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Dads and Grads - How To Select the Right Necktie

Dads and Grads -
Neckties for gifts?
Buying a necktie for a grad or dad. 

Its a father's day gift that often has extra concern.  The same goes for a graduation gift.   This post may help you to get the perfect gift for a husband/father or your son or boyfriend who is graduating.

In my never ending search on-line and everywhere else I continually find things that matter to men that dress up.  This article about how to buy your husband or a son a tie that I found on How To Do Things discusses the unique challenges that a wife, a friend or even a child may face while buying a necktie for a gift.  Whether buying a tie is meant for a gift for Father's Day, as a graduating gift for a young man, a birthday, or any occasion this article will be very helpful.  The last thing you may want to do is to buy a Superman necktie, a Mickey Mouse tie, or a Star Wars tie for a man that may like Superman, Star Wars or Disney but would not be caught dead wearing a novelty tie.  Or, he may be shy and not be able to handle the attention that a conversation tie attracts.

Many of those cute ties illustrating Marvin the Martian, Tweety, or Spiderman are actually really nice ties, however the guy who gets a cartoon character tie as a gift may be a stock broker or banker and he would not want to have his associates be laughing at him behind his back.  The same rule goes the other way; many guys would never wear a conservative necktie, as dressing too seriously would go against his personality.  Understanding a man's character, and for certain knowing him truly will help in this matter. 

There are the easy ones like the Tabasco Tie collector who would never wear anything else or the father who will wear a Winnie the Pooh tie regardless of what his associates think, because his little girl loves Pooh.  I would imagine that if someone is considering buying a tie for a guy - his taste in neckties has already become understood.  Neckties are a personal fashion statement though and this is a place that certain lines must not be crossed.   Sometimes, gift neckties that we sell at Nice Tie Store are returned with notes, "I really love Superman but I cannot wear such a necktie."

Neckties are important clothing accessories for men, especially for those who are always wearing formal attire. They can accentuate and flatter a man's suit. However, neckties can also make or break a man's overall appearance. This is why choosing the right necktie to use for men is very important.

Neckties are also perfect gifts for men.  read more on How To Do Things

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