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Neckties and Occasions – How to Match?

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Neckties and Occasions – How to Match?

Different occasions require different fashion and in terms of neckties there are three major categories that they belong to namely – solid colors, striped and patterned neckties. Each category works really well on a specific occasion and you would definitely find it easy to mix and match as long as you know which of them will look good. For example, dark blue ties match pretty well with any light colored shirt and in any occasion. You can wear it in all your business functions, interview and social gathering with other prominent people in your industry. Black neckties on the other hand are more appropriate for weddings and other more formal functions.

However, even when a dark blue tie may seem casual to any onlooker, it entirely depends on who wears it and how he wears it on that occasion. Most solid ties can be worn on all seasons, events and well-matched with any light colored shirt. It creates the perfect contrast that can highlight your otherwise dead outfit. You just have to remember that they should not be blended with any patterned shirt whether or not they are silk or a mixture of other fabrics. Other than the dark blue necktie, black and other darkly colored neckties are also a must have in your wardrobe such as maroon and dark brown. Nothing could go wrong with the solid colored neckties.

If you want to be more outgoing and successful looking, striped ties would be a great fit. You can choose from different varieties of colors without becoming confused. You just have to remember the kind of event or occasion that you are going to attend so that you would know whether it would work or not. Striped ties that would match well any with formal events are those ties with stripes that are brightly colored with a black background or if not any solid colored background. You can also use them in less formal events particularly those with small sized stripes that are placed widely, which will actually create a more impressive look.

There are also various types of patterned ties that you can choose from such as club, university and plaid. Club ties are those that have small badges, crests and shields as their patterns. They also have different patterns showing racing or golf cars, which are specific to the particular club it represents. No matter what kind of occasion or event that you are going to attend, make sure that your neckties will represent a kind of meaning inherent to you as the wearer. Your necktie represents the truth in your personality and it isn't just picked out of whim. You think when you buy this piece of apparel. You mix them and you match them any way you want them to be. You also consider the event where you are going to wear them to.

Usually, university neckties are those that are made in thin silk fabric. They usually have small geometric designs as their pattern and are used among students in Universities. Dotted and diamond patterned neckties are also trendy today but they are mostly used in non-formal events. If you ever see them worn then they should be well-matched for the most part.

Plaid neckties on the other hand are not suitable for any organizational gathering or solemn events. They are good on informal venues and occasions and almost all types of personalities can benefit from wearing plaid neckties.
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