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Ties – Some Men Hate Them, Some Men Love Them

Patriotic Necktie Lovers Expressing Themselves
Once again I am bewildered about how such hatred can involve a simple thing like men’s neckties. For God’s sake it is just a piece of fabric that men used to wear everyday and many still do. I found this web page, “Neckties Is an Evil Invention - Necktie Haters United,” one morning while searching Google for interesting things about neckties. It is rather bizarre how foolish and stupid some things turn out once they are spoken or written. You can see for yourself right here. A couple of the comments are listed below this response - article to their assault on men who love ties. Included are links some FaceBook Pages, other blog posts or sites that are about neckties and a Flickr discussion page that are related either pro or con, hate or love.  I am fair - everyone can have there 15 minutes or seconds of fame here.  I’ve also started a Face Book Page called “Ties Are Wonderful – Necktie Lovers United.”  Check out a post I did almost a year ago - another response to a necktie hate blog post I discovered called Die Necktie Die,  my essay worth reading I Love Ties 

Necktie Noose
The Tie Haters - Necktie Haters United

I am not really sure why men hate ties so much. Maybe with some guys it is an issue with being lazy as tying a necktie is a something that has to be practiced at first and does require some extra time when dressing. Maybe they are rebellious to authority, or being casual to an extreme. It could be that wearing a necktie is just considered too uncomfortable to tolerate. You know - that noose around the neck thing.  Many guys do not own a suit let alone ties.

The Tie Lovers - Necktie Lovers United

Why do men wear ties? It’s simple, besides taking care in their overall appearance - they can express themselves artistically, displaying the quality of their character and nature. It is about presentation and style, often an intimate statement of who a man is passionately. There is a vast scope of what a tie can actually mean or hint at considering the variables. Ties have flowers, or stripes, funny themes, or subtle design, Jesus Christ’s image or an illustration of a comic book super hero; there can be no mistake about what you say with the design and style of a necktie. The visual moment can really make a first impression a lasting one. Dressing up makes men feel good especially when receiving great respect and consideration. A man’s self esteem is heightened, if at least not just by his careful tailoring of his self image, but by the attention he commands.

The Functional Factor

A necktie is considered merely a fashion accessory however a tie serves a very important part of dress. A shirt collars’ form is supported by a tie as the erosion of wear will eventually create sagging. An accessory yes! A necessary one no, but considering a tie-less shirt as naked is not so unrealistic. Without a tie, the accented part of the collar is more or less serving a useless function. It is almost like wearing pants with no belt. The belt helps hold the pants in place on a man’s waist; therefore without a belt what purpose do the belt loops serve.

The Accessory Factor

Regardless of function of the tie’s constructive use, there is much greater use as it’s’ purpose as an aesthetic complement to a man’s attire. When considering wearing a suit and no tie, the aesthetic value of fashion design is missed. The width of the jacket lapel and collar, the breadth of the opening and its visual play with the shirt color, shape, and texture is surely meant to include a focal point. Wearing a necktie is a very necessary part of dressing in a suit if you just consider the angles and shapes, let alone the addition and accent of color and design that a tie adds. It is a compositional thing; neckties are part of the equation.

Sinatra Style
The Personality Factor

If you decide to wear a black suit, black shirt and black tie you’ll be mysterious. Adding a colorful tie instead, including pastels and a small pattern, you will be saying that you’re daring, and if the pattern is bold you’re being adventurous. The same results concerning persona would be true for a grey or navy suit, however the mysterious element would no longer be present. If the necktie you wear is a novelty you are exclaiming that you’re fun loving and not afraid of attention. Besides being easy to meet and talk to you can reveal something about yourself, a hobby, or something that you like; sports, music, or a comic book character. Novelty ties are liberal and certainly the silly, carefree side of necktie fashion. The opposite would be rep striped neckties or ties with small prints or patterns, which are the conservative side of ties as accessories. They will compliment a suit and shirt, in color and if not contrasting the look is serious and respectful. If you wear a red tie whether a pattern, striped, or solid tone you are expressing confidence, strength, and even an aggressive nature.  Read a post about necktie personality by LaniAnn  that further explains the psychology of fashion and novelty necktie wearing "What Does Your Tie Say About You"

The Fashion Statement Ruse

The conservative rule may actually be misleading and an illusion as due to a certain dress code a guy who needs to fit a certain look for employment may actually be quite a different person after hours. Sometimes to play the part a man will have to go against his instincts and wear a tie that is actually saying nothing at all about him, except maybe obedience. This guy may actually have a different tie, novelty or maybe a bold design to change into that is more comfortable for his individuality when not in the environment that dictates his appearance. This fashion ruse however, will not go the opposite way, almost 100% of the time as a conservative guy just could not wear a tie that is silly or fun. That would contradict his character and integrity. For instance a guy who likes to wear Disney Mickey Mouse or other cartoon character ties could bend his lighthearted taste in fashion and dress conservatively for an occasion or for satisfying employment dress codes. The conservative guy who wears rep stripe neckties and is conscious about being conventional would not be caught dead in a novelty tie.

Attracting Friends - Bob Hope
The Respect Factor

“With an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stock broker, can gain a reputation for being civilized.”  Oscar Wilde, from the “Picture of Dorian Gray,” 1891

The fact that men wearing ties command respect is no secret. Consider a banker not wearing a tie – he may not be very trust worthy. How about a lawyer without a necktie – would you have confidence in him? What about the politicians that make the laws and govern the people and support a nation standing diplomatically. How much clout could that law maker muster let alone votes. The same goes for stock brokers, and serious businessmen. The polished look of men wearing ties is un-mistakable. Being serious about appearance is a habit of exact measure, there is no in between. It has been said that a man has to earn respect. Dressing with the confidence that the impressions made will be of distinction and style is good start in winning respect. The desire to be chic and tailored is not a bad thing.  It should be mentioned that the respect issue is both ways regarding what tie to wear, and when, and what the result will be.  If a man was to attend a funeral wearing a tie with skulls illustrated on it or the Tasmanian Devil he may have to worry about ghosts haunting him or having the pole barriers beat him to death.  So in this case if a man is showing the lack of respect by wearing an inappropriate tie he will get the opposite of respect.

The Conclusion

So, take that - Necktie Haters United, losers. We necktie lovers have long since realized that if all men looked so good then there would be just too much competition for the ladies and whatever else we men desire.  Steak and Lobster, great wine, fast cars and boats; all of that comes a lot easier when you are dressed like a gentleman and not like a bum.

A few of the goofball posts on Necktie Hater's Page - a warning, it is a bit scary.

AFTON SAID: "Necktie is an evil invention - I'm absolutely bewildered to find any utilitarian purpose of this atrocious self-asphyxiation apparatus.  I would advocate the banning of neckties, for the benefit of men's respiratory health. Anyone to form Necktie Haters United?"

KURANES SAID: "I'm already the president of this organization."
CLEVERHOUSE SAID: "Ties were invented by the Devil to torment his imps, like most ugly things."
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