Saturday, February 12, 2011

Men Who Wear Necktie - Not an Actual Study

Men Who Wear Neckties

Not an actual study of men who wear ties by Internationally recognized expert “Big Ed” and endorsed by Louie the Lip, Guido, Needle Nose, Vinnie from the Bronx, and other experts in style and being a “mench” ( Yiddish for gentleman ). As illustrated in the graph above, the average male by dressing with sophistication not only gets to the top by wearing neckties he gets the beautiful women too. That is because where there’s money; there will always be beautiful women. Often than not getting the big money requires serious attire. You will usually not see a wealthy man doing business dressed poorly. Therefore this chart also illustrates frequency of encounters with beautiful women as well as accumulation of wealth.

This one is for fun, if I had to be serious all of the time I would have a real job and I would not be selling neckties nor writing about them. One long a dreadful day attempting to sell ties at the Irvine Spectrum Center where I had a kiosk I decided to explore what I could create with Window’s Office Excel. All I needed after that was something to say.

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