Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Handsome Men Wearing Neckties

Jose Brandt, a very handsome man
 wearing a necktie
Left off the list of the 75 best dressed men in history by Esquire Magazine

Its hard to imagine how Esquire Magazine could overlook such a handsome guy, however they did just that.  It's possible that they just made a simple mistake.

Jose Brandt is a friend of mine's son and since this photo was taken at Wallmart over one year ago, he has become quite fond of ties.  Now, he has several "real" neckties that I have given him.   In his collection is an Xmen tie, a Disney Mickey Mouse tie, and a Yogi the Bear tie.  He is quite a busy guy so we have not had the time to schedule another photo shoot.  I guess his agent will have to impress upon him the value of being included in this blog.

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  1. Ich bin regelmäßiger Krawattenträger. Daher kaufe ich mir oft eine neue Krawatte. Hier bin ich sofort fündig geworden.

  2. Mens neckties are not only meant for men..even kids can have them and wear it.


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