Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Hot Rod Flame Tie For A Hot Shot Guy

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A flame tie?  Some guys will stop at nothing to get something they just cannot live without.

At the end of nearly 41 months of selling novelty ties at Too Sexy Ties kiosk at the Irvine Spectrum Center in Southern California I have some real interesting memories. - Jeffrey Hunter

Then there was Jonathan Harstad, the young man who had only six dollars and change, but wanted to purchase an $18.00 Mark Abramhoff - Ralph Marlin hot rod flame tie, a very popular necktie with younger men.  He did not haggle with me - just too classy and cool and as it turned out way too clever.  He really wanted this necktie badly and he let me know that - the ties I sell are really nice and worth every penny I charge.  I held out for 100% while he went into action. 

The mall was bustling with people on that Saturday afternoon, so without any time to waste he pan-handled for the difference.  Just across the way, the guys in the Cuban Cigar Factory, Rick and Big Ed and my friend Scott were eye balling me as usual, although as if this time they were contemplating "what next" - their faces stunned, holding their arms out horizontally; amazed at what was taking place. "The guy was on fire” exclaimed tie peddler Jeffrey Hunter as he later told the story to the sales rep who provided that tie and other fun novelty neckties. “Folks can I have just one penny, a quarter, a dollar, for this tie. I need one of these neckties for a job interview tomorrow. Please help me get a job so I can improve my life and become successful. Folks can I have just one….”

“It took a little over 15 minutes, which sure amazed me, heck I wanted to hire him.  I was sure that he would get the job - wearing his flame tie,” Jeffrey Hunter, owner Too Sexie Ties Irvine Spectrum Center

I have been saying for years that wearing ties will bring great success into your life and make you a greater man.  William Shakespeare said it as well, "the apparel oft proclaims the man."  If you doubt this or you think that I am making this story up - then you are wrong and I can prove it.  Below is a recent picture of the guy who managed to get the flame tie and get the job and much more.

Jonathan Harstad in a recent image taken from a web site that promotes his business Settle First - Pay Later

The up-date and the proof that this is not fiction.  About a month ago Jonathan Harstad found this blog post and made a comment ( below ). He actually did get the job wearing that crazy hot rod flame tie by Mark Abramhof when he still owned Ralph Marlin and Company. I remember telling Mark about that unique necktie purchase. He did not doubt my story as from almost from the beginning of my necktie career I had a reputation of being "different," which I thought was a good thing - RIGHT. Anyway, Mark laughed, he was still in the necktie business.

Jonathan actually got the girl of his dreams and married her, and then started his own business. He admits in his comments and subsequent email messages to me that it was because of that novelty flame tie that he bought from me that Saturday. It all happened like it was yesterday he claims; at Irvine California's famous rock and roll entertainment center - shopping mall - the Irvine Spectrum Center, located right in the epicenter of conservative Irvine in the vortex of the 405 and 5 Interstate Freeways at El Torro where almost everyone cannot figure out which lanes to be in to go north to Anaheim - downtown Los Angeles or north west toward Huntington Beach - Santa Monica.

Click here to visit SettleFirst - PayLater Jonathan's business.  I cannot make this stuff up.

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  1. Jeffrey! I still have that tie! HAHA! Great story.. And guess what, I got that job and now I am self employed with a great company, great life and a wonderful wife. All because of that tie! I was 20 at the time, so that was a little over 10 years ago. How fun thinking back on that night. What a great story! -Jonathan

  2. Hey bro, Glad you found me, makes my stuff "legi" Bet you found it on a Google Search. I will checkout your biz


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