Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time Sharing Ties

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Necktie Trading Leads To Netflix-Like Business

Necktie sharing! If I did not read about it on line and hear it on National Public Radio I wouldn't have believed it. Tired of your ties, don't want to spend money on new neckties, well here is the answer.  Tie trading is about as novel as any idea I have ever heard of regarding men's ties. Hats off gentlemen and ties on!    Jeffrey Hunter

An idea that has seen its day for
men's attire - Trading Ties
 Necktie Time Sharing!

December 19, 2011
Renee Montagne, Linda Wertheimer Host
National Public Radio  - A year ago, former IBM consultant Zac Gittens and his friends realized they could expand their professional wardrobes by pooling their resources. Their tie trading worked so well for them, they left their jobs and last month launched Tie Society, which operates out of a Washington, D.C townhouse.

Of course, people share more than just information. Some cities offer car sharers or bike sharing services. And today's last word in business is: tie share, as in neckties.  Read more here N.P.R The Last Word in Business

Listen to the N.P.R. interview
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