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Men in Ties

Notes in the Key of Life From the Archives: Men in Ties by Cindy Swanson
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Ben Affleck wearing a suit and necktie
Ben Affleck wearing a black suit and 
charcoal tie
I found this blog post today which interestingly enough continues from an earlier post that concerned necktie popularity as reported in USA Today about two and a half years ago. Revisiting this question is a means of understanding if ties are becoming less popular or regained the attraction this fashion accessory once commanded. I am planning a similar study of this issue that actually has great emotion attached. Some men actually hate ties as if they were a threat to their freedom of personality. You may want to check out a post I made nearly ten months ago called “I love ties” check it out  - which started out as a response to a blog post I found called “die necktie die.”

The study that I plan to execute on line and in a multiple choice questionnaire will be affectionately called TIE WARS - Jeffrey Hunter

Delving into the archives for a story about whether men's ties are disappearing off the scene. How about you? Do you like to see men in ties? Are you a man who hates/loves them?

Cary Grant wearing a suit and tie
Cary Grant
On June 17, 2008, USA Today ran an article questioning whether men's ties were disappearing off the scene. Over two years later, ties are still going strong, and men are still looking great in them! Following is my original post: The USA Today article - find it here  “The necktie, knot what it used to be, still hangs on”

Are neckties going the way of the buffalo?

Photos of some popular movie stars wearing ties that surely set trends in men's fashion. 

Russel Crowe wearing a suit and tie
Russel Crowe

After Father's Day-the day probably most associated with the giving of ties, save as Christmas presents - USA Today questions whether the necktie will "hang on" much longer.  The story reports that "the recent decision by the Men's Dress Furnishings Association--the trade group for America's neckwear makers--to shut down has some folks tied up in knots."

Admittedly, we're living in the day of Casual Friday....and Monday...and Tuesday...etc. The tie is not the icon it used to be. The story cites a Gallup poll that found just 6 per cent of men wearing neckties to work each day, down from10 percent in 2002. More than two-thirds of the men surveyed said they never wear a tie to work.

Robert Redford wearing a suit and necktie
Robert Redford
However, there are still men who enjoy dressing up and looking sharp. "When you wear a tie it still says ... you're dressed for the occasion," the story quotes Amy Klaris, a retail  strategist at consulting firm Kurt Salmon Associates.
I can sympathize with men who think a tie feels like a noose around their neck. I don't know if I would enjoy wearing one all the time, just as, being a woman, I wouldn't want to have to wear high-heeled shoes all the time. However, I do think my husband looks gorgeous when he's dressed up in a suit and tie...and I would hate to see the necktie die out completely.

Daniel Craig wearing a suit and tie
Daniel Craig
When I originally posted this story, I got some great comments from readers. Here are a few:

Kay: I love to see a man dressed up! But I have often wondered who first decided to tie a piece of fabric around their neck and call it fashionable... It is a strange practice, really.

Joel: I personally think neckties were designed by Torquemada.Another problem I have. My neck is too large for the size shirt I wear. If I get a shirt with a large enough neck, the sleeves are too long. They used to have extenders for necks, but they're increasingly hard to find.  So I either wear turtlenecks or just an open shirt. I'll wear a tie to a funeral, but that's about it.

Randy (a former co-worker of mine): I will always believe in ties. Even when one of our co-workers at the station begged us all to go to tieless attire, I still wore one a lot. Maybe you remember that. I still believe that a tie is a standard of professional dress and should be. Sure, I did tire at times of them, but if a man wears the proper neck size shirt, you can get used to the tie. However, I come from the old school of thought.

Ann-Marie: Josh Holloway would look good in a suit made out of garbage. But he looks extra yummy in a tie. (and no garbage)

Lea: I love a man in a tie, especially mine and thank goodness, he is still very much a believer in the tie. Such a professional and polished look! Love it!

So, how do YOU feel about men in ties? I'd love to get some more great comments! What do you think? Please post below - Cindy
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