Thursday, May 26, 2011

Contemplation: On Wearing Ties

A trunk with a treasure of neckties long forgotten
Learning to love neckties again

Earlier today I found a blog post that I thought was interesting enough to share. By sheer chance a box with neckties was found from days past causing a very interesting result. Sometimes by accident a fashion preference will find its way back into the hands and heart of someone. Re-discovering what was once an apparel fondness from earlier in a life is quite unique as normally what was once in style will not be considered to be useful, let alone to be admired. For instance in the 80's every man in America had a Members Only jacket, which have long ago be forgotten. I don't think a man today would be caught dead wearing one of those.

Many men, however not slave to fashion like most women, would not be able to except yesterdays fashion statement as functional attire. Not so much that a man may be so conscious about what his appearance may or may not say about him, it is often more or less a habit or regiment that is lost. People do tend to grow out of a look once found comfortable. Any influence of what society excepts now that is foreign from the past is a factor that makes some apparel not a likely fit in a contemporary life style. Not too long ago bald wasn't beautiful and men wore hats to help disguise the loss of it. The phenomenon of the casual trend in men’s attire has all but taken the necktie and buried it. However, down but not out ties are still worn by many men that have the urge to dress with distinction and to be polished with look of success. Wearing ties does take some extra effort, tying them, and yes you cannot wear a T shirt and the shirt must be buttoned all the wat to the collar. I really cannot blame the guys who take casual Friday to mean casual everyday.   As the story below illustrates some men are re-visiting the distinguished necktie fashion statement and are wearing ties again. Unlike those Members Only jackets ties have a real usefulness to them and they are certainly not something that is out of fashion, at least not yet.

The beginning first paragraph and the last one are below, including a link to read the entire article.  - Jeffrey Hunter

General Lordisimo’s Apocalypse Blog

May 9, 2011 - posted by Nathaniel

Not the General - none-the-less this is
a guy who obviously loves ties.  Some of
these designs are my personal favorites.
Jimmy Hendrix Psychedelic By Ralph
Marlin, X-Men by Esquires
Here is a story. I moved into a new house back in February and in the process did the general moving thing of packing up all my things, transporting them to a new location, and then unpacking them (this unpacking process is still “in the works”). During the act of packing/unpacking I came to the realization that I own an exceptional number of ties. Looking through them I can trace them from three major sources; ones I bought at thrift stores for various reasons throughout high school and college, ones my dad gave me that he didn’t wear anymore, and ones that I have received as gifts over the years. Anyways, as part of the moving process I was trying to determine what stuff of mine I really wanted to keep, and what I could potentially get rid of. So I was looking at this bunch of ties I had and thinking to myself, “I might only wear one or two of these a year.” So I decided I either needed to get rid of all the excess ties or start wearing them more regularly. I decided with the wearing. For the past couple of months I have been regularly wearing a tie to work two or three times a week.

It is kind of funny to start wearing a tie to work when for nearly the past three years I had never worn one. A lot of people have asked me “what is the occasion?” which makes sense. Today the humble tie tends to be a decorative piece that is reserved for occasions. It is reasonable to assume that over time the tie may end up going the way of men’s hats, fading into the background of necessary male style. I however think that the tie is worth its effort to this day. It displays a bit of professionalism, mixed with some individuality, and an overall sense of class (regardless of any class that I actually possess).

So here’s to you ties, may I wear you all well!

Read the entire article here and as well visiting this blog is well worth the time. The general is quite an interesting guy Contemplation On Wearing Ties at General Lordisimo's Apocalypse Blog

The picture of the guy with the loud ties is from Style Like U another fabulous blog you'll be glad you found

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Uniform Ties

Chinese Soldiers Wearing Uniform Ties
Talk about a uniform look, complete with uniform ties.  These guys have that Star Wars Storm Trooper Clone appearance, all wearing uniform neckties with matching tie clips, caps and all the trimings.  For sure these guys march in tune etc.

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I Hate When Someone Pulls My Ties

A babe pulling his tie - some guys have real problems.  This is not the guy, he
is just another guy who obviously doesn't seem to be in any sort of trouble
This guy really hates when girls are pulling his neckties!

You never what you'll find surfing the web looking for necktie stuff - found this one on Face Book.  I did not get his name but he did actually sign his remarks. - Jeffrey Hnter

"I hate it when someone pulls my necktie. I really hate it especially in school. I always appear like dumb in front of everyone when a girl pulls my tie - dragging me by it when she wants to talk to me somewhere else."  

