Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Mona Lisa Tie
Merry Christmas to all

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time Sharing Ties

Online Closet at Tie Society
necktie trading via the web

Necktie Trading Leads To Netflix-Like Business

Necktie sharing! If I did not read about it on line and hear it on National Public Radio I wouldn't have believed it. Tired of your ties, don't want to spend money on new neckties, well here is the answer.  Tie trading is about as novel as any idea I have ever heard of regarding men's ties. Hats off gentlemen and ties on!    Jeffrey Hunter

An idea that has seen its day for
men's attire - Trading Ties
 Necktie Time Sharing!

December 19, 2011
Renee Montagne, Linda Wertheimer Host
National Public Radio  - A year ago, former IBM consultant Zac Gittens and his friends realized they could expand their professional wardrobes by pooling their resources. Their tie trading worked so well for them, they left their jobs and last month launched Tie Society, which operates out of a Washington, D.C townhouse.

Of course, people share more than just information. Some cities offer car sharers or bike sharing services. And today's last word in business is: tie share, as in neckties.  Read more here N.P.R The Last Word in Business

Listen to the N.P.R. interview
The Tie Society -
How it Works
The Necktie Collection - hundreds of ties to choose from 

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Friday, December 9, 2011

All About Ties

Almost like "Neckties For Dummies"
image,  The Awl
Ties are where guys most get to be themselves, so pefectly expressed by the author The Awl - Choire Sicha

I found this post about six months ago and should have placed this short intro and a link to it long ago, but the necktie business is very time consuming and there is only so many hours in a day.  I really enjoyed reading this especially the first paragraph - certainly the part I have high-lighted in blue text font.  Even though he states that men need only a few ties.  My theory on that is that no one should ever notice, save your wife, that you have worn a certain tie before.  So at least a hundred will suffice to make that possible. 

The Awl, How You Do and Do Not Wear a Tie
by Choire Sicha , The Awl

While I am indisputably correct on most matters of men's office fashion, I have a somewhat minority opinion on ties. Among them: I do not believe that men need very many, nor need those ties be very elaborate. Most men can get by with maybe three or four great ties: one fun, one somber and one a nice solid blue. Those who wear ties to the office each day can get by with just seven to ten, if they wish, though it's more fun to have a hundred. Read more here - The Awl, How You Do and Do Not Wear a Tie

There are dos and don'ts - some of things your father may have forgotten to pass on.  It really is like a short version of what I intend to collaborate on - my soon to be New York Times best seller book for sure "Neckties for Dummies."  There is some very useful info here, tie knotting videos, understanding what kind of tie is right for you, and some general fashion education for the color or otherwise fashion co-ordination blind.

I especially appreciated his knowledge of necktie knots particularly concerning the "Matrix Merovingian" necktie knot which is actually not a new tie knot at all, just re-named to be superficially correct and cool.  It is modified and a reversed version so I guess it deserves to be named after that smooth hustler of deal making, "The Merv" did look great, in his tailored suit with a dynamic necktie knotted so precisely, so daring and in command - at least until he faced Neo and company.  There's even a Matrix tie knot video lesson as well so you can be the coolest guy on your block sporting the Matrix Tie Knot.  That's one more way to strike up conversation and meet that girl of dreams.

The full post is worth a look-see.  I will add that I firmly disagree with his distain of paisley ties, every man should own at least one,  Jeffrey Hunter, About Neckties - Buy Ties

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