Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Extra Long Ties - Extra Tall Guys

In This Case The Extra Long Tie Is needed Because Of Neck Size
Extra long ties are 61 inches or longer. It is not that a tie needs to be 61 inches long in order to tie it around a tall man's neck. Yes, the average man's neck measures only 17 inches around so if it was to take 61 inches of necktie to tie a tie around a man’s neck than that man would have to have a neck that was something like 50 inches around. Of course, we would not be talking about a man but maybe a monster in this case. The extra length is not needed to go around the man's neck - it is needed to tie the tie so that the end result will be the wide blade of the tie extending down from the tie knot just covering the belt buckle.  Regular ties are about 57 inches in length.

Usually the tie length that extends from the knot over a man's torso is about 20 inches. Tall guys tend to have a larger neck circumference as well as a longer torso. Some tall men may not be able to tie a Double Windsor Knot as that knot just consumes too much tie length leaving not enough tie to make the objective of covering a belt or waist line.

Extra Tall Guy
There are XL ties that are 63 or 64 inches and in some cases a custom fabrication of a tie is necessary for a really tall guy that requires taking two ties and making one tie out of the both. That takes the skillful hands and talents of a seamstress or tailor that has to disassemble both ties and adding a longer panel that is the mid section of three ( the one that ends up wrapping a man's collar ). This tall man tie task usually cost about $10, not so much revenue compared to the expense of having to buy two ties instead of one.

Kobe Bryant Tie MVP - XXL Necktie
I am sure that many basketball players have had to hire tailors for this special job of making extra tall men ties as well as just about everything else regarding clothing. Here are few guys that I am sure need an extra extra extra long tie. In their case I think that a complete custom made necktie would be in order.

I met Kobe Bryant once at the Irvine Spectrum one evening when I was selling ties at my kiosk, Too Sexie Ties.  He was too tall to check out the neckties without ducking under the roof of the tie cart.  Sadly enough, I had no solution for Kobe Bryant ties, there was no necktie long enough that he could wear.

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