Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy Things Women Do

Crazy babes - we have all been there,, right?

So what if men are from another planet then women.  I actually say that women are from another galaxy which I attribute to some stand up comedian's routine I heard on the radio 15 years ago.  Venus, across the gulf of space - no reason to be nuts, I could be wrong.  Women may love ties but watch out, a word of advice.  If you think that a  babe is going to get physical then take your tie off as wearing a necktie is a sure way to get your ass kicked or even worse choked to death in case the babe goes King Kong on you.

As seen in "Ask Men"

Every woman seems perfect at first because she is on her best behavior. Sure, she has a couple of glitches in her programming, but nothing that’s cause for concern. Recently, though, she’s been exhibiting some red-flag behavior. From showing up places uninvited to getting a little punchy during minor arguments, your girlfriend is displaying some scary character flaws that have you wondering if she is stable or even safe to be around.

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Here are the top 10 scary girlfriend behaviors and what to do to keep things from getting worse.

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