Thursday, January 13, 2011

Low Man On The Totem Pole Trending Art Necktie

Totem Pole wearing a Van Gogh Art Necktie
Totem Pole wearing a Van Gogh Art Necktie
Original Photograph by Jeffrey Hunter - copyright 2002

The Van Gogh Sunflowers Art Tie Never Looked So Good

I found this rather tall guy really late one night or early in the morning, which ever, on the way to a trade show somewhere off the I-5 in Oregon, ( most of him is not picture here ). I thought how nice the Van Gogh Art Tie Sunflowers would look placed strategically on Woody’s neck. Yeah I gave him a name too, and no I did not leave the tie behind.

This lonely guy was standing right in front of the gas station as a tourist attraction.  Woody never said a word, he did not object to having to wear a novelty tie, in fact he did nothing at all except stand there in the dark cold night with a bunch of guys on his shoulders.   This tie illustrates a Van Gogh multi-million dollar painting worth so many millions that Vincent Van Gogh is not very well rested in the afterlife. Only one person bought one of his paintings and that was out of sympathy from his brother.

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