Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ten Happy Men Wearing Neckties

Ten happy young men wearing wedding neckties  -  photo by Mitchell Jay Mendler

Why are these guys so happy?  Looking at this fantastic photograph one thing is for sure - these are some really cool guys.  It's that uniform look, thanks to the suits and ties they are wearing, and most with shades creating mystique; heck they look like the Blues Brothers or better yet the "Cool Brothers."  Whoever said that wearing ties wasn't fun better take a close look at this photograph? This is of course a wedding and the fellas usually wear suits and ties, however this is not just any wedding. This wedding is a very special wedding because I know two of these guys really well. The guy of the far left is my nephew and the guy in the center 5th from the left is my other nephew. He is the groom and since it is he that is reaching higher and more or less at the center of this image, I will go as far as stating that is this perfectly composed photograph.
I know a few things about photography as for most of my life I have been a professional photographer shooting landscapes in Iceland, the US South West, India, New York City, Miami Beach, the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, and the 92 America's Cup.

I also know a few things about neckties. For some un-known reason the bride and groom did not ask me for the ties for their special day. My feelings were not hurt; to be honest I am not sure that I could have afforded to give them the ties as a gift. Surely I could never have charged them.

Men wearing neckties at weddings is a tradition that is not without cause. When a man commits his love, loyalty, and honor to a women he is reaching a level of sophistication that is unique in several ways. He has decided to settle down and no longer craves the grasp of his youth. There is much to recognize about the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife. He surely feels that he has reached a greater level of maturity and is confident of himself and his life. No doubt the groom will feel fortunate to have found a loving mate. When the union of a man and woman is executed by marriage the groom becomes much more responsible and serious about life.  He realizes a greater being, especially about his life, family and the desire of prosperity for himself and his mate.  Their relationship becomes bound in a spiritual and legal way that is absolute. In all cultures throughout the history of civilization the joining of a man and women in formal marriage has been conducted with a joyous celebration and festivities. Since most people get married once, this event becomes one of the most memorable days in both of their lives and surely the most important day that will define their futures.

With the significance of becoming married it is a traditional that both the bride and the groom dress to the occasion. Naturally as this being the defining day of their lives they'll take great pride in their dress. The bride will plan her special day with great detail and with the help of experts usually every last detail will be planned. Her wedding gown and her bride’s maid will create a presentation that will be a statement of personality with great respect. Naturally the groom will as well execute his attire to suit his character and as well have his best man and ushers comply. With all due respect as a show of his self worth he will wear a suit a necktie to full fill the level of the seriousness of his pledge to a woman as her husband.  

Congraduations to a very happy Shane and Danielle Mendler, Uncle Jeffrey.

Nothing else, save the groom wearing a suit and tie will suffice to express such deemed personification.  The meaning of marriage is culturally distinct throughout the world and its significance to civilization explicit. Therefore, without question the institution of marriage and the ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live together is a testament to value of the necktie.

With that said, here are a few funny notes I made while considering what to write and how this photograph inspired me so.  I cannot help  but look at the satirical side of what the photograph is telling me.  One note of importance the photographer is my twin brother, my hat is off to him on this one. A photograph like this is as timeless as the heavens.

Now, getting back to the point about why these guys are so happy. There are several possible reasons.
Number one: They have been drinking, ( note the glass with orange fluid in it on the seawall, presumably a Screw Driver - vodka and orange juice ).
Number two: They are at a wedding which is always a happy event so they are naturally full of joy and excitement.
Number three: One of them, the groom is very happy because he has found love.
Number four: All of these men are happy because they are excited for the groom, obviously a close friend.
Number five: Some of these men are happy because they are not getting married and they really love being single and the groom will no longer be a threat, competing for babes.
Number six: Since some of them are already married they are just happy for reason number one and two and probably also because they now have another pal that has entered the institution of marriage so they are not going to be feeling as much like the minority now - "another one bites the dust."
Number seven: They are not happy at all and are faking because they had to make the photographer happy so he would stop bugging them. This is most likely not the reason that they look so happy but never-the-less by doing this and by doing it so perfectly they could avoid further wedding photographer harassment
Number eight: My favorite and with no question probably the greatest reason that these young men wearing neckties are so jubilant. It is just that, they are so happy because they are all wearing suits and ties and as a resul they feel like a million dollars.

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