Friday, July 30, 2010

An Alien Wearing a Tie - Endorsing President Obama ???

An alarming image came across my desk illustrating an alien wearing a necktie - from outer space ( not illegal aliens from Mexico ) giving President Obama the old "got this" gesture. We try to avoid political discussion on this blog. Not that none of us here have our opinion, oh boy, do we ever. It is just we do not have time to argue with the Bush supporters or for that matter anyone regarding politics. We already know the truth, they are all crooks.

You may want to check out our previous post that started our interest in Aliens wearing ties. It is right here

Now for the Alien wearing a tie and President Obama and what this photograph implies is quite interesting, given the latest political storm regarding illegal alien immigration in Arizona. If this Zonis ( west coast slang for Arizonians ) think that they have a problem with illegal Mexican immigration in Arizona then they may have thing or two coming.

Without those Mexicans there may not be anyone to flip burgers in their favorite fast food outlet. I am not sure what anyone else thinks but I would trust a Mexican flipping a burger before I would trust a green silicone alien from outer space whether he is wearing a tie or not. I have seen too many movies about UFOs and aliens invading Earth and causing all kinds of trouble.

Now getting back to the real issue here. Those ties are horrible - at least I think so. Those aliens may be very conservative which is why this Martian or Venetian or what ever he is or where ever he is from is wearing a rep stripe tie. If you like neckties and you would not be caught dead in one of those boring striped neckties like the ties in the picture above then please visit

We sell to anyone the world over and not to discriminate, even in outer space to aliens, just as long as a purchase can be made with a credit card and a valid address for shipping. That will leave out those aliens but if I dare use just a hint of imagination then I would guess that some of those aliens are already living here or have at least opened P.O. Boxes at Mail Box Etc.  Which leads to this final thought.

Alien Drivers License
Do you really know who your neighbors are, and do they wear neckties?  Stay tuned, we are top this breaking news story about illegal aliens wearing neckties..

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Other Worlds of Fashion - A Love Story About Ties

A Love Story About Ties?   I just cannot resist.  A nice person commented about our Alien - UFO Necktie History post  found right here  Now, please understand I am not actually claiming that ties are from outer space exactly.

And I qoute "Who knew there was so much to know about neckties? All I know is I never learned how to tie one!" Anonymous

My reply:  "You would be surprised how much cool stuff goes into the world of fashion or in this case "other worlds of fashion."  If you want to learn how to tie a tie then please go to this page on our retail site."

But I will warn you that there is a facinating love story involved in learning how to make the Windsor Necktie Knot. Then you may think again, wow so much about a simple thing like a tie.  This is a true story, I swear.

click here - for a romantic story - learn how to tie a Windsor Tie Knot

Thanks for stopping by and please spread the word - Ties are really cool.

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FASHION Branding Via Upscale Events!

They left a new comment on two of our post
This Guy Has Style &
The Sexiest Necktie Fashion Show Ever

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For more info about our past show, please visit: or our promo video from last year:

About Us:
The SYNERGY Events ( uses very unique online and offline marketing strategies to produce themed events in both Boston and New York City, which have been covered by Boston Globe, Fashion Boston, Boston Common, Improper Bostonian, Boston Magazine & many other online and print publications. These special events present known, and soon to be talents with a great opportunity to introduce their exceptional work, while networking and enjoying other talents from around the world.

Contact Us:
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Great Fashion Statement of a Necktie That is Out Of This World

Now That's Style

Well, I will just say one thing about this fashion statement. Everyone knows that the ethnic guys know how to dress. This dude is a bit further ethnic than most . Kind of out of this world ethnic. Actually, that ethnic label has always bothered me - truly one guy's ethic dude is another guy's home boy. Anyway, besides, keeping the beat on the dance floor those brothers, homies, and other non regular guys ( maybe the regular guys are actually irregular guys ) sure can do the color thing. What the heck does an alien "dressed to the nines" have to do with neckties. Not much unless you have read the article posted a few days ago, UFOs, Aliens and Necktie History found right here. Then you will understand the alien connection.

Continuing our fascination with aliens and neckties is besides the point of this post. The point is, I like this image and this ethic dude is not so threatening like some other far, far away galaxy ethic dudes are. He has character even though he has no neck, an apparently disproportionate head, not to mention the cyclops thing and the opposite of a uni-brow. He may be green and ugly but he does know color. Interior designers love to clash colors as do fashion designers unless they are kissing up to the conservative "stuffed shirts". Versacci sure pushed that envelope.

