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Ties Have Sex Appeal

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Neckties Are Sexy; Really

It isn't just the charisma, or the successful and stylish look of men in ties that attracts women. Men wearing suits and ties command attention because it is a fashion statement of pure individual expression. Nothing else in a gentleman's wardrobe even comes close to the polished look of ties with such style and attraction.

A little humor never hurt anyone so an explanation of necktie sex appeal in a humorous way seems fitting. Keeping with the tone of having fun and adding satire to many of the articles in this blog this one is a bit silly and a bit serious. It is beyond me why so many guys just hate ties to death so if I can make fun of myself and neckties maybe they will have a change of heart, maybe not.

The Ever Stylish Swooner - Frank Sinatra
The ever stylish Frank Sinatra - he 
wrote the rules on looking sharp
There is a funny theory among myself and a few friends why a man wearing a tie is considered to have more sex appeal according to women.

There are some who would suggest that wearing a necktie cuts off circulation to the brain, causing a guy to be in a sort of in agony. If this were true, then how come the world’s smartest and greatest leaders, including the most successful businessmen wear neckties religiously and they look everything but in distress. The gentlemen that take their attire seriously are usually very rich and very powerful. It could be possible that if true and there is a restriction of blood flow as a result of wearing a tie, the brain is forced to work harder which explains why men who wear ties are usually very successful.  However there may be a side effect.  Additionally, women are wearing ties more and more which may create competition is sex appeal and the pursuit of success acquiring wealth.  Regardless, this does prove further, how sexy ties are.

Daniel Craig 007 Casino Royal
Daniel Craig 007 Casino Royal
The guys that wear suits and ties, dressing up, have firm control of their lives and they really do know how to live, enjoying a very exciting life style. They are the meaning of success, driving fast cars, wining and dining, and not alone as they are popular. Being well groomed affords great respect. Wearing neckties is very personal and what the tie says is unique to each own. It is a greater self confidence that results and the expressed personality that makes a guy interesting resulting in attracting circles of friends who are equally self assured. If a guy wants to win he will not surround himself with losers.

So men who wear ties are a special sort, now more than ever. If you wear ties then you know about the feeling of being on top of the world. It was Al Pacino in Scar Face who declared "The World Is Yours," If a man is serious and he dresses the part then the potential is limitless. The old adage "it's a man's world," whatever it is a man can have it if he puts his mind to it, achieving anything is possible.

“I wear a tie every day – that’s what certainly separates me from those guys who are afraid to put a noose around there neck every day.”

It is a joke in the neck wear business that hits home. So wearing neckties sets a man apart; that man has everything he desires because he is thoughtful about his appearance and self assured.  Men who wear ties also have very beautiful women for friends. Could it be that because when a man wears a necktie, the blood flow is indeed restricted to the brain, and some of their thinking is done with the wrong head – causing great complications trying to juggle responsibilities. Which, in-itself actually may explain why they can get into so much trouble.

Ryan Gosling GQ Magazine
Ryan Gosling GQ Magazine
Therefore if the brain is starved of oxygen, it forces the other brain to work at a greater pace, which in turn reaches the most important quest of all – the slaying of beautiful women? I do not mean slaying in a harmful way, but it sounds better then conquering. Men do conquer - that is what we do. I read somewhere that the necktie is a male phallic symbol - whatever that means and whatever it suggests? None-the-less the verdict is in, ties make a guy a lady killer, and no I do not mean that in a harmful way as well. Women just seem to melt in the company of a well dressed man. And if that man is wearing a necktie and the lady gets close enough she will fondle it, the ladies do like silk and maybe the male phallic symbol too. Let’s just say a man in a tie is a natural swooner.
Thus, supporting the theory once and for all, men in ties are sexier because ties are sexy.

Sexy neckties
Men i suit and ties have greater sex appeal
Men i suit and ties have greater sex appeal
Now, the potential pitfall of the sex appealing necktie and attracting the ladies. Mae West said "too much of a good thing is wonderful" - but trust me too much of the lady thing can really wear guy down. If it is too many ladies ( a guy needs to rest ) or if the guy is spoken for and he causes the fatal attraction syndrome to happen by looking really suave in a suit a tie and commanding the charisma - style routine etc. - he can wind up in a heap of trouble. If the personality and self confidence results in becoming a politician or an actor then behaving correctly is a must.

While I was researching facts and images for this article on Google I discovered Hot Ties and their great photos of sexy babes wearing their really sexy ties. I also discovered another blog post illustrating a re-invention of 40's "Belly Warmer Ties or Peek-a-Boo tie" - a necktie with a picture of a sexy pin up girl on the reverse side. Miss Feeney’s Ties bringing sexy back to the fashion of furnishings on Zoot Patrol - definitely related to this article so check it out. Zoot Patrol had some very interesting articles about the diverse world we live in and the way out fashion ideals and or other stuff that makes civilization so unpredictable and special. One in particular could not have been a timelier find as I had already continued on the very subject. They outline "The Eight Best Former U.S. President Sex Scandals." Read a brief synopsis further below.

A really sexy necktie
A really sexy necktie
Men are sexier in suits and ties
Men are sexier in suits and ties
Considering President Bill Clinton’s escapades in the White  House and the other usual sticky situations that successful guys get into, it is really quite simple to figure out how such things can happen . While their brains are working on overload due to a restriction of blood flow; their other brain is taking over, in-turn coloring things up a few notches. The other head is controlling body language, desire, agenda, and dictating behavior.  Surely these men must have figured this out, which must be the real reason why those guys really wear those neckties every day. Thinking with the wrong head can be boring.  Sometimes the brain gets in the way of what is most important - encounters with women. 
The conclusion: neckties are sexy.  Once you really think through the phenomenon of wearing neckties or not and what it really means, we can conclusively understand why things work the way they do or maybe don't work.

A really sexy Necktie Fashion Show

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Political Sex Scandals at Zoot Patrol

Political sex scandals are as old as time. For centuries -– eons really -– power has been proven to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. Indeed, from Caesar and Cleopatra to King Henry VIII and the headless bodies of his many wives, sex scandals have rocked the civilized world. Of course, our very own presidents have etched their names into the annals of those renowned historical texts like Penthouse and Hustler, proving yet again that even the rich and powerful –- or maybe especially the rich and the powerful –- are prey to the whims of their, uh, little presidents. The following is a list of eight United States presidents who failed to veto the legislation put before them by the legislature, and by the legislature, I of course mean their penises.  You guessed right, Bill Clinton, J.F.K, Thomas Jefferson, and 5 more that I had no idea of.  This is great reading. The Complete article - They just could not keep their pants on.

Not to forget a really great British sex scandal that was world wide headline news.  It is no doubt a necktie story - read the romantic tale The Mystery of the Windsor Necktie Knot on our retail site.  It should be called "Sex Appeal and How the World found Out How He Made His Windsor Necktie Knot."

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