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Why AC/DC Angus Young Plays Guitar Wearing Striped Neckties

AC/DC Angus Young wears neckties
AC/DC Angus Young wears neckties
AC/DC Rocker Angus Young wears neckties! It is this persona - the naughty school boy turned rocker that gives him a very unique appearance on stage.

AC/DC's lead guitarist Angus Young is among the top 100 greatest guitarist ever, ranking number 24 according to Rolling Stone.   That is without question a well earned title and certainly a position that will receive no argument from me, however I have a certain fondness for the devilish rocker that seems unnatural for such an icon of Rock and Roll.  It is his love of neckties that appeals to me especially.  Don't get me wrong I think the guy is terrific with or without ties.

According to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Director Hoard Kramer Angus Young first wore his Ashfield High School Boy uniform as a spoof in 1973.  His sister Margaret suggested that he perform in full high school uniform with a rep striped tie in future performances which he did, continuing through the next 40 years.  It was Margaret that came up with the cool name for the band as well.

I saw AC/DC live at the Miami Jai-Alai Fronton prior to Angus's use of such a unique rock and roll attire in 1972 dressed in a black and white stripped jump suit.  His guitar was screaming as awesome as possible as he held the hall in awe with his guitar licks and his signature strut on stage, in front of a wall of speakers on the very edge of the stage both left and right - a crazy choreography that seemed to defy gravity.

AC/DC's hard rock and roll has a Voodoo like  effect;, it's no doubt Angus is not just one of the greatest guitarists ever, he is certainly one of the greatest musicians of all times. So just how does he get away with wearing a conservative rep stripe necktie on stage.

AC/DC lead guitarist's Angus Young signature school boy uniform and necktie
AC/DC lead guitarist's Angus Young 
signature school boy uniform & necktie
The answer is simple enough - AC/DC fans love his portrayal of the school boy gone bad so much that his antics on stage while sporting a crushed navy blazer and shorts, accented by white socks with a very colorful love of neckties around his neck have become a rock and roll fashion statement.  His high energy performance ignites AC/CD fans into an explosive rhythm.

When asked if he would still be wearing his trademark school boy outfit and necktie at age 64, he described his attire as distinguished and “classic.” “Have you seen what some of the younger [artists] are wearing nowadays?” he asked. “They look like they’ve stolen their mothers’ skirts! If that’s fashionable, then you could say I’ve maintained a distinctively classic look.” Read more to see what has to say about  AC/DC and the ten things you probably did not know about Angus Young

Checkout what Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has to say about Angus Young and AC/DC

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Angus Young and his signature red striped neckties
Gallery Talk: Angus Young and his signature rep striped neckties with Rock and Roll Hall of 
Fame's Howard Kramer.  Why AC/DC Rocker Angus Young wears school boy rep striped ties.  Click the YouTube link - Gallery Talk: How it all began - Angus Young and his signature rep striped neckties with Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame's Howard Kramer

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