Saturday, January 29, 2011

Justin Bieber Sporting a Necktie

Justin Bieber and Ozzy Ozbourne greet eachother on the set of their Super Bowl Advertisement
This kid can really sing, his debut single was ‘One Time’, which found a position in the top 30 in over ten nations.  His release, ‘My World’, happened in November 2009, and was eventually bequeathed platinum certification in America. 
Justin Bieber wears a necktie with real style

He may be only 16 years old but he has plenty of style.  On a recent photo shoot he sports a necktie shirt-less.  Now that is style.  He also wears ties with shirts so do not be alarmed.

The Canadian teenage singing marvel, Justin Bieber, is, at last, prepared to divulge his upper body in a completely undressed state for a magazine. The 16-year-old Bieber recently participated in a photo shoot session, in which he only sported an unmade tie and demonstrated a little brief beneath his jeans.

According to the official Justin Bieber Fan Site

“Justin was talking to the stylist, asking her to take sexy pictures of him for his girlfriend, He was just being cute about it, joking around, but he definitely wanted to look good for this girl. He never said the name Selena, but we knew who it was.”

Justin does tie neckties also

These on-set pictures can already be witnessed at X17Online, notwithstanding which the exhilaration doesn't discontinue there. The website attained data from a source on the set that Bieber has dispatched the shirtless photos to his girlfriend through his cell phone. The girlfriend has been presumed to be Selena Gomez.

Brace yourselves, Beliebers! Your boo, Justin Bieber, was photographed shirtless while he took a break during a photoshoot last December in Hollywood, CA. The Biebs wore some slacks that were low enough to show his briefs and a loose tie around his neck. OMG, OMG, OMG……….right?!   read more here

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