Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Hate Ties or Not To Hate Ties

I decided to package comments from a couple of Web Forums and Face Book groups that concern men who hate ties or love neckties.  Below are many silly remarks and statements concerning men in ties and many fun and more serious comments from men and or women about men in ties.  At least one is a necktie poem, and another is a qoute I found siomewhere alonfg the way while I researched the necktie haters and lovers phenomenom,  It has amazed me for a long time how such a simple men's fashion accessory can cause such emotion.   I may be walking a fine line here but honestly I do not want to fight over this, but if I have to.....

I have started my conquest on I love Ties - A Face Book Page.  You can tell me and the rest of the world what you think about ties, hate them, or love them.  warned though. I am very pasionate about this.

These to photos are avitars that two of the guys use that aere on the forum I Hate Ties 



Necktie Haters United

These guys hate ties, well some of them do not hate neckties, at least one of them actually loves ties.  You want to join this group of guys on this forum or one of the Face Book groups, No Ties, Hate Ties, or I Love Ties.  Here are a few of the comments that you may find, some are quite comical and some are stupid and well one is just like poetry. 

“With an evening coat and a white tie, anybody, even a stock broker, can gain a reputation for being civilized.”

Oscar Wilde, from the “Picture of Dorian Gray,” 1891

The Necktie is an evil invention.

afton said, I'm absolutev cvc
ly bewildered to find any utilitarian purpose of this atrocious self-asphyxiation apparatus.
I would advocate the banning of neckties, for the benefit of men's respiratory health.  
Anyone to form Necktie Haters United?

kuranes said, I'm already President of this organization.

Braggi said,   i like neckties, they are a wonderful way of adding a touch of fashion and elegance, and sometimes some brilliant colours to your clothing.  or do you mean what neckties have evolved into? with these simple retarded long strings of material that serve no aesthetic purpose and seem to only strangle and annoy people who employ them with no regards as to their origins?   love the first, hate the second. shit i hate any tradition that is started by fashion and then perverted by fools who have no understanding of its origin

myabyss said I had to wear a tie once as part of a waitress uniform. They suck. I don't know how guys can wear them.  Wearing a bra is a bitch too.APE The DOG SAID I wore it to a wedding once. They actually gave me one up front, because as a kind of ritual thing all the friends of the groom had to wear the same model and colour tie. I didn't notice it was there the whole time. Same with when I wore one to oral examns.

Claverhouse said Ties were invented by the devil to torment his imps. Like most ugly things

mgb said I like ties. Especially really nice expensive ones. They look great and really help you clean up nicely.

here is their forum site URL

Tie-lovers, stand up! This is your group!

megan said - Ties are so awesome. I love the ones that give you headaches if you stare at them too long!

Erna said - omg i love ties the only problem is I dont know how to tie them someone be mii friend and teach meeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

hannah said -  i wear them all the time.  steal em' from my dad ♥

Alexandra said - ties are sexy ♥

Dani said -I LOOOOOOOOOVE BLUE TIES !!!  I really liked the one Sarko wore on the debate evening (which doesn´t mean I also like the man so please don´t hit me) !!!

Yemi said - I love ties. Specially what we call : les" cravates club" or "club Ties". Those are really british, with stripes in two different colors. You can put them with a suit, a blazer or even just with a shirt and a jean. For those kind of shirt I recommend T.M Lewin or Hackett.   If you want to be on top, get a pink tie, no sha...me, just class.

Jeffrey Hunter ( the author ) said - I joined Hate Ties - NO TIES on Facebook. Here is my post I actually love ties - and welcome the challenge to convince you guys to love neckties too. They are not a threat to your freedom. Maybe you need to consider fun novelty ties like Spiderman or music neckties. Check them out - http://www.nicetiestore.com/

I love tie's

This is for all men that feel sexy when they put on a tie with a nice crispy shirt. For that man that cannot pass a men store without first going to the tie section. For him that for chirstmas or birthday u tell them "you can get me a tie'.

If you own more than 20 ties than your that man LOL

I Love Ties - Face Book 


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