Sunday, January 9, 2011

Women Wearing Ties?

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While browsing my beloved People’s Style Watch website yesterday, I came across their usual “Would You Wear These Trends” collage of photos. The first one was the above image. There you have Leighton Meester, AnnaLynne McCord and Winona Ryder, all in tailored suits with feminine neckties. This intrigued me…

Women wearing neckties isn’t a new concept at all. This became popular back in the 1970′s when Diane Keaton popularized the Annie Hall look. Perhaps you aren’t familiar with Diane Keaton or Annie Hall. In that case, think Avril Lavigne…. back when she wore that sort of attire. That’s not as far back as 1970, but it wasn’t yesterday either. Now let’s take a look at how the necktie is fashionable for women:

■Women’s neckties tend to be slimmer than men’s, which set them apart and allow for a more flattering look.

■Women’s neckties come in more color and print assortments than men’s.

■Women have more options of wear with ties than men. We can pair a loose tie with a casual outfit as well as go for a more professional look, like the image above.

Speaking of casual outfits, you may have a hard time picturing it. Think loose collared shirt with a few buttons undone from the collar, paired with jeans in your choice of color. Amp up the look with heels or boots! In regards to the professional look, you don’t have to wear the tie with a tailored suit. Pencil skirts are in and a tie would pair fantastically!

I can’t say I’m feeling compelled to go and purchase some neckties. I don’t think this is one style that calls to me, nor will it suit me even if I tried. (That’s just me. I do feel the necktie would look great on others!) I also think that AnnaLynne McCord is pulling off the necktie the best! What about you? Would you wear the women’s necktie? What are your thoughts? Share!

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