Damn I hate It - Its making me appear like I’m some kind of an Idiot,   AAaaaAAAAaah

My comments, mostly - Hey, that is a dam great thing, a babe pulling you around by your tie to some place to be alone with you to talk or maybe .......

Baby - she can pull my tie
I guess if you feel like a dog on a leash then you have a legitimate complaint, but my guess is that this is an act of affection, not I that I don't care if someone pulls my tie as long as it is a babe - like you have explained. I think that you should re-consider your thoughts on this. It is not such a big a problem for a guy to have his necktie pulled unless another guy is pulling you by your tie, which would certainly lead to fighting. Thus as well it would also mean that you would be getting your butt kicked. That’s because a man cannot fight really effective if he is wearing a tie, especially if the guy that you have to fight already has you under his control which is basically why he probably grasped your necktie in the first place.

I once had some pretty lady pulling my tie in Las Vegas at a bar by mistake. I actually asked her to grab it and then explained that I was more or less her slave. She thought that I was making fun of her but I wasn't.  Dam she was pretty..

I hate when she pulls my ties Face Book Page

I did find reference on Wikipedia concerning necktie pulling. A popular prank in England is to pull a guys necktie so that it tightens around his neck.   Known as “peanuting or squatknotting," this is usually not to show affection, rather to cause embarrassment, and even at times as a method of bullying.  I guess in this case it is not babes pulling the neckties, unless they are big Amazon babes pulling neckties - which would more or less lead to same results as mentioned above regarding a man who is wearing a tie getting into a fight.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neckties vs. High Heels

High Heels vs.Ties
High Heels vs.Ties
Wearing a necktie should be no problem for a man when considering the suffering women deal with when wearing high heels.

In late December of 1998 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands publicly lambasted men after having heard enough of their complaining about having to wear neckties. She demanded that men should consider how difficult it is for women to have attractive looks. Her argument challenged men to try to understand how difficult a woman’s grooming is every day. She exclaimed that having to wear a necktie was nothing compared to wearing high heels, while negotiating all of the days many challenges, like stairs, standing on trains or buses, etc. More or less she labelled men as whiners when it came to the issue of wearing ties or not.

“A snake around my neck,” Prince Claus snarled, throwing his navy blue necktie at the feet of his wife, Queen Beatrix. And on her royal feet she was probably wearing high heels.

It is true that in recent times some men have been complaining about wearing ties and that it is such an effort to tie them. The phenomenon of hating ties has become quite ridiculous and absurd as if the tie was a threat to their freedom. Neckties are a very useful fashion accessory for men as wearing a tie is the only way a man can actually express himself artistically, save sporting tattoos. Tattoos will certainly have a completely opposite effect on a man’s appearance that could be easily construed as negative, possibly not a deserving reflection but unavoidable. It really is not such a burden to dress up and wear a suit and tie and the benefits are unique, in their own right. Actually compared to what women have to deal with when dressing; a man’s grooming endeavors are rather minuscule.

Just considering everything women have to contend with regarding their appearance, save the high heels. There is make-up - a very daunting and time consuming task, leg shaving, having to wear nylons, bras, hair styling, and well you get the picture - women have a really serious enterprise to tackle every day in order to look good. The apparel and the necessary accessories are much more fashion sensitive than men’s apparel let alone the importance of an absolute perfect fit that is almost a science for women. The result of their labor makes them feel as good, and as sexy as they look. They take this special pride in their appearance out of self respect. Moreover, the great lengths they go through are simply so that they are not unnoticed by men. Women take great care and spend a lot of time and money in being gorgeous.

Women in High Heels Love Men wearing neckties
Women in High Heels Love Men
Wearing Ties
Actually, both men and women love high heels.

Men become mesmerized at the site of a woman in high heels. They like an exaggerated female figure with toned legs that appear longer, with greater definition and shape. And, of course the added height is a major plus. In addition to making women taller, high heels force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward, thus accentuating the female form. Body language is accented and that sexy swagger of hips and thighs of a more statuesque form creates a striking appearance. Women are well aware that high heels create serious sex appeal so they tolerate the lack of comfort. There is a price tag of being beautiful or more beautiful and in the case of the value vs. sacrifice, wearing high heels is worth it. Very simply, women in high heels are more likely to attract favorable notice.

Women like men in suits and ties, but not all men oblige.