This is style for sue, but I must admit if I had a sister and she married this ethic dude - I would have to kick his ethic but and hers to - flashy attire or not. I could not even imagine the offspring that would result from that union. Hopefully this post is not perceived now as a racist statement, it is hardly that. I love those "ethic" ties and those ethic guys too, as they do not cave in to fashion whims and trends. Besides, I sell those wild ties on the web site catalog - URL Addresses below.

Check them out unless you dress according to trend. Being distinctive does have its way of getting places and being remembered.

Martin Wong Panel Ties
Electric Neckties
Portofino Ties
J. Blades Ties

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Further Evidence That Neckties Are From Outer Space

He is not such a theatening looking dude in a necktie, but if you want my opinion on this I can only say that bow ties are silly looking.   This is not just proof that Aliens wear ties, it is proof that bow ties look rather silly, alien or not. 

Now if you are looking to purchase a bow tie do not visit because we do not sell bow ties, just neckties. 

If you are a bit confuzed please go to this post I have made on our blog a few days ago, UFOs - Aliens and the History of Neckties   It will all become so simple once you read this article on the Aliens From Outer Space and the Origin of Ties.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Great Necktie Wars Have Started

Lose the necktie at Colton steakhouse

Decapitation of neckties is a ritual at this steak house.  Now, I am certain that the demise of civilization is up-stoppable.

The story starts off like this: It starts with the tie. Diners who are rash enough to visit Pinnacle Peak in neckwear get it removed. The hard and/or fun way is when a food server cuts it off with some impressively sharp scissors and makes you sing "Home on the Range" to your dining party. read more here

This is a comment I made on that blog that promotes the Colton Steakhouse:

Man this just kills me. Those poor ties, they never meant to hurt anyone. There is even a Picasso up on that wall - I have to sit back in my chair or I may just have a panic attack. Well its a free country isn't it,  but why take out the frustration of daily life on a fashion accessory that is actually a very wonderful form of expression.So, I have decided to start a forum called "I Love or Hate Neckties and this post will be among the first examples of the phenomenon of this society's conflict with neckties. As well, I will be sure to post this one on my blog with a courtesy link back to your post.

After all I am a gentlemen but as they say all is fair in love and war. I must stand my ground and take some creative action here. I think the Great Necktie War has started.

Cordially yours

Jeffrey Hunter

You may want to read an earlier post I made in March - actually my second and one of the reason I started this bog -

More and more I see this overwhelming hatred towards neckties. When I had a necktie kiosk at the Irvine Spectrum Center iand Fashion Island in Newport Beach in Southern California men would go out of their way to make awfull comments and with no regard for decency attack my tie business with vigor. Even some of friends make jokes about my nektie affection.

So I am fighting back now.  The glove are off BRO.  The Great Necktie War has Started.  Stay tuned for the post that will have the forum link and further necktie "hater" alerts.

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Obama and Cameron Appear To Agree On Everything, Down To Their Neckties

On his first official visit to the U.S. President Obama has a friendly chat with British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Check out their taste in neckties.

July 20, 2010  -- Andrew Malcolm

An outbreak of serious friendship in the White House today as President Obama went to great lengths (see body language in photo above) to belie well-documented suspicions that he's muffed the intimate U.S.-British intimacy on previous meetings between the former ruler and the formerly ruled.

On hand today was Britain's new Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, making his first official White House visit and receiving the royal treatment from the Democratic president -- both a coveted Oval Office photo opportunity and a joint media availability in the East Room. (See full transcript below, as usual.) When then-Labor P.M. Gordon Brown first visited Obama, he got neither, though he did receive a toy helicopter.

Conservative Cameron, citing the tough economy at home, traveled to Washington this time in business class on a commercial flight, shunning the far more expensive government or charter jet.

Anyway, things between the allies now look suddenly all hunky-dory on Afghanistan, the Lockerbie bomber, Iranian nukes, BP, the economy, English as a common language, right on down to how amazingly tidy the Obama daughters' bedrooms are. During their three-hour get-together the two leaders, who hadn't seen each other in almost an entire month since Toronto, even discussed their nations' varying brews.

So Paul Revere can sleep well tonight.

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Seven Neckties For Your Favorite Dude

These ties may catch your interest. They are uncommonly very cool

click here to see all of these ties and more

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Women Wearing Neckties -- They're Not Just for Men!

Posted by Brittny Drye on July 14, 2010 at 5:50 PM

I've been known to scavenge my man's closet for fashion inspiration (isn't it ironic that they're so clueless about fashion, yet the boyfriend look is so trendy right now?) and one of the things that I've started sneaking is his neckties.

Alas, I haven't really delved deep into the necktie world -- I'm still just beginning my experimentation --

click here for the rest of this article

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Possibly giving Up on Neckties? Just Kidding

Now That We Are on the Subject of Aliens and Outer Space

I may have a new job, which will impact this blog.  Most likely this is not going to happen but I do have a job interview next month.  If I get this position then I will not be able to continue selling neckties or writing important or un-important articles for this blog.  This was a employment ad in Craigh's List.

