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The Genius of “Fashion Art Ties” by Fornasetti

The Art of Fornasetti Neckties

Fornasetti neckties are magnificent art works in their own right, rightly so they are wonderful fashion accessories for a man of culture who appreciates fine art. The designer, Piero Fornasetti 1913 -1988, born in Milano Italy, became well known in the art world for his unique style of themed illustrations that were intriguing and captivating, and at times; dream like in design. He would comment often, “my secrete is imagination.” Several collections of art ties are included in reproductions now; of the over 11,000 different art works that he created during his lifetime as an illustrator.  

Much of his work was recurring themes in variation. One, featuring a woman’s face, his most notable subject was explored about 500 times as passionate illustrations. Her image in various tones and formats has been produced in many different motifs; as art ties, apparel, lamps, everyday house hold items like plates or ash trays, and even extremely fashionable umbrellas. Other subjects that became a constant themes were the sun, the moon, playing cards,  and time. Many of his works are in black and white of which most are in the style of Roman and Greek architecture. As an artist, designer and decorator; he worked in close collaboration with his friend and partner Giò Ponti, whose furniture he decorated with drawings in a trompe-l'oeil-style.

Fornasetti Sty Tie - Cat
His imagination was brilliant in concept and in quite a versatile manner was applied to many motifs. Ponti said, "He makes objects speak". Fornasetti did make voiceless objects speak – causing emotion and often laughter from people from all over the world and of all ages. His collection of evolving subjects had an attraction that became a "cult like phenomenon.  His unusual vision as a designer resulted in a very unique fashion style that was adapted into scarves, umbrellas, coats and as contemporary men’s ties. His first necktie collection, in 1980 was only two styles. Interest, and a demand for the beautifully fashioned neck wear, evolved into the ever increasing line of Fornasetti Fashion “Art” Ties. Now, each season 60 different patterns are developed in vibrant colors and in a rich anthology of themes. Before his work was produced as men’s ties, he once said of his creations, “these are fashion items that will never go out of fashion.” He could not have been more correct, as in the 80s a new interest in his art work was realized that has seen his art become ever so loved and appreciated.  His work has been produced on things that are common but become a sort of functional art; lamps, tables, chairs, plates, glass ware, clocks and other furnishings that are sold in specialty shops and art galleries all over the world. The reproduction of his work as furniture and fine porcelain is produced in yearly limited editions with extreme regard for quality – all handmade.
Table Design
In 1991 through 1992 there was a retrospective of his work in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 1998 and 1999 his work was shown at Christies in New York and Los Angeles. In 2003 “la follia pratica,” an international exhibition of his art work and creations was displayed in the United States in Washington D.C. and in San Francisco; the 27th overall, since his first showing in Geneva in 1944.( Exhibition list )  His art ties were, of course displayed since their innovation, and similar to his other creations.  Fornasetti Fashion Art Neckties have been sold all over the world in fine men’s shops. In United States these art neckties are sold at Barneys, Sacks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Paul Stuart, Bullock and Jones, Maus and Hoffman, Neiman Marcus and many others.

In 1989 a year after his death his son, Barnuba Fornasetti continued the atelier tradition. His decision to create neckties was met with great enthusiasm as the vision of art and fashion that Fornasetti works represent have made Perio Fornasetti one of the greatest and most respected designers in Italy since the end of middle of the last century. The licensed manufacturer of Fornasetti Neckwear is the Intermoda, of Como, Italy which first started manufacturing silk ties at the turn of the 20th Century. They also make ties for Valentino, Guy Laroche and other notable European Trademarks. They have been making ties for Fornasetti since 1990 in the finest Italian silk available in limited editions with great attention to craftsmanship, just the same as everything that Perio Fornasetti did during his lifetime as an artist.

Foranesetti Fashion Art Tie-  Owl
The following excerpts are quoted from Mariuccia Casadio’s essay from the 2003 exhibition catalog. There is no way this could be put this any better. “An accessory of male clothing can go beyond its conventional appearance, and can express every person’s taste, humor, professional obsessions and secrete passions. Even if it maintains the traditional look of a tie, it is something more: it is the affirmation of personality and culture; it is the synthesis of a world which, from nature to architecture, from shells to glasses, from furniture to clothing.… His name stands for a way of being and appearing, he is the author of a language that started as a simple printing on silk fabric. Today’s ties and scarves as well as the ones realized by Fornasetti in the 40’s are able to give us energy and humor of a noticeable stroke, the passion for concept of decorum interpreted with contemporary spirit. For this reason his ties are pieces of collection, ideas and opinions to wear, expressions of sensibility and character.”

Piero Fornasetti
The desire to express ones-self with definition wearing a Fornasettit tie will be captivating. These neckties are truly fascinating and the attraction they receive is remarkable. I became mesmerized when I found Fornasetti Art illustrated on neckties at the Intermoda stand at the Magic Fashion Show in Las Vegas in 2000 just like when he first became so inspired with the face of Lina Cavalieri as he looked through a 19th Century French Magazine. His emotions are translated through a visual language hard to diss-spell. A necktie is not just an accessory – it’s a statement. What better way than to make that statement with passion.

For a man who needs to be distinctive in dress, and who not only dares to be noticed, but can handle himself in conversation; Fashion Art Ties by Fornasetti are an absolute must. That’s because breaking the ice with a conversation necktie never had so much class; until Fornasetti art work graced it.

The Fornasetti show room is located in Milano, Spazio Fornasetti Corso G. Matteotti, 1/A – 20121 Milan Italy, tel: 39 02 896 58040 fax 39 02 659 2244

Fornasetti Trumeau ‘Litomatrice’ will be on show on Galleria Nilufar Stand at PAD in Paris. 25 – 28 March 2011, Galleria Nilufar stand 68, Tuileries, Paris 75001,

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