Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Young Men Excited About Wearing Ties

 Young Men Wearing Ties - A Good Photograph is Often All About Perspective
Actually it is just young men excited - but they are young men wearing neckties.  This picture tells a thousand words however what those words are is not exactly clear here.

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  1. Way to go Jeffrey, you handsome devil!

  2. Oh a bunch of Asian assholes all ready to be ground down by their greedy corporations.
    As soon as you celebrate the fact you wear one, you're caught up in the spiral. The dress code is just a detail; it's another step to make you look like your peers. A clone ready to die for business if needed...

    Neckties suck and I hate the symbolic.

  3. well, well, I write and post this stuff with the intention, not to get anyone all wound up but..... I think that these guys are far from assholes and quite possibly you are. But that is my opinion. Further more you should consider some professional help regarding your apparent corporatre phobias. Just because a man wears a tie it does not mean that he is caught up in anything. That man just feels good about dressing up.

    Jeffrey Hunter

    “The apparel oft proclaims the man," William Shakespeare - poet, and dramatist - from Hamlet - trending from 1564 - 1616.“

  4. I agree with from my experiences that young men are excited when they wear the ties. Specially, wearing the bow ties make them more excited. When they come to buy Bow Ties (Köpa flugor) in my shop I found that very closely.


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