Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Quite Different Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa in the modern world
If you like Mona like I like Mona then you may not actually like this version of her. This version of Leonardo Da Vinci master piece is just for fun, After all, a parody of the Mona Lisa is meant to cause no real harm, her portrait is the most famous artwork in the world.

The mystery of who she is and what she meant to Da Vinci has surrounded this painting creating a cult-like following that embraces young and old. You won't want to miss our post from last February, Mysterious Mona Lisa

You may be interested in Mona Lisa neckties that have become collector items. The illustration of her on the tie is quite attracting. She does have that alluring Mona Lisa Smile that she is so famous for.

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