Astronaut needed for experimental flight to Titan. I have been working on this project now for near 40 years and am afraid I'm no longer fit enough to go. My secret space craft is the result of my professional experience and imagination while serving the U.S. military in advanced aeronautics as a scientist. The craft harnesses a revolutionary propulsion system and its fuselage is fabricated with the most advanced material. While considerably safe,

I am certain you will make it safely to Titan but there will not be enough fuel to get home. This is for someone unique that has always wanted to see the universe first and has perhaps a terminal view on life here at home. Here's your shot at romantic history.

Must be:
- physically fit.
- mentally sound.
- over the age of 18.
- a dreamer.
- a believer.
- not afraid of heights.
- not afraid of extreme conditions such as speed, pressure, heat, etc.
- brave.
- no taller than 5'10 and relatively slim.
- good eye-sight & hearing.
- manual dexterity (although the craft is largely cpu controlled).
- OK in cramped conditions for long periods of time.

Location: Northern Alberta
Compensation: $25,000 CASH.
This is a contract job.
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

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Alien Neckties and UFOs - The Origin of the Tie

Having a little fun - humor never killed anyone, even silly humor. Ya Gotta laugh at this. Maybe not.

Did aliens invent neckties. This is a satirical version of who takes the credit, or blame for inventing neckties. With all this talk of UFOs in China, and Mexico lately, and aliens in flying saucers coming to Earth to conquer us - I felt compelled to compliment my  article "The Complete History of Neckties". Which is now in its 15th year of revision.

Last weekend, I posted an answer in about the origin of ties and that was when it finally hit me. It is all so clear now.  The answer as to who takes the credit for inventing the necktie is debatable. 

As far as the Croatians are concerned, this is their baby and they are really serious about defending this matter. Although there are no Croatians in my office or living next door I will offer some other conclusions regarding the origin of ties both satirical and historical as there are challenges to this account of fashion history, however I would not consider arguing that one in a bar in Croatia.

As far as aliens and ties go we should consider the history of neckties and the theory that extraterrestrials ( E.T.s) were here a long time ago. The interaction between aliens from other world's ( not aliens from Mexico ) and Earthlings may have led to many alterations to life on our planet and quite possibly some bizarre fashion influences. 

 Read the latest and greatest explanation of the origin of neckties below. You may agree that my conclusion is the most logical explanation for the question that has been asked over and over again, why ties?

I don`t know about that wave, kind of deceiving and what`s up with that symmetrical necktie knot.  It looks like the Windsor Tie Knot to me, which all but shoots down the Duke of Windsor as being the innovator of that one.  Wow, think about that one.

Where Did Neckties Come From? Finally Someone er Thing to Blame.

It was long thought that Croatian mercenary soldiers fighting a 30 year religious war in Europe in the 17th century were the cause of this fashion accessory for men. Those gallant soldiers wore a necktie of sorts around their neck on the battlefield as part of their uniform. Their valor and that fancy tie gave cause for King Louis the XIV of France to declare that the wearing of a necktie was to be allowed.  So, thanks to some historians and fashion experts the version of the origin neckties that is widely accepted and published is European; specifically Croatian. However there are instances of neck clothes depicted in history prior to the 30 year Religious War.

About 40 years ago archaeologists discovered neckties around the necks of a life size "Terracotta" army of soldiers that were buried in 221 B.C. with the fist Emperor of China to protect him in the after-life. Ties were not accepted as appropriate dress in China and the tie would not be seen again for over three centuries. In the beginning of the 2nd century Roman soldier servants are depicted in paintings and other art works wearing ties. Why the servants wore ties and not the soldiers are explained simply - it just was not politically correct to wear a neck cloth for Roman soldiers. Rome had forbid any cloth to be tied around a neck so about 1800 years ago there was apparently an anti necktie movement similar to what we are seeing today with the choice of casual dress being so popular.

As illustrated in the image here a Viking is seen with a necktie as the functional purpose of fastening his cape.  In Reykjavik Iceland a statue of Leif Ericson has a neck cloth being used to secure his cape.  The Icelandic Sagas illustrate great Viking battles and even the discovery of America by Lief Ericson a millennium ago, long before Christopher Columbus set sail. These chronicles have been translated into languages the world over, more so than any other dialect, but they make no mention of neck clothes from seven centuries after those fashion rouges, the Roman servants. 

