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Some Men Wear Neckties

American actor Chace Crawford poses as he arrives at the Dolce & Gabbana men's collection fashion show on June 19, 2010 in Milan
I found an interesting article today in the Montreal Gazette. Some men still wear neckties, and sometimes other guys make fun of them for it.  When I wear ties I get respect where ever I go and if behind my back some one makes a joke about it then so be it.  I've got broad shoulder and I can take.   I once lived in Montreal and often read this newspaper.  Here is my comment and a portion of the article. - Jeffrey Hunter

Men wear ties, we are not Peter Pan

By Bruce Ward, Postmedia News November 17, 2010

A newsroom pal told me the other day that I looked dapper. The look of his face told me he meant I looked like a clown. It's because I was wearing a necktie, I know.......
I see guys in shirts that were put on straight from the dryer. And plenty of poky sweatpants. By poky, I mean Mr. Happy poking out in a revolting manner. Hey buddy, have a heart. I don't want to see your nipples in a skin-tight T- shirt that says "Cuba 2000" and I most certainly don't want to see the outline of your man-gland in those none-too-clean sweatpants.......

Casualness has gone way too far. Now you see mourners wearing hockey jerseys and jeans at funerals.......

I've always liked neckties. I learned to tie a decent knot from a how-to illustration I tore out of Esquire and taped to the bathroom mirror. In some mystical way, I feel ties connect me to generations of men from the past.......

The tie's disappearance is part of the general cultural erosion, like the loss of courtesy. Its passing will make the world a little shabbier.

And yes, I was wearing a tie when I wrote this.
Read the complete article: The Monteal Gazette - Men wear ties, we are not Peter Pan

My Comment:

Cultural Erosion! Wow I could not have put it any better. Yes the sloppy look of men - pants worn in-correctly sometimes displaying but crack and the general lack of care in grooming has gone too far. There was a day when men looked dashing dressed in suits and ties. They seemed to be just classier and more sophisticated then at present. Maybe it is the rap music which is mostly vulgar poetry or the video games or just civilization gone awry.

I enjoyed reading this article and will include a mention of this in my blog, Find Ties - About Neckties. When I wear a tie - almost every day - I feel like a million. Women seem to gravitate towards me and I mean it. So, if there are less men wearing ties then so be it. More fun for myself and the other more sophisticated well dressed men out there.

I love ties, I have always loved ties. I cannot understand why some men can hate them so much. I quoted Plato in a blog post I did called "ties are the dooms day of fashion and freedom” - What is This World Coming To? In 300 B.C. Plato said he saw no hope for the future of civilization. I am sure that he would be equally pessimistic if he could see all this hate about neckties in this day and age. It is just a piece of fabric that is a simple fashion accessory. Not something worthy of hating?

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