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What we do!

About Neckties - Buy Novelty Ties Blog is a fun blog including everything you ever wanted to know about ties.  Current news about neckties, fashion trends, interesting and fun articles about men wearing ties, and some famous women buying them, how ties are made, how to tie ties, including the complete history of ties are posted on this blog that was first published March 1 2010.  We have been designing and selling neckties since 1995.  If you have a question please use our contact form and we will do our best to help you.

You can learn how to tie a Windsor Necktie Knot with the easy lesson illustrated in our trade marked tie tying diagram, and learn about the romantic origin of the highly respected and fashionable Windsor Tie Knot. Some of our posts are serious academic articles and others are satirical. Included are very funny stories about men's fashion and a very creative collection of photographic art that we call Ties In Photo Art.

Articles discussing who designed and made the original Beatles Neckties, the famous Fish Shaped Neckties, the Endangered Species Neckties, Fine Art tie collections and the Erte Art Deco Ties, Fornasetti Art Ties and more.  If you are looking for collector neckties illustrating Spiderman, Superman, Mickey Mouse or other novelty themes then you have found the place - check out our retail site Nice Tie Store that specializes in rare collector novelty ties.

Our on-line tie catalog offers ties that are almost impossible to find anywhere else. We carry novelty necktie illustrating; occupations, gambling, patriotic, religious, music, fine art and other fun themes. You'll find cartoon character ties illustrating Looney Tunes, Disney, Peanuts, Spiderman, the Simpsons and more. Included are Specialty conversation licensed collector neckties by Star Wars, Tabasco, Endangered Species, Ralph Marlin's Hollywood Movie Stars, and National Geographic that are no longer made.  Available as well are the wild fashion ties by Electric Neck Wear, and a special collection by Martin Wong,

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