Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Gorilla Wearing a Tie

Donkey Kong Country Returns: the tie wearing gorilla is back.

Why would a gorilla wear a tie - probably to make himself look more serious

I don't know "donkey" about video games but this was a funny thing to find after my post yesterday about a gorilla that wears a tie vs, an ape with a riffle. You can see that post here A Gorilla Wears Neckties.  I had to ask myself, "why would a video game gorilla wear a tie?"  So with my interest up high, I did some research and here is the scoop on the fashion conscious Donkey Kong Gorilla who wear neckties.

In this successor to the classic 1994 Super Nintendo game Donkey Kong Country which originally was a Miyamoto character from 1980 the gorilla had to be very special.  The man who created Donkey Kong had some specific advice for the people who were making the next Donkey Kong game: "The gorilla better slap the ground properly."  Further technical stuff, facts and information on the game can be found on  I do not know if the other gorilla in the original Donkey Kongs wore neckties but I have a feeling I know why this one his wearing a tie.  In this day and age of the casual dress code being so popular you would have to admit that a gorilla that wears a tie is not a gorilla to be taken lightly.  He means business.

Although, not a real gorilla, just a cartoon gorilla he is wearing a tie like the gorilla in my previous post. The tie has the logo DK on it, obviously for the sake of promoting the video game, Donkey Kong, not because the tie is a Donna Karen tie. Anyway in this new version of the game called Donkey Kong Country Returns the gorilla pounces on frogs while rampaging through the jungle, and swinging on vines through trees devouring bananas. Through a gauntlet of giant Venus fly traps caving in paths, pirate boats shooting cannon balls at him, dodging a giant Octopus's tentacles along the beach Doney Kong is on it.

The charming and debonair gorilla never once seems to be un-sure of himself. He even has a side kick, Diddy Kong but the little guy has no necktie. However wearing a necktie or not both of them are none-the-less fairly formidable looking. I especially like the parts when the gorilla is pounding his chest. At that, he reminded me of stock brokers that I know, they are so arrogant at times and so dam egotistical.   This tie wearing gorilla, doesn't play around, he wants his bananas and nothing is going to stop him.  Kind of like suave those stock brokers that will stop at nothing in pursuit of their commisions.  So that is why he wears the necktie. 

I will admit, to make sure I used the correct adjective here I looked up the word suave on line. "smoothly though often superficially gracious and sophisticated -  suggests a specific ability to deal with others easily and without friction -  stresses an ability to deal with ticklish situations tactfully."  Man can he swing through the jungle or what -  sounds good to me.

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