “Goddess of Love” - Romance and the alluring chase after it does have its odd effects on a man.  Thus, causing some men to dress in unusual attire, especially concerning extravagant and flashy neckties that have are the result of great and often uncontrollable emotion. In modern times, wearing neckties are the only real way for a gentlemen to truly express himself artistically, through fashion.

Why  love ties.   Wow - such hate and towards a fashion accessory. It is as if it was a straight jacket.  I love ties, and women love ties. I also love women. I will continue but I really should not have to as those last two sentences should easily sell the argument in favor of ties.

The Beatles ties are collector items because they are as wonderful as their music.
The "Fab Four" was the greatest pop music act ever.  It is no wonder that Beatles neckties are collector items. They started what would be known as the "British Invasion" not only all music to this day still but as well influenced fashion, hair styles and the way young people thought about the world. Beatles ties are cool.

Fornasetti neckties are magnificent art works in their own right  None-the-less they are wonderful fashion accessories for a man of culture who appreciates fine art. The designer, Piero Fornasetti 1913 -1988, born in Milano Italy, became well known in the art world for his unique style of themed illustrations that were intriguing and captivating, and at times; dream like in design.

A funny story about how some men just really love ties.  Christian could not leave his home without a tie around his neck. He always wanted to look good; going out looking for new friends, ladies, and other socializing. He also loved dress shirts of course, and suits and ties. He was a real stickler for details, however he could not figure out neck tie knotting and resorted to the clip-ons.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy ties, the worldwide success of Peanuts.  Over 40 countries license the Peanuts gang generating more than two billion dollars annually. Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts had pursued a career in cartooning after serving in WWII.

Forty Four Things Not Possible Without A Tie.   Number One - The Rainbow Room on the 69th floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza is known for its killer panoramic view of New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.   No suit and tie - you better forget this one.

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