Saturday, March 20, 2010

Desert Necktie Joke

Then there was Mike, the Irvine Spectrum Center Houdini Magic Store magician who claimed to know about a man who walked through the desert on this narrow road for miles and miles and miles, day after day after day. He became very thirsty and hungry too, as he walked and walked and walked.

On the first day he found a little cart selling neckties and all he wanted was a drink and a hamburger with French fries. The lady at the tie cart knew of no place to get food. So the man walked on, and walked on, until in the distance he saw another cart hoping that it would be a food and drink stand. When he finally walked up to it, all they were selling were neckties, and again the lady knew of no place to get food or a drink. The man walked on continuing for days. And, every day he would see in the distance another cart, and all that was for sale were neckties.

Just like a mirage, over and over, nothing for miles and miles in the desert, and then another necktie cart selling neckties? And, no food or drink.

The man was very tired and very hungry and very thirsty, and finally after days, and days of walking, and looking at neckties on necktie carts in the desert day after day he saw in the distance a building. It was bigger than the carts and it had windows with curtains. It was a restaurant. The man could not believe his eyes and, when he finally walked up to it and was not a mirage, it was not another necktie cart, it was French Restaurant.

The man could hardly believe it. He opened the door and there was a French man with a neatly trimmed mustache in a tuxedo standing with a menu, and said with a very thick French accent, said “Bon Jour”.

The man asked for a table for one, at which point the maitre'd exclaimed,

"But sirrr vee could not poossiblyyy serve youuuu with outttt a necktie." for great deals on collector novelty neckties

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