Women are attracted to men in suits and ties. A man that wears a tie is considered successful by women and well kept. Men dressing up command great reverence. Ties have sex appeal, creating a great desirability by women. Men that wear neckties have a distinctive look. Women consider a man in a suit and tie debonair and most likely romantic. Women tend to go crazy over men who dress up, as a man who is well groomed is exciting and has an interesting gravity about him. The polished well groomed man will fare much better with women than men who are not dressed up as a man in a suit and tie has a distinguished look, with a certain handsome style otherwise hard to achieve.

Men Wearing Neckties and High Heels
Men Wearing Neckties and High Heels
......ties are sexy. I love watching a man put one on – and I absolutely drool when he takes it off. I’d love to explain why that is, but I can’t. Just know that it’s something many women thoroughly enjoy watching. a quote by Isabella Snow from an article on Hub Pages - read the article here

Included is an image that is a bit of an anomaly that I did not expect to find while searching Google images. There are some men that like ties and high heels so much that they not only tie neckties, they also wear high heels. Apparently there is a fashion craze out there that has granted the Queen of Sweden, Silvia’s wish.

"I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot!" Marilyn Monroe

“I love men, not because they are men, but because they are not women.” Christina, Queen of Sweden

“Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” Linda Ellerbee

Yahoo Answers - Neckties

Read more - Why women wear high heels

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Ties Are Weird

Are neckties a status symbol?   

16th Century Neck Cloth
 You have to look at the history of fashion and ties to understand this question. The wearing of neckties has been and still is the definition of distinction of men. More often than not, usually only successful men dress up, as wearing neckties has become a sort of novelty in men´s fashion lately. Therefore it is a valid statement that men wearing neckties is a recognized icon of status. This has more or less been the case with the exception of the middle of the last century when almost all men wore ties. None-the-less it has always been perceived that a man wearing a suit and tie signifies stature and class.

Neckties are a fashion accessory that many men really like to wear and with good reason. It is because they look really good dressed up wearing ties. It is just that simple. Looking good or looking ridiculous? That would be a good question as what was fashionable correct and accepted once may be really strange now and visa-verse. Over the course of history since the Middle Ages ties or neck clothes have been unusual and weird to say the least. I found a really great article on a blog called Sex and Status that sorts this out in both an illustrative and written manner. This is an historical view of how strange ties have evolved to what contemporary ties are today. You may be surprised to discover how and why neckties have evolved and how weird neckties really are or were.   Jeffrey Hunter

Here are excerpts from the article

Napolean Bonarparte
Ties are weird. I mean...I like ties. Or rather - I like the way men look in ties. But what ARE they? Where did they come from? When you think about it, its a pretty ridiculous accessory... Here are excerpts of the article: 
Made of fine linen or silk, the shirt originally had a wide neckline and very full sleeves (good for range of motion for your sword arm, fashionable to pull through the fancy slashes on your doublet). The only period in history where men’s exposed collarbones are considered sexy, the fabric was finely pleated into a decorated band at the neck.

It gets really interesting so check it out.   link below   The article ends as follows,
So...ties. You're never fully dressed without this long skinny thing around your neck. It doesn't keep you warm, it doesn't hold your clothes together, it doesn't provide doesn't serve any practical purpose at all. But they sure look good, despite the obscurity of where they came from. And never let it be said that men don't participate in impractical, unnecessary, status-conscious, fashion-following rituals. Sheep, the lot of us. But well-dressed sheep.


Check the entire article out at Sex and Status

Sex and Status - a blog for regular people about clothing and fashion, and the difference between the two

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Evil Neckties For Evil Men

President Nixon and His Cabinet
Evil Neckties?

Every so often I am reminded how difficult my business is.  Selling neckties seems to have a stigma to it that is un-equaled.  There is a law that may pass to make it illegal for doctors to wear neckties in New York to prevent the spread of germs.   And now this very stark post about how it is evil men that wear neckties and that all people should beware.  I am not so evil and when I wear ties I sure as hell do not scare anyone.  In fact I seem to do rather well when wearing ties.  But as you can read for yourself some guys that wear ties are compared to Darth Vader.  That is the case for former Vice President Dick Cheney, who is certainly no favorite around here.  He sure has made an impact on democracy more precisely the lessening of it, not to mention the ever growing belief that he master minded the 911 attacks.

Star Wars Sith Lord Darth Vader
Yes, it is true some of the guys that wear ties are devious and of very poor character.  There are politicians, bankers, lawyers, stock brokers, car salesman, and dare I say even doctors.  And specifically as mentioned above, the former Vice President Dick Cheney is a fine example of an evil man that wears ties.

