Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Really Super Novelty Necktie

vintage Superman neckties and pop-up display card
These vintage Superman neckties and pop-up
display card were made in in the 40's.
Superman - wear a Superman tie and be a reg'lar feller!

That's what the sales pitch was for this fantastic novelty tie more than 60 years ago..  This just may be the very first novelty tie made, at least it is the first superhero comics tie made.

These vintage Superman neckties and pop-up display card were made in in the 40's. These antique collector items were listed on Ebay the last week of September 2013 with the starting price of $229.00 or best offer and $399.99 or best offer.  This is not the first time I have seen this superhero tie listed on Ebay.  At least three times a seller has offered these classic ties for as much as $500.00 "buy it now " and when it went to auction the ending price on the other listing commanded $500.00.

George Reeves had just begun filming "The Adventures of Superman" when this beauty was being sold in stores. This is a vintage Superman necktie from 1951, in brand new, never worn condition, complete with its colorful display card packaging.

This D.C. Comics Superman tie is a collector item.  Even the more recent produced Superman neckties are considered collector items as they are no longer made.   When wearing one of these neckties you won’t need super hero strength to catch all of the attention at work or play.   If giving a gift to someone special who is a serious collector and loves comic books or is just a Superman fan then this could be the perfect gift.

I imagine that the retail price for the Superman necktie back in 1951 was $9.99.  It was available in navy and red for both men and boys.  Targeting the comic book fan this display card certainly had a prominent place on the counter next to the register of comic book shops - point of purchase at its best.   A prior post Super Superman Ties

Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment called Superman "Undeniably the greatest super hero in the world and likely the most influential comic book character of all rime." 

In June 1938 the creators of Superman Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster saw their superhero on the cover of Action Comics First Issue debut.  That makes this year the 75th anniversary of the "Man of Steel" a monumental event for sure.  

The release of the summer blockbuster Man the latest action packed movie is a tribute to Superman's humble beginnings as first a comic book character published by Detective Comics, two feature films in 1948 and 1950, and then radio, In 1952 a very popular television series of 104 episodes featured George Reeves, and in 1966 a Broadway Musical which was reproduced for television in 1975.    

A cartoon series on TV from 1966 through 1969, and from 1973 through 1984 greatly added to Superman's popularity,  A ground breaking movie in 1978  featuring Christopher Reeve saw a comic book character capture an audience on the big screen which was followed by 3 sequels. The success of Superman a comic book character adapted to feature films gave birth to a series of Batman films and as well an ongoing series of many Marvel Comics feature films; Spiderman, Xmen, the Hulk, and Iron Man. 

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Lois Lane Artwork - She is wearing a Superman Tie

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