Tuesday, August 16, 2011

American Flag Necktie Mania

American Flag Necktie
For the ten year anniversary of the tragedy of Sept 11 the perfect gift for the man in your life is an American Flag Necktie. Patriotic expression could not be more wonderfully exhibited personally with more class and dignity.

Patriotism could not have been more absolute than what Americans and the world realized in the days after 9-11. American flags were displayed proudly everywhere on car antennas, on homes, illustrated on apparel, and as patriotic ties for men. For the American male American Flag ties became an iconic symbol of what it meant to be a proud American.

The demand for patriotic flag ties were a boom to the necktie manufacturers and retailers that was surely welcomed. Department stores and specialty retailers selling in kiosks in malls and on the Internet could hardly keep the flag ties in stock as the desire to wear the “Old Glory” as a novelty necktie became a fashion phenomenon. Pilots and male flight attendants seemed to set the patriotic necktie fashion trend at first, which soon caught on with businessmen, waiters and waitresses and car salesmen.

It was not just the novelty necktie manufacturers that produced the American Flag neckties designs. It was again Mark Abramhoff of Ralph Marlin Ties with a wonderful collection of silk and poly American Flag theme ties that answered the retail call - that he was already producing in his line of patriotic ties which he introduced at he start of Gulf War One.  The designers of Jerry Garcia ties, Electric Neckwear, Eagles Wings, MLB and two of the largest necktie companies in the world; Superba, and Randa also created wonderful themed patriotic ties.

American patriotism became such a fashion statement, whether as a Stars and Stripes Tee Shirt, a scarf, or a flag necktie that is was not since Pearl Harbor that such a heart-felt pride in the U.S.A. was realized. For at least the expression of the spirit of country and the desire to be counted among the free and brave it was as if everyone in the United States was overwhelmed with patriotism. Men, women and children, cars, homes, and businesses proudly had the American Flag displayed with pride in one way or another.

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Patriotic Necktie by Mark Abramhoff
American Flag Necktie by MLB
American Flag Tie Ralph Marlin
Patriotic Ties by Mark Abramhoff

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  1. I must have a dozen patriotic ties that I bought after 9-11. I would never wear anything but Armani before then.


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