Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another "Ties Are The Dooms Day Of Fashion and Freedom" Web Site

A Billboard Too - they must have bank!


What is This World Coming To? In 300 B.C. Plato said he saw no hope for the future of civilization. I am sure that he would be equally pessimistic if he could see all this hate about neckties in this day and age.  It is just a piece of fabric that is a simple fashion accessory.  Not something worthy of hating?

Neckties have their second chance every year as gift item. Ties are still the number one Christmas gift for guys. It will be 100 years that fathers were honored on a special day this year. Giving a tie was a shoo-win as far as getting points with the old man "that gave you life." Certainly no small thing by anyone's accounting.  Getting the keys to the car, extra allowance or whatever was the result of that kind gesture, even if it was a cheap $10.00 ugly as sin novelty tie.

But all that may change as the latest million man march is taking the country. Yes it is true. A movement to ban ties, making them illegal and those that wear them outlaws is well under way. I would think that ridding civilization of drinking a driving or guns would be a better use of time. But what do I know. How about cracking - that really stupid fashion statement that young men make because their pants are practically falling off. I actually believe that those guys have a problem that I call plumbers crack or little member syndrome complex.

Well I had to give these people equal space. It is a free world isn't it, at least the blogs are. Unless you are under some communist or religious fanatic thumb and cannot speak what's on your mind. But I will only give this mention if you read my blog post, "I Love Ties" http://nicetiestore.blogspot.com/2010/03/i-love-ties.html

And, also if you buy a tie from me on my web site http://www.nicetiestore.com/

And, you can also become a fan of my Face Book Pqage Nice Tie Store .  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nice-Tie-Store/350199022701?ref=mf

The Enough with Neckties People have more than 10 times the total of my fans.  See for yourself   http://www.facebook.com/EnoughWithTheNeckties?ref=search&sid=100000311221581.1804750090..1

It is a bit embarrassing that I have my two nephews, a nice lady that helped me build that confusing page and myself as the total of my fans.  Maybe its true - ties are out and I am a geek. No, just making fun of myself. Everyone else is a geek - that is unless you wear ties proudly. 

I have to admit by mistake I clicked on the Enough With Neckties Page and that little clicker rolled over.  So when they hit a million - subtarct one.  He who laughs last laughs best.

And finally our response http://nicetiestore.blogspot.com/2010/04/got-neckties.html

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