Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Handsome Men Wearing Neckties

Jose Brandt, a very handsome man
 wearing a necktie
Left off the list of the 75 best dressed men in history by Esquire Magazine

Its hard to imagine how Esquire Magazine could overlook such a handsome guy, however they did just that.  It's possible that they just made a simple mistake.

Jose Brandt is a friend of mine's son and since this photo was taken at Wallmart over one year ago, he has become quite fond of ties.  Now, he has several "real" neckties that I have given him.   In his collection is an Xmen tie, a Disney Mickey Mouse tie, and a Yogi the Bear tie.  He is quite a busy guy so we have not had the time to schedule another photo shoot.  I guess his agent will have to impress upon him the value of being included in this blog.

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