Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Robot That Ties Neckties

  We Have Truly Reached
 the Modern Age

 Why Knot? - A kinetic sculpture
  by Seth Goldstein

  As if this was another cool Jetsons gaget
  this tie tying scuptuire really works, now if I
  can just find a can opener that works I would
  be happy

Just when I thought that I would run out of cool stuff to blog post. A machine that ties a necktie - that's a whole new meaning to "not being afraid to tie a noose around your neck every morning."

Some of these people commenting on this unique You Tube Video actually may think that this machine was created to tie ties. Stranger things have happened.  A robot tying ties - I'm impressed but heck; I can do this one handed, in the dark, while driving, blind folded and in my sleep - just kidding about the sleeping. I love the robot and want to buy one - This thing may come in handy as a sales tool if nothing else, I sell neckties at as you probably already know.
Mr. Silver a Robotic Mime - click for the true story
Now concerning the Windsor Tie Knot?   With a little practice this robot can master it, along with some help from our easy to learn way to tie a Windsor Necktie found here.   
Here are some of the comments and because I cannot resist - also posted are some of my favorite robots.  At least two are wearing ties.   You guessed it, I found all of them on Google image search.  A few are from this site The 15 most power Sci-Fi Robots

An anime robot wearing Haute couture fashion and a necktie 

Gort From The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)

The interesting comments make this an even better post to review: click here so see all of the comments

-    now i divorce my wife and buy this machine, it ties my necktie without nagging....
-    I didn't know that robots also wear ties
-    What about Full Windsor ? ;)
-    I hate robots — but I love this.
-    nice one... this should be in a museum. raises some very interesting questions on modern society
-    Wow, the sheer number of people who think this machine was created because the artist NEEDED his ties tied is staggering. Our educational system is seriously failing.
-    wish i had this thing at intermediate school, it took me like four times as long to tie a necktie
-    I hate robots — but I love this.

The Day The Earth Stood Still

In the original film Gort stands 8 feet tall and is said to be a kind of Peace keeping robot for the universe. His distinct features are his height, his desire not to talk and his powerful laser beam that can vaporize anything it hits. He also came down to earth from a flying saucer and claims that he was given the power to destroy earth if he had to by his maker.   Gort remains motionless in front of the saucer, which rests on the National Mall in Central Washington D.C.

His famous line  "Kaatu barada nikto!", The phrase was never translated in the film and neither Edmund North nor 20th Century Fox ever released an official translation.

Robby The Robot – Forbbiden Planet (1956)
   The Forbbiden Planet

The classic robot, Robby was a hit when Forbidden Planet came out. He is the typical old school robot and has the ability to reconstruct anything that you insert inside him. He has artificial intelligence although it seems a bit weird how he thinks. Robby can talk although he really doesn’t have a mouth but a sort of organ that lights up whenever sound is produced.

HAL 9000 – Space Odyssey (1968)

       2001 - Space Odyssey

Its name stands for Heuristically programmed Algorithmic computer and is depicted by a type of camera or round light that can talk. HAL is an onboard computer, basically an artificial intelligence that played the villain in the Space Odyssey. He was built so well and programmed with human psyche that even he did not notice that he had acquired human flaws. He basically demonstrates an internal conflict between the desire to meet the objective and the desire to continue existing. Clearly this fictional character was put in place to depict how human beings also go through such internal battles. HAL basically malfunctioned because he could not properly decide if he should prioritize the mission or his own existence.

Sexy Cborg Babes

A Robot Off To The Office                             Optimus Prime                                     A Very Sexy Robot

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