Monday, January 17, 2011

An Un-usual Nature Necktie

Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2000

A Nice Scarecrow With a Really Nice Tie - Red Cardinals by Endangered Species

This photograph of a Scarecrow wearing an Endangered Species tie illustrating Red Cardinals is somewhat of a clash in fashion. Every day for almost four years on my way to the necktie kiosk I owned in the Irvine Spectrum Center I drove past a small community garden where there were tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and even some nice flowers. It was not very big and it was certainly out of place, along the side of Moulton Parkway in Irvine heading north and south just east of Laguna Canyon. Across the street there was a Albertson's Super Market, a Longs Drugs,  a California D.M.V. and some other stores. There was always a saturation of cars as this was the path locals took during commuting to and from work, so it was a buzy road to travel. Traffic was never light except at night and for myself at least, this little patch of land was an odd thing to see every morning and a nice departure. Certainly it was out of the ordinary, especially the lone sentinel; "that not so scary scarecrow."

I decided to make the friendly looking scarecrow a bit friendlier at least for about a half hour or so. I had especially selected for him an Endangered Species Red Cardinal necktie that I tied around his neck. Tying ties is easy actually once you get the hang of it but I had a great difficulty getting the tie around the scarecrow’s neck. I had never tied a tie this way, and I discovered that it is quite difficult to do if you are not tying the tie around your own neck. I did not want the scarecrow to look stupid with a poorly tied tie – not too short, not too long and a nice knot.

I did not leave the tie that I so carefully tied around his neck although I did think about leaving it for him to wear. I am sure that the scarecrow could have cared less but it was a very weird thing that happened a few days later. The scarecrow you see was sporting a really nice American Flag Tie. I guess he felt more important with that tie – neckties do have that effect on a man so he must have gone across the street to the mall to pick one up.

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