None-the-less, the Vikings of Iceland have a part in my version of the history of ties. Once, while I was chilling out in a pub in Reykjavik Iceland a very drunk and very beautiful woman I met had a different version all together of how ties came into existence. However, somewhat hard to consider rationally, her remarks did give way to some thought. She claimed that about 100,000 B.C. a gorilla had fashioned a necktie out of vines with the hope of successfully courting a mate. Adding that this ingenuity was passed along to a descendant who invented the wheel - considered the greatest turning point in evolution or to be politically or religiously correct it should be said the greatest turning point in the advance of civilization. I had to shake my head at that one, but to be fair to that buxom beauty who could not keep her hands off my “tie” - this account is mentioned here with great candor.  

A gorilla and a tie as part of the evolution of fashion is possible.  They having opposing thumbs so he could tie it and somewhere along the line artistic expression had to come into thought, but considering a bunch of vines tied around a gorilla’s neck as being a necktie - is a real stretch. The gorilla will not take the prize here. Although we could consider an ancestor of man as being a possible innovator of neck wear as an accessory to dress as primal men would wear feathers and beads hanging around their necks to signify hierarchy.  Not exactly a cloth necktie so actually, I am not so sure about how historians would treat this one. 

Since ties are the subject of great debate, especially lately with far too many haters out there - someone should be held accountable for their introduction to men’s fashion. So to sum it all up here is my theory on the origin of neckties. I have learned it is not always easy to discuss religious or political beliefs; especially when the main goal is to sell something - in this case, neckties. So not to offend anyone regarding religious belief, cultural up-bringing or national pride over how the tie came into existence, or which country claims the necktie as their contribution to mankind - my "satirical" explanation as to where ties come from is as follows.


Creation for my understanding was that extraterrestrials created humans on Earth.  Not that I believe actually that there was an Adam and Eve as it is too much a fairy tale.  Adam and Eve have navels in many of the paintings illustrating them in the Garden of Eden including the work of Michelangelo that is famously painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and Adam is not wearing a tie so at least we can be sure that God did not create the necktie, they were both meant to be naked.  

 I can avoid offending anyone religiously regarding the theories of creationism or evolution.

Additionally, I will not insult anyone’s national pride either by hurting feelings as I just I do not agree with the historian’s account of the necktie origin either. Maybe those Chinese warriors were crafted wearing narrow bibs, after all those chop sticks do tend to splatter stuff. In reality, it would seem to me that those Croatians, Romans, and Chinese warriors had much more important things on their minds like dodging arrows and flaming projectiles than trying to be fashionable. Anyway, as mentioned already those things hanging on their necks do not even look like ties at all, more like scarves - maybe!

Now, concerning the images above, ( no question about that - that is a tie hanging on that lime green silicone-esh neck ). Convinced with unquestionable evidence, as I found this picture online in a Google image search with witnesses, I will go on record and give the necktie invention to aliens from another Galaxy who probably left a suit case behind by mistake - with some ties in it, after a brief visit to our planet. That was probably not the first time, nor certainly was it the last time a suitcase was lost by a tourist. Man if I had a quarter for every sob story I have had to listen to about missing, lost or otherwise wayward ties I would be a wealthy man.

Now, that should keep me out of trouble with the Croatians, the Chinese, the Romans, the French, the Icelandic babe, the religious, Nordstrom’s, and for heaven's sake - the gorillas.

The Complete History of Neckties

The Mystery of the Windsor Necktie Knot

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Make a Necktie

Here's a video with some nice music that illustrates how to make a tie

How to make a necktie video

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European Style

Europeans Know How To Dress.

Profuomo Winter
Profuomo Summer


This channel is all about Profuomo. Fashion accessories for men. If you like Italian style and amazing detail, this is the place for you!

About: Profuomo is a third generation family business that specialises in men's fashion accessories. We make large and diverse collections with many surprising details. visit us at: or Country:NetherlandsCompanies:Profuomo

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Fluffy Starr Tee Vee - A Really Pretty Lady Wearing A Necktie

This babe knows a thing or two about style.  You agree I hope, if not well everyone is entiltled to their opinion.  If I was in a bar or anywhere for that matter I would personally want to meet this lady.  But I do love ties and more important I do very much love the ladies.

fluffystarrteevee Necktie Video 

About Me: Hi. I'm Electronic Rock artist Fluffy Starr. Welcome to my Official YouTube Channel. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, and rate my videos, so I know what you like.   CLICK HERE Fluuy Starr Tee Vee

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Why Neckties Video

Check out this You Tube Video - This guy is actually answering the questions he is asking. He is wearing ties in the first place and he does admit he likes to impress the ladies by wearing ties. As a salesman I know one important rule - let the man sell himself on the idea or purchase. I believe he has succeeded.

What's the Deal With Neckties

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