Friday, March 4, 2011

When Pigs Tie

When Pigs Tie - er Fly
When Pigs Tie – 'er Fly

When, and if pigs fly we would have some serious things to think about. Now concerning this pig wearing a tie, there is equally a cause for concern. Since it has been said that pigs are the smartest animals save man, then this pig is maybe off his mark.  He has bit of an extreme sense in the fashion. Not only is his necktie horrendous, that doo and those shades are beyond ghastly. But then again, what the heck do I know about pigs and their fashion trends, “nada.” Therefore I cannot relate to this pig’s taste in neckties or hair style or anything. Anyway, how can I judge a pig, I can hardly deal with most people. And, I will admit - those shades are not all that bad,  actually.  They could be handy if you are in  need of a fork in at a fast food joint..

One thing that strikes me as very odd is this pig is naked save that tie, no pants, no shirt, and no collar for that tie to wrap around. Maybe he doesn’t need a shirt or collar to accompany his tie. Could be that he has an extra fold of skin that the tie is hanging on too. And for the clothes – he could be a nudist. I have never seen a pig wearing a pair of pants and a shirt, so possibly clothes are just not one of those things you must have before you venture out, if you are an "oinker." Come to think of it I have never seen pig wear a tie either, although I have seen some men not wearing ties, when they should be - making them sort of p-gs. Shoot, I better not say that as I am sure I will offend many guys who don’t wear ties - ever!

I will admit, ugly tie or not he is looking a bit dashing wearing that necktie despite his rather abstract style. And one more thing, that pig has no opposable thumbs so how the heck did he tie that tie.  It is a bit tricky and without those thumbs - Oh well, maybe it’s a clip on. Even some guys give up trying to tie ties and resort to clip on ties. God help us all, it is really not so hard – it’s almost like tying shoe laces. Now if that pig was wearing shoes, then I may be impressed.

Ralph Marin - Pigs Tie

When Pigs Tie ? – Wow, I really do not think that I’ll ever run out of material for blog posts about men’s ties – be sure to check out “Fashion Art Neckties” by Fornasetti in the next day or so. This Pigs post is a silly one, the Fornasetti post is really quite interesting and worth the read.

Ralph Marlin - When Pigs Fly
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