Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Pro Basketball Player and Neckties

Former Harrisburg High standout
Lawrence Hamm enjoys being a
role model to kids.
This professional basketball player teaches kids how to to neckties, then how to play basketball.

This professional basketball player teaches kids how to neckties, then how to play basketball. Former pro basketball player Lawrence Hamm wants the young men and women to understand a strategy for success. I have been working on a post that examines the dress code of the NBA compared to the NFL that I hope will be ready for posting in a couple of weeks.

I have long been aware of the fact that high school basketball coaches demand that student on the team where ties to matches and even to practice. Now I do not mean just basketball neckties, any tie.  However, you can imagine that a kid showing up for practice wearing a basketball tie would win over the coach and anyone else like girls for instance. 

You may find this article very interesting because here is a guy that was a pro athlete trying to set examples that will encourage kids to do good and become successful at whatever they do by wearing neckties.  It seems that as far as basketball is concerned sports neckties are a very important part of being a pro.

Lawrence Hamm teaches kids how to wear
neckties - then how to play basketball
At Hamm Camp, it’s loops before hoops.

The camp director, professional basketball player Lawrence Hamm, lets kids play basketball only after they practice tying neckties each morning. Even the girls have to do it because, sometimes, brothers and even dads need help.

“Lawrence says we have to look like we’re suitable if we have an interview or something,” said Naasir Johnson, an eighth-grader at Nativity School of Harrisburg. “He wants us to succeed in life, not just basketball.”

He goes on to explain that learning how to tie ties is part of having positive life skills.  He says, “You want to dress in a way that people will respect you. And that means they have to know how to tie a tie.”

Read the entire article here - Former basketball pro Lawrence Hamm's camp teaches kids a strategy for success.

Further information - Hamm gives back to Harrsburg,

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