All though the article that follows below is meant as satire it does make sense.  In this blog I have mad mention about the many reasons men wear ties and that wearing a necktie will make a man look distinguished creating a sense of trust.  So, of course just like an aggressive car salesman a politician can use the necktie as a ruse - disarming those at will.  So, now there is one more explanation why some guys hate neckties.

Dick Cheney
Here is the blog post from - The Next Generation

They’re well trained, intelligent, and extremely well funded. Their networks span the length of the land, nay, the world! Sure, they hide behind a facade of peace and tolerance, but we all know their real motives. So I’ll come out and say it, and to hell with political correctness!

These people are, as everyone knows and nobody is willing to say, the men who wear neckties! 
The men who wear neckties are the most evil individuals currently walking this earth. Consider the following historical facts:
Perhaps the most obvious of these necktie-wearing sinister extremists goes by the name of Bernard Madoff, and his hustle was the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Madoff made off with so much money from investors chipping-in to his investment opportunities, ($65 billion, ), it’s hard to believe his surname isn’t one of God’s many cruel jokes, right up there with Hot Pockets and androgynous Sesame Street characters.
Now allow the truth to uncover the secrets of a political figure whose telling garb I’ve held under suspicion for years: former Vice-President Dick Cheney ( a little known fact about Dick Cheney is that he is a Dark Sith Lord - not unlike Darth Vader ), with the power to submit people into passing legislation with his mighty force lightning. My further historical investigations detailed Mr. Cheney’s role in the U.S. compromising its international stance on the Geneva Convention, an agreement the U.S. had upheld since 1949, after the horrifying events of the second world war. read the entire article here 

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Star Wars Darth Vader Necktie

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Sexy Babe Tying A Tie

Checkout this sexy blonde Russian babe tying this really unique tie knot.  Even if you don't like Russuian babes and who doesn't you will like this video.  This necktie knot is different than any tie knot I've ever seen.  Another sexy Russian babe showing us how to tie ties

Sexy Blonde Russian Babe Necktie Knotting Lesson

Sexy Russian Babe Tying A Tie

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A Big Necktie Knot Video

Sexy tie knot - if you want to tie a really wide, fat necktie knot then you will want to see this tie knotting video. I guess for the ladies that wear ties this would be just perfect.  Another beautiful Russian babe showing us how to tie a tie knot.

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Strange Ties - Glow In The Dark Striptease Necktie

Strip Tease Glow in the Dark Necktie
CALLING ALL MEN… Striptease necktie that glows in the dark

Holly smokes - talk about strange ties!

I found this interesting necktie advertisement on line. This is about as novel as novelty neckties can get - Jeffrey Hunter   

Astounding new STIP-TEASE NECKTIE is the latest rage from coast to coast. Specialty new novelty tie creation for men who demand the distinctive and unusual! Bring gasps of sheer wonder, thrilling admiration the first time you wear it! By day, smart, handsome tie, that is unrivalled for sheer beauty and extravagant good looks. By night a glorious goddess, of light for all to see! She loses her clothes as she glows in the dark! A glorious, gleaming blonde beauty revealed in daring pose in the briefest of costume, mysterious and magnificent!

Write today and if you don’t agree this outstanding new necktie sensation is the most exciting tie you’ve ever seen – it cost you nothing!

SEND NO MONEY – Special Introductory Offer

Send your name and address, receive starling new Strip Tease Necktie by return mail. Pay postman just $1.64 ( 3 for $4.79 ) and keep for ten days. In that time you aren’t thrilled and delighted return for money back without question!

Write to – Glow in The Dark Tie Company Dept 4314, 225 W. Michigan Ave. Chicago ILL.

Strange Ties - From an advertisement - Oct 1947. Well, this may be a really silly strange tie, but I want one.  The text above is a translation from the jpeg file I found somewhere on the web.  This strange tie goes under the category of "What will they think of next."

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strange Neckties - Tattoo Ties

Necktie Tattoo
These ties are not for everyone, thats for sure

These are really strange ties.  Not many guys will wear a tie like this, understandable.  First of all, this is a tie that you can not take off very easily.  As if you decide to wear a suit no one will see your tie.  I guess that is a good thing if you don't like buttoning your collar, or if youy raelly do not like wearing ties period. 

Which brings me to this all importanat question, why would a guy wear neckties like this anyway?  I thought that I had seen it all.  Tattoo Neckties - I guess this goes under the category of - Whatever.

Another Starnge